Memory as a resource of healing metahistory.

Memory as a resource of healing metahistory.

Professor, Bondarenko V. G., PhD

Professor, Kuris I. V.,PhD

Professor, Trakhtenberg G. E., PhD

(Moscow – St. Petersburg)


Memory as a resource of healing metahistory.

(Resource capabilities of memory in the context of transpersonal metahistory).

Abstract. The published work presents the results of empirical research in the field of transpersonal psychology and transpersonal metahistory. New approaches to the concept of memory as an energo-informational resource for healing metahistory are considered.

Key words: inner knowledge, metahistory, memory, transpersonal psychology, transpersonal metahistory, energo-informational space, history healing.


This report is devoted to the creation of a new scientific direction, combining ideas and metahistory of transpersonal psychology (TPP), which is called “Transpersonal metahistory” (TPM). Metahistory allows us to understand the course of the evolutionary development of human race from the point of view of cosmic laws. The consequence of this is the ability to find the root causes of conflicts of various ethnic groups (nations and countries) that arose in the course of their historical interaction. “The term metahistory (from greek “meta + historia”) originated by analogy with the word metaphysics. It denotes the principle of knowledge of things and phenomena in their historical development in an organic linkage with the conditions generating them. Metahistory considers the whole evolution from the point of view of a “universal” time, notably includes the knowledge of the developmental laws of past, present and future” (Quote from The concept of “metahistory” was first used in the works of the famous Russian thinkers S. Bulgakov and N. Berdyaev, and then developed by the great poet and visionary Daniil Andreyev in the first half of the twentieth century (D. Andreyev “Roza Mira” (Rose of the World)).

Transpersonal psychology (TPP), which has a developed arsenal of transpersonal techniques, based both on the development of internal knowledge (IK) and regression therapy methods based on deep memory resources, allows finding ways to heal (i.e., re-understand, rethink) historical problems, their true causes and effects, taking into account the action of the objective cosmic laws and the Divine Plan. This can be called the “healing of history” by analogy with the “healing of the past” of a particular person, which is confirmed by many years of experience of the authors of this article. Transpersonal psychology, (from lat. trans and persona going beyond person), studies transpersonal experiences, altered and expanded states of consciousness (ASC and ESC), as well as religious experience, combining modern psychological concepts, theories and methods with traditional spiritual practices of the East and West. The main tools of the TPP are meditation, biofeedback, psychedelic substances and practices leading to expanded states of consciousness.” Transpersonal experiences can be called those, in which the feeling of self-identity goes beyond the limits of an individual or personal selfhood, embracing humanity as a whole, the life, the spirit and the universe…Transpersonal psychology has integrated the experience of meditations, entering into expanded and altered states of consciousness (ASC and ESC), memories of past lives, etc. Soon, researches in the field of psychiatry, anthropology, sociology and ecology completed the picture. Thus, an interdisciplinary transpersonal movementemerged, which continues to evolve at present.

The main objectives of the proposed report are: 1. To acquaint the scientific community and specialists in the field of TPP and metahistory with a new scientific direction – “Transpersonal metahistory”, as well as with new approaches to interaction with Space-and-Time. 2. To consider the concept of “memory” as a possible resource for healing the historical memory of ethnic groups, peoples and humanity as a whole, as well as Space-and-Time of the Earth and even the entire Universe in the context of transpersonal metahistory (TPM). 3. The proposed message presents to the scientific community the practical result of interaction with ascended Masters and is caused by the need to publish the results, analysis and synthesis of the authors’ long-term empirical experience for its further development and practical application.

Transpersonal metahistory (TPM) is an integration of the concepts of “Transpersonal Psychology” and “Metahistory”. In this context, integration is not just an association, but an interaction of various parts of the specified scientific directions, ensuring their interpenetration and the emergence of a new quality, which is expressed in the name of this new scientific direction. Thus, the TPM is the interpenetration of a metahistorical view on the subject of history and transpersonal approaches to working with deep memory and inner knowledge (IK), which provides a new, deeper awareness of the facts, phenomena and causes of historical realities, and also allows you to see the effect of objective cosmic laws and the influence of cosmic energies (rays) on the development of certain historical processes.

