Professor.Mohamed Salah Humaida, Ph.D.

Sport is a fundamental pillar of progress and an important factor in advancing the development of individuals and societies

We find in the field of sport has received increasing attention worldwide during the Corona Covid 19 pandemic, due to the awareness of its importance on the social, economic and health levels. Where the strategy of countries and the goals of sustainable development from 2020 to 2030 focus on the carbon strategy and sustainability, and in 2015 more than 200 countries signed these strategies and fully committed to what will lead to ensuring a large part of stability, strength and prosperity for the individuals and societies of the world.

The interest in knowing and understanding the strategy of global climate change, global warming, and the impact of opportunities and risks on society, the global economy, and the public and private sectors enhances the goals and values ​​of countries and institutions in the short and long term. As His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces and Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi said, “Do not worry” to motivate the local and citizens in UAE when the pandemic occurred, meaning that the human being, health and food is a red line, and this is evidence of professionalism and proactive in developing ideas and readiness. And dealing with environmental variables and disturbances, therefore, early precaution must be made, the alarm bells explored in the real world, the design of flexible strategies, to reduce carbon in the future and reduce its negative effects such as environmental disturbances on the economy and society.

In ecology, environmental disturbance is considered a temporary change in the environmental conditions that cause a clear change in the ecosystem, which occurs quickly and with great effect, causing a change in the physical environment or the arrangement of vital and abiotic elements, as well as the human influence and the behavioral effect on people, which may cause changes in the genetic dominance, Different species prevail in succession by showing the characteristics of their life cycle and associated life forms over time

Accept the modernization of the excellence system based on the spirit of innovation, flexibility of performance and proactive capabilities to develop ideas to confront these environmental disturbances and changes resulting from climatic conditions, hence the focus of countries on designing principles and preparing a generation armed with leadership, administrative and sports skills.

Sport is one of the root solutions for many aspects of life, such as health, economy and society, as reflected in physical, mental, psychological and emotional compatibility, and preparing a new generation capable of dealing with these challenges, whether for the sake of the internal or external environment, and making leaders prepared with the best technologies and training.

As for the art of leadership, it lies in the responsibility of team management and leadership, that is, to coordinate, measure and move the team’s efforts, and to make the eyes of the members always on the ball when necessary, on the watch and on the scoreboard, and the appropriate intervention to return the team to the correct path if it deviates from its path; Because people by nature do not like to waste time.

As for management, it means guiding and directing the team and everything related to individuals, their observations, influencing them, and evaluating the work without error or sufficient time to merge their work together and their integration gives the desired result.

Sports and administrative leadership are two sides of the same coin, from a field and theoretical perspective, they are in the first place ethics, art and taste. A healthy body is in a sound mind. It must be practiced and invested in emerging talents and youth and support them with the best academic programs to increase the production of added value for human capital, which will benefit development. And economic and societal growth.

In conclusion, I recommend that we enjoy the sporting leader’s opportunity and collective joy as a common victory. Do not run after success at the expense of goal value and helping others. Think about what is important to you and make sure that you are working for the right goal and not satisfying your desires.

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