INTERNATIONAL PATENT FOR OPENING № 088/05.035, 42.080, 42.080, 43.047

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1. Introduction Energy of vortex devices made by Viktor Schauberger, Georges Rank and a very large number of other inventors remains mysterious nowadays, although many hypotheses have been suggested, including the creation of perpetual motion.

2. Priority information Priority of invention … The materials on this invention were published in the article “Properties of water with vortex motion”, received …..

3. The summary of the opening Energetics of vortex systems containing WATER, can be explained without vacuum or ether energy, without cold fusion and without torsion fields, but simply on the basis of chemical thermodynamics course of reversible dissociating process of water molecules on aquaradicals · H0, ·OH0 and its association back to H2O. Direct reaction of water molecules dissociation on aquaradicals -is endothermic (Q = -543 kJ/mol), but the reverse one is exothermic (Q = +543 kJ/mol). The energy use of these two reactions separately is only possible if the spatial separation of its course. It is this separation that occurs with the vortex state of flow motion. It is confirmed clearly with the explanation of the effects observed in the mysterious tube of J. Ranka. Compressed air tangentially fed into the tube acquires a vortex motion. While peripheral (wall) part of the air stream is heating to 30-50 °C, and its central part is cooling to the temperature-(40-230 °C). It is IMPOSSIBLE to explain the effects observed by the laws of aerodynamics . Unfortunately, the researchers of Ranka working tube, did not give quite attention to the fact that the coming air contains water vapor up to 2-3 %.

In the central part of the flow where the pressure is naturally reduced, the reaction of water dissociation on aquaradicals is accelerating, in accordance with Le Chatelier’s principle, because due to this reaction, the pressure in the center of stream will increase. At the same time, the  speed of reverse reaction, i.e. the association of aquaradicals in water molecules will be reduced, and aquaradicals are discarded at the periphery of the stream by centrifugal forces where it enters into the specified reaction. Thus, the vortex state of flow motion spatially divides the course of reciprocal reactions: in the centre of the stream the dissociation of water molecules on aquaradicals occurs, and on the periphery of the stream there is an association of aquaradicals to water molecules. Because of the separation of these reactions the central part of the air stream is cooled due to the endothermic reaction of dissociation of water molecules on aquaradicals and its peripheral part is heated due to the exothermic reaction of the association of aquaradicals back to water molecules. Therefore, the water with its vortex mode acts both a consumer, both an energy source. In the vortex hydro-heat generators, where liquid is the working medium: water or oil  containing water, necessarily cavitation takes place, accompanied by the appearance of bubbles and its collapse. Due to the energy bleeding during the collapse of bubbles,  there happens endothermic dissociation of water molecules being in the system, to aquaradicals. The resulting aquaradicals, due to the vortex mode and centrifugal forces, are ejected from the area where the dissociation of water molecules flows, and therefore it interacts together outside of the specified zone.  The exothermic effect of aquaradicals association in the water molecule is that energy, which increases the ratio of energy conversion in vortex hydro-heat generators up to the coefficient = 13,4 by data of the laboratory of physico-chemical aerohydrodynamics, IPRIM RAS. 4. The invention formula With the vortex state of flow motion of systems containing water, and with all the conditions conducive to the emergence of this mode of motion(impulse effect, ultrasound, flow around bodies, nozzles, capillaries and other) according to Le Chatelier’s funamental principle and the laws of chemical thermodynamics, in the central part of the flow where the pressure is reduced, water molecules dissociate on radicals ·H0, ·OH0. This reaction is endothermic (Q = -543 kJ/mol), and therefore the water in the center of the stream acts as an energy consumer. The resulting aquaradicals with the help of centrifugal forces are removed from the center of the stream, and outside it interacts with the generation of water molecules, along with this the water outside the center of the stream is a source of energy (Q = +543 kJ/mol). When the energy required for the dissociation reaction of water is compensated partially or completely, for example, by the energy bleeded during cavitation in the vortex hydro-heat generators, then the energy released during the generation of water from aquarticles  is additional, because of this the value of energy transformation coefficient and makes it more than unity, without VIOLATING the LAW of CONSERVATION AND transformation of ENERGY.