One of the branches of transpersonal psychology that uses an integral approach is psychosynthesis. The main goal of psychosynthesis is the awareness of deep internal processes, the restoration of integrity (healing) and the harmonization of a person’s personality. The first stage of psychosynthesis is the stage of deep knowledge. Deep knowledge of the personality begins with the study of the memory stored in the subconsciousness about the negative events of the past, and the discovery of the so-called energy blocks that originate in the past (both in this and in past lives), and, actualizing in current life, have an impact on it.

The same technique can be used to study the causes of certain historical problems, the sources of which are recorded in the subconscious collective memory of ethnic groups, peoples and all of Humanity.

Therefore, at present, transpersonal metahistory becomes the most important tool for understanding the laws of the evolutionary development of Humanity, and the metahistorical approach allows not only to understand the true causes of historical processes and the cosmic laws that govern them, but also to see the role and place of each nation in the development of a single living organism – the Humanity of the Earth.

From the arsenal of transpersonal psychology, techniques of safe immersion into the extended states of consciousness (ESC) are taken, providing the most accurate information retrieval from the deep memory, as well as correct perception and interpretation of the information received. Almost always for the correct understanding of past situation and reaction to it, a person needs knowledge and understanding of the historical realities in which this or that action was committed or a negative reaction was developed, recorded in his/her deep memory.

Since the human personality is formed on the basis of the historical memory of the soul, the memory of generations, the memory of the nation, it is the TPM that allows you to access this information and work successfully with it in the healing process. The same applies to the collective memory of nations and all of Humanity.

Memory, as a mental process, is well studied by modern science.

It includes the processes of memorization, preservation, subsequent reproduction by a person of his experience, as well as forgetting. The physiological basis of memory is the formation, preservation and renewal of neural connections in the cerebral cortex. Memorization is a process of memory, as a result of which a new is consolidated by associating it with a previously acquired one experience. Memorization is selective: not everything that affects the senses is stored in the memory. There are two types of information storage in memory: short-term and long-term. In transpersonal metahistory (TPM), long-term memory is of particular importance – memorization and preservation of information for a long period, the content of which is of great importance for an individual or a collective.

According to the nature of mental activity that prevails in the activity, the motor, emotional, image and verbal-logical memory is allocated. For TPM, the main role is played by motor, emotional and image memory. Verbal-logical memory acquires a major role in the process of registration (i.e., verbal formulation) of the information received.

Motor memory is the memorization, preservation and reproduction of various movements and their systems up to the cellular level of the physical body, which is the foundation of internal Knowledge. Emotional memory consists in memorizing, reproducing and recognizing emotions and feelings. Feelings and sensations experienced and stored in the memory may induce to action or inhibit it.

Image memory is visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory.

Conscious memory holds only part of the memories of our lives. Subconscious memory keeps everything that ever happened to us, all our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. It is this memory that allows you to immerse yourself not only in the memories of your current life, but also to move into other incarnations, past lives and into the space of life between lives (out of incarnations). Our subconscious – a huge repository of memories of all time and space existence.

Actually, long-term memory gives you the opportunity to work with the deep unconscious, to work out and resolve the karmic situations (untie nodes of Karma), both of one particular person and of the nations, countries and all of Humanity. This is exactly what transpersonal metahistory does.

Transpersonal practices allow us to reach not only the levels of deep memory, as a repository of Knowledge, but also to concretize them at the cellular level of our body. At the same time, inner knowledge (IK) acquires a special role. IK comes from within, from our own body, bodily and tactile sensations, awareness of the movement of energy flows, etc. The development of Inner Knowledge relies on these types of memory, and going into the extended states of consciousness (ESC) allows us to recall, that is, to return to the long-forgotten things at different levels of bodily organization, including mental, etc. No wonder they say: “Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods”.

Any kind of Knowledge to some extent is part of the Universal Knowledge.

Inner Knowledge (IK) is in direct accordance with our psycho-bodily experience and manifests itself depending on the psychophysics of a person. The component of IK is Intuitive Knowledge, which consists of 3 components: biological, sensual and professional knowledge and skills that have transferred into the subconscious, i.e., the knowledge of the body at the cellular level.

