Professor.Mohamed Salah Humaida, PhD

The flabby bureaucracy afflicts most of the peoples of the world. Embodied in the fact that every leader wants to achieve a kind of distinction and modernization, and even considers it intrusive and must be resisted and stopped at its own, as bureaucratic sport service has become the goal of some of those departments, while the goals for which secondary goals were established, hindering the achievement of the human capital productivity strategy In designing and improving sports, emerging talents and youth in societies, which are unfortunately prevalent in many countries of the world.

These countries won’t move forward if they do not have a crowned civilization that makes people proud of their achievements, their presence and their culture in their society. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God preserve him, said in his first book, My Vision, “Every morning, when a deer wakes up in Africa, he makes sure he outruns the fastest lion or he will be killed. And every morning when a lion wakes up, he makes sure he outruns the slowest deer, or he will starve. Whether you are a deer or a lion, it is no different for you, when the sun rises, you have to run at full speed. Likewise, the famous late Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez said, “Humanity, like armies in the field, advances at the speed of the slowest.”  Just as the sustainable development goals and human development focus strongly and fundamentally on innovation, growth and creativity, despite the moral and material support provided by states, governments and the private sector in the entrepreneurship sector and all other sectors; Sport is harnessing the potential of the brain in variables as in economics, and it consists of three basic elements that are important to start any business, so we need passion, potential and opportunities, so I dealt with studies that dealt with technical and administrative leaders in sequence,

Development and performance to find solutions to these problems.

The study dealt with formulating three frameworks in a theoretical sequence in terms of concepts, methodology, tools, scope, recommendations, and obstacles. The result was that the problem lay in strict centralization, lack of mandate, administrative instability, transfer and use of technology, absence of competition, values ​​and affiliations, social pressures, lack of material resources, etc. Internal and external pressures, management, leadership competency pressure, poor educational qualification, poor level of training, poor service level and reliance on consultants for a long time, the emergence of some problems among consultants, time drain, and frustration.

Resulting from failure to achieve the desired development, performance, and results.

There is an increasing interest in developing administrative and sports leaderships in light of modern management methods, including the strategic sports department, the administrative position, the academic rank, and the level of experience in the sports field. And the sports industries are still lagging behind.

This report is a blueprint for academic policymakers to work together to shape a program for entrepreneurship education in the short and long term. ; Therefore, attention must be paid to the quality of educational programs, the quality of scientific research, the management of human resources, and the application of modern effective technologies to achieve the strategy of entrepreneurship, increase human capital, emerging talent and youth, and solve administrative and sports problems.

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