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Prof. V. P. Maikov, prof. N. I. Maikova, prof. L. V. Potemkina
Our team represents the Department of Rehabilitation and Information Medicine of the International University of Fundamental Studies; we carry out research and development in the field of human energy and information medicine for prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases, we develop special programs to activate the adaptive potential of a child’s entire body which forms the foundation of their physical, mental and intellectual health.
The issue of human health has always been a top priority in all societies. The weakening of human immunity, the expansion of known diseases and the emergence of new ones – all these problems are now part of our reality.
Modern orthodox medical approaches fail to solve these problems. The modern approach treats diseases but cannot eliminate their cause. The cause remains and the disease evolves to a chronic stage. Whereas, ancient traditional medicines use methods of disease treatment aimed at eliminating the source of disease they did not have any scientific explanation.
The development of the Energy-Information theory of heredity, variability and morphogenesis in biology (S. I. Repiev, V. N. Barulin, E. I. Borovkov and M. V. Petrova) has provided information healing methods with scientific justification. In the framework of this theory, the main sources of diseases are viewed as disorders of the energy-information program of human body or as the distortions of the human energy field structures.
Removing the negative programming that causes the disease, reactivation of the health information program, biofield modification and filling the weakened organism with energy are scientifically proven effective methods of treatment.
The human being is an extremely complex self-regulatory and self-restoring system that maintains constant mass, energy and information exchange with the environment. A model of human being is considered to be an oscillating system with multiple interconnections and degrees of freedom. Every subtle-matter body is, in turn, an oscillating system with its own frequency, amplitude and phase characteristics that are constantly changing. Because of their complex interrelationships we can’t consider a human being only as a combination of particular tissues, organs and systems. Therefore, a disease of a certain organ is a sign of a disease affecting the entire body.
Our unique healing methods include optimising functions of all body systems and the formation of a health program in the patient’s mind, as well as oscillation frequency normalization of organs and systems and the correction of the energetic and informational program of health. Our method is based on the normalization of the person’s information matrix without any drugs. Extensive research, conducted in collaboration with representatives of traditional medicine, has proved that our methods are highly efficient and safe.
We influence the regulatory mechanisms of the body on all levels: intercellular, intracellular and humoral. This method eliminates the cause of the disease and, consequently, activates the latent potential of human (restores the energy potential of the cells, normalizes homeostasis, and strengthen the immunity). Not only physical, but also moral, mental and spiritual condition of the person is being improved.
Since 1994, we paid particular attention to the problem of diseases that cannot be cured by orthodox medicine (there are no proven publications). We have developed a method of treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from cerebral palsy and central nervous system (CNS) disorders.
The research has been conducted in cooperation with Saint-Petersburg medical institutions in a framework of the Russian-American project named “Healers’ Performance Evaluation”. We have conducted a course of treatment on a background of planned drug treatment at in-patient facilities. We provide a course of treatment to 26 children (aged 6 months to 10 years) with a most severe clinical course of cerebral palsy. The work included eliminating the cause of the disease, massaging reflex areas and activating the energetic potential of the child.
As a result of this course, they recorded significant clinical, electrophysiological and bioenergetic positive momentum for all children, which was proven by the evaluation on a modified Bortfeld-Varman scale, and by neurophysiological indicators: electroencephalogram, echoencephalogram, rheoencephalogram and elecroacupuncture diagnostics of R. Voll.
No negative reactions of the patients have been recorded during the treatment.
The method that we used allows to eliminate the cause of the disease and to activate the latent potential of the body. Treatment results in the improvement of brain blood circulation, psycho-emotional state of the children, their psychoverbal development, visual and hearing concentration; their sleep pattern is normalized, their intellect is improved, as well as all the motor functions, and the process of physical healing is activated. Further, the children are also motivated to develop their own abilities.
The results achieved through the treatment course are sustainable and the childrens conditions continue to improve for the following 6 months (and longer, proved by instrumental examinations).
This developed method of treatment for children with cerebral palsy and CNS disorders is fairly new, and by its effectiveness, sustainability of results and lack of side effect makes it unrivaled in the alternative medicine practice. The results of our research made in the framework of the “Healers’ Performance Evaluation” project have been published by the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (California, US) in the “MISAHA Newsletters” (3855 Via Nona Maria, Ste. 102-C, Carmel, CA 93923, США): no. 6 (1994), no. 9-11(1995), no. 12-13, no. 14-15 (1996), no. 16-17, no. 18-19 (1997), no. 20-21, no. 22-23 (1998).