The acquisition of inner body skills occurs in the mode:

                    Movement Awareness Self-Observation

In terms of energy, Internal Knowledge is an integral part of:

– Energo-informational field (EIF) of the Universe

– Energo-informational field (EIF) of the Earth

– Energo-informational field (EIF) of the Human

In the aggregate, an energo-informational structure is formed, which, being an integral part of internal knowledge (IK), contributes to the creation of the necessary conditions for its continuous development and expansion. Psycho-motor practices, as an instrument for the development of IK, including tension, relaxation and awareness, are at the same time an energy integral practice. Working with the body in the “Movement-Awareness-Self-Observation” mode allows you to develop skills and abilities of more subtle perception of information both from your body and from the surrounding space, as well as the interactions between them. The increase in the IK in quantitative terms is directly related to this psycho-physical information, which makes a long way: from the cellular memory of muscles at the subconscious level, actualized through movement, then through the transition from the level of awareness to the formulation of information at the level of consciousness. (It is at this stage that the image and verbal logical memory is included). Based on Inner Knowledge, which includes a number of components, we are able, plunging into the deep unconscious, not only to “bring up” information, but also to comprehend the spiritual and energy profile of a given situation, and, if necessary, transform it and heal. Thus, Inner Knowledge is an integral part of the Energo-informational Space of each individual Homo Sapiens (human), the Earth and the Universe. But, unlike other species, it initially combines both the irrational, extra-sensual, and quite physical, what can be called the Knowledge of the Body.

By analogy with the “Practice of Healing the Past” in regression psychotherapy, where work is carried out with a specific person, “the Practice of History Healing” was originated, where the object is a specific ethnic group, nation or country, etc. However, compared with regression psychotherapy, transpersonal metahistory requires a deeper immersion, greater energy potential, and finally, greater Knowledge. Therefore, group work with all the ensuing consequences becomes the most effective here. For group work, the following is important: psychological and energy compatibility, the ability to hear each other, the ability not to block field structures, and to move towards a common goal together. This is a very difficult activity and its results are not up to the minute. People involved in this kind of things do not set themselves the goal of becoming media personalities or achieving widespread acceptance. They clearly realize their mission, perceive it as a devotion, trying to fulfill it in the best possible way. However, at present we (the authors) considered it necessary to notify the scientific community (first of all, the IUFS, where Knowledge obtained in an alternative way is treated with understanding) about the existence of this scientific direction, with a view to its further development and dissemination.


Thus, summing up the above, we can say: 1. On the completion of the initial stage of the empirical part of the study. Under the guidance of ascended Masters, a secure methodology has been developed for interacting with unmanifested Plans and contacting representatives of these Plans, based on both the study of the work of predecessors (see Bibliography) and the many years of empirical experience of the authors of this report. 2. The resource capabilities of memory in the context of transpersonal metahistory are shown. 3. The general patterns of work in the field of metahistory healing are revealed, namely: 1) Group work opportunities and the minimum number of participants in the main group are established; 2) The main functions of each of the participants are concretized; 3) General selection criteria for group work are defined; 4) The necessary conditions for immersion into the Energo-informational Fields (EIF) of different level were identified, as well as the minimum necessary skills for competent interaction and a safe stay in these EIF.

Conclusion. Combining the metahistorical approach to the study, understanding and forecasting of historical processes with the possibilities of transpersonal psychology makes it possible not only to conduct a real Healing of the History of various nations and peoples and the whole of Humanity, but also to influence the future of our Earth, ensuring cosmic security of both the Earth itself and the Cosmos. As a result of the integration of the metahistorical approach with transpersonal techniques and practices, the scientific direction “Transpersonal metahistory” was created. This direction includes indications of what can and should be done for various peoples and Humanity in general to realize their spiritual mission, as well as to assist in the psycho-physical transformation of Humanity and its adaptation to the conditions and tasks of the new Era.

The transpersonal metahistory contributes to the understanding of the evolutionary development of Humanity as a single living organism, and can help achieve holistic and balanced human development, which ultimately will contribute to the Earth’s space security, as well as preserve the harmony and beauty of the entire Universe.


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