Using the developed procedures many times, our team treated cardiovascular disease, hypertension, postinfarction and postapoplectic conditions in the clinics of Saint-Petersburg.
Since this treatment method eliminates the cause of the disease and positively influences the entire body, not only the main problem is rectified , but also accompanying diseases symptoms disappear, arterial pressure, heat circulation, motor activity and other indicators are normalized.
Treatment results are very sustainable. A random follow-up of the gravest patients was conducted 1 year and 3 years after the treatment. The patients stopped taking any drugs and the standard of life of all of the patients had increased. The results of this work have been highly appreciated by St. Petersburg cardiologists.
Another area of development, where the elaboration of the treatment methods has not yet been completed, however promising results have already been achieved, is treatment of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
The chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of the human body characterized by complete physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Unlike depression, when a person has temporary periods of elation and decline, the chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed when the organism has been completely exhausted, even emotionally.
Chronic fatigue results from prolonged stress that exhaust the body, consequently, the functions of the autonomic nervous system, as well as the endocrine and the immune systems, are disturbed, which leads to pathologic fatigue (extreme for the adaptive reserves of the body).
This condition is rather difficult to diagnose, as the chronic fatigue syndrome disguises itself as other diseases. That is why doctors believe that such diagnosis must be backed by the combination of the two major and the eight so-called minor symptoms.
Typically, the main diagnostic character of the disease is a constant feeling of fatigue that lasts for more than 6 months, while the person is healthy. The symptoms of the condition are not immediately evident. Most often, the patients start an influenza-type fever, with a sore throat, a headache and possibly enlarged lymph nodes. Then, muscle pain develops very soon, as well as joint pain and the patients feel exhausted after physical effort. Sleep, intellect and memory disorders and, sometimes, altered states of consciousness indicate the chronic fatigue syndrome, as well.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a combination of various factors which, separately, would not result in a disease. They are: constant stress, nervous tension, life failures and tragedies, feeling of fear, conflicts and disputes, insufficient sleep and nutrition, deficit of important microelements and vitamins, autoimmune and infectious diseases.
That is why it is possible to cure the person only through restoration of their energy potential, their energy-informational structure, and through elimination of the cause of the disease at the informational level. Adding supplementary measures at the physical level (normalization of the sleep and nutrition regimes, administration of vitamins, teaching the person some methods for self-regulation, and gradual increase of the motor activity) allows the patient to feel the fullness of life in a short time.
The key features of our method are the following:
1. Non-invasive therapy.
2. Elimination of the cause of the disease, which allows activating the regulatory mechanisms (neurologic, immune, hormonal, etc.)
3. Sustainable treatment results and positive dynamics after the end of the treatment course.
4. Reformation of the personal qualities of the patient.
5. No negative side effects.

For many years we have organized practical self-regulation seminars where we teach to use concentration of the consciousness to manage energy flows and eliminating negative interventions. In the course of training, participants explore the laws of interaction with nature, develop practical skills, learn how to assess the situation correctly and to make right decisions. This helps them to further maintain their psycho-emotional and physical state at a high level, to deal without drugs or to reduce their consumption considerably. The self-regulation methods that we have elaborated are accessible to everyone regardless of their age. They are easy to learn and are highly effective.
A particular area of our department research is a program aimed to activate the adaptive potential of the children’s body as the foundation for their physical, mental and intellectual health.
Our team treats health issues in both directions. Using the methods of informational medicine, we can eliminate the cause of the disease and restore the damaged energy fields of the person. However, due to integrity of the energy fields and the physical body, according to the feedback principle, the comprehensive influence on the person’s physical body entails the reconstruction of its energy fields, and, consequently, rehabilitation of the person’s health.
Our team specializes particularly in rehabilitation and recovery of children aged usually between 0 and 3 years. We have designed special programs for comprehensive development both healthy children and children with various health problems, as well as children suffering from central nervous systems and brain disorders.
The purpose of our work is to help such children.
The work with children is based on the following key principles:
● to start working with a child from early age.
● to assure a maximum possible amount of movements for the child depending on its age and health condition. Any movement stimulates the brain functioning, and, due to the feedback principle, it results in the improvement of motor skills. Working with early aged children, we use the entire complex of reflexes; for children with motor disorders we use passive movements and provide facilitating conditions.
● It is important to employ all the possible means of information perception. This develops the compensatory mechanisms and encourages the formation of new neural connections.
● We apply both classical and oriental massage techniques, and acupuncture massage of reflex nodes, in order to activate energy channels.
● To decrease muscle hypertonia we use stretchings and static exercises, as they help to relax muscles, accelerate blood circulation and increase the joint range of motions.
● A series of dynamic exercises strengthens the muscles and ligaments of child and prevents injuries.
● The programs include exercises in water which decrease the stress load from atmospheric pressure and allow a child, even a newborn baby, to move in a wider range than in the air.
● Teaching the child hypoxic breathing when diving stimulates the development of brain divisions thus eliminating numerous pathologies.
● Constant shift of temperature regimes helps conditioning the child to cold and increases the non-specific resistance of the child’s organism.
This method may be equally used in rehabilitation and adaptation of children with health problems, providing them a chance to compensate the health problems fully or partially and also in the course of work with healthy children who shows not only faster physical development than their peers, but also surpass them in intellectual development.
One important factor in early child development is that these sets of comprehensive rehabilitation exercises allow these children to make significant progress in sport. Since a need for motor activity is formed. Later, when children go into sports, they have a powerful motivation, simply because they enjoy movement.
The unique techniques described above have been included in the Russian “National Health Preservation” program.


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Prof. Yu. V. Galtsev, Grand PhD

Saint-Petersburg University of the Ministry of the Interior

of the Russian Federation


Radiation sterilization of premade medicines is wide spread in many developed nations. However, the overwhelming majority of authors of papers on the applicability of the radiation treatment of medicines for sterilization assume that the ionizing radiation that eliminates the microflora also breaks down the principal agent of the medicine to a certain extent and, consequently, decreases the efficiency of the drug. In most cases, this is the reality. That is why researchers aim their efforts at limiting the effect of the ionizing radiation on the drug, as they see it as negative. It is interesting to note that one issue is never covered by such papers: that of the chance that radiolysis might result in amplifying the known or in highlighting the yet unknown pharmaceutical properties of the drug.

Such an approach may be justifiable in the framework of a study of synthetic drugs with just a few components. Nevertheless, natural drugs are well known to affect the body through a combined action of the substances that they contain. Besides, quite often this synergy of therapeutic action proves to be considerable. These were the ideas that defined our strategy in developing the technology for manufacturing Vitamedin-M medicine based on natural bee honey.

In our research, we relied on the theory of biological activity of some of the products of radiolysis of organic compounds, elaborated by A. M. Kuzin, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 30 years ago [1]. He claimed that peroxides, kinones, keto-aldehydes and some other compounds formed in the course of radiolysis may have a significant influence on such vital processes and DNA synthesis, change in the permeability of cell membranes, activity of membrane-related ferments etc. His book Radiotoxins describes both the depressive and the activating effects on vital functions of biological entities as the result of injection of radiotoxins in various concentrations. Apparently, the stimulation of the human body by these compounds underlies the effect of small doses of radiation on the nonspecific immunity system, which was discovered through radanotherapy and reinfusion of small quantities of autoblood exposed to X-radiation outside of the body [1].

Taking into account these considerations, we compared the therapeutic activity of the original substance of Vitamedin-M which has only undergone the primary technological processing stages and the end product, Vitamedin-M medicine treated with ionizing radiation.

The experiment showed that radiation treatment for sterilization of the end product does not weaken the medicinal effect of the drug, on the contrary, it amplifies its hepatoprotective and virustatic properties.

Model tests on mice (hexenalum anesthesia and poisoning with carbon tetrachloride) allowed to determine that the hepatoprotective activity of the drug is proportionate to the absorbed ionizing radiation.

When the antiviral activity of Vitamedin-M (prevention treatment against the lethal mice flu) was tested, the protection index of the medicine treated with radiation showed to be almost twice higher than that of the non-treated substance.

Vitamedin-M treated with radiation showed antiviral properties in the experiments of reproduction of herpes virus in vitro, while the untreated drug did not. Moreover, the virustatic activity of the drug treated with radiation was comparable with the same parameter for the most popular foreign anti-herpes drug Ancyclovir.

The above results definitely prove that radiation treatment of Vitamedin-M serves not only as sterilization method but also as a stage of radiation-chemical synthesis of the drug.

The research brought about a new technology for manufacturing of Vitamedin-M from natural bee honey through radiation-chemical synthesis. The medicine has been clinically tested and has been certified for production and use in medicine as antiviral drug that activates antitoxic activity of the liver [2, 3].

Given that natural medicines find an ever increasing use in clinical practice, we can hope that the use of ionizing radiation in the manufacturing of drug forms will allow not only to produce a sterilized version of these medicines but also to expand the range of their therapeutic action.


  1. M. Kuzin, V. A. Kopylov. Radiotoxins. Moscow. Nauka, 1983. 180 p.
  2. V. Galtsev, I. V. Yudin. Method of Production of Medicine with Antiviral and Hepatoprotective Properties. Russian Federation Patent no. 2155051 dated November 1, 1999. Bul. 15. –8 p.
  3. Registration certificate of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation No. 97/202/4 dated July 14, 1997.
  4. (see item 4 on separate sheet 5)

Vitamedin-M – a medicinal, prepared using radiation technology.  Yu. V. Galtsev.  St.-Petersburg. « It has been determined, that preparation being exposed  ionizing radiation on drug Vitamedin-M lead to enhancement of it antitoxic and antiviral features».



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Besik Luarsabovich Solomonashvili – Russian-Georgian sculptor-artist. His surname is interpreted as “Solomon’s son”, which sounds like the refer to the myths about the wise Tsar.  In fact, they really do have something in common: the sculptor is not too extravagant with the unnecessary words, but he is able to realize his thoughts and ideas in a laconic way turning them into another wonderful piece of art.

Besik Luarsabovich Solomonashvili was born on the 24th of December in 1967 in Tbilisi, Georgia. As a child, he was really fond of art, namely from the first visit to the State Fine Arts Museum with his father. The little boy was so amazed that he couldn’t take his eyes off exhibits and was under impression for a long time. That is why Besik’s choice fell on Art school, and after that, he successfully got into Tbilisi Art Academy. After its graduation there was a watershed meeting with the world-famous sculptor-artist, Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli, the President of the Russian Academy of Arts, and their creative union still exists.

Under the guidance of Zurab Konstantinovich a great variety of projects was created both for Russia and for the West. To the most famous works we can list the reliefs of the Saint on the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Moscow), the monument “Nations Tragedy” dedicated to the Holocaust victims (Moscow), the monument to Peter the Great (Moscow),  the monument “Tear of Grief” dedicated to the victims of the terror attracts on September 11 (New York), the monument to the Beslan Massacre (Moscow). The author is always full of ideas, and there are many incomparable, brilliant projects in the future.

The artists’ creative work is rich in the image of a horse. “A horse is just like Georgia: torn apart, but still breathes” – Besik shares his point of view. His creative work is open to the people of all the cultures and nationalities: Besik is sure that “culture is cosmopolitan, and it cannot be placed into any the frameworks”.

The harmony between a woman and a man is another topic in Besik’s Solomonashvili works. The sculptures “Spirit, soul and body”, “Winged man and woman”, “Wanderers” are the outstanding examples of the harmony that is hidden in the united man and woman energy.  Besik’s Solomonashvili is orthodox, and he sets a high value on the traditional family lifestyle.

According to his opinion, a man and a woman are endowed by God with different but both significant high missions: a woman fulfills the space, and a man creates and gives it its direction. The true recognition of the mission creates harmony in the family, on which the whole world is still standing.

“I agree that today technologies develop very rapidly. The Real world is replaced by the virtual one, and this means betrayal of the real, true world, and everything that comes deep from our hearts” – thinks Besik Solomonashvili. The sculptor makes up for it with his creative work, namely what the humanity has lost in the endless technocratic modern rat race, and gives people the chance to see the true beauty of the world.

Besik Luarsabovich Solomonashvili – sculptor-artist, honored participant of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Artist Union of the Russian Federation, CEO of the industrial sculpture enterprise “Monumentskulptura”, Vice-rector of the International Art Academy, Prize Winner of the International Art Aeropagus “Apollo” International Contest in the category “Modern Architecture and Sculpture Aspects” (APOLLO-UNESCO), PhD in Arts (International University of Fundamental Studies).

Written by: Yuliya Andreevna Kalko

Journalist, translator

Master of Economics (IUFS)