Professor.Mohamed Salah Humaida, Ph.D.

Congratulations to the government and people of the United Arab Emirates and the whole world on the arrival of Spacecraft and its named is (the probe of hope) to Mars, and as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed  the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, may God protect him, said: Today the father, Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, dreamed of reaching Mars, and as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, “Congratulations on Mars and history” as the first Arab country to reach the Red Planet, and the third country in the world that succeeded in entering the orbit of Mars on the first attempt, and the fifth country in the world that accomplished the mission effectively, efficiently and with ability. To serve all mankind.

One of the wonders of the world is the journey to reach the orbit of Mars. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, may God preserve him, said: Tomorrow we begin preparations for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Emirates Federation. Tomorrow we are proving to the world that nothing is impossible for the Emirates and Emiratis. This was the beginning of a new phase in Arab scientific history under the title of trust, and behind the great achievement was His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, President of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, and a professional work team that worked for 7 continuous years without interruption.

Moving forward, the last moments of the arrival of the Al-Amal probe were filled with many emotions and natural anticipation, as the success rate of the mission was fifty percent for the difficult achievement to be achieved in light of the difficult circumstances the world is going through, and with the hands and arms of the sons of Zayed, Emirati youth leaderships were one hundred percent. However, the universal message of hope has reached the talents and youth of the future, which is that no is impossible! And that the Arabs put an end and an end to the frequent vibrations and questions of doubt; Will the Arabs reach Mars? Will the Arabs have a say in participating in drawing and planning the future of the world again? And the answer this time is yes , praise be to God, and the image was reversed so that the impossible could be achieved.

It was achieved, thanks to God and the wise leadership of the UAE, which provided all the appropriate capabilities and conditions for the realization of the dream through scientists, engineers, employees, leaders and officials who are proud of their work. And an intelligent, optimistic, confident, positive and cooperative people in their dealings and interaction with events as an integrated system of work and success.

The Hope probe was built in Dubai and then transported to the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan, and placed inside a capsule and installed on top of a missile, to successfully launch a seven-month journey during which the probe traveled 493 million kilometers at an average speed of 121,000 kilometers per hour, to reach Mars. As the first Arab achievement to contribute to strengthening the space sector.

The cost of the spacecraft (The probe of hope) amounted to 200 million dollars and it is among the least expensive among the previous flights, and this cost does not include the costs of operating in the Red Planet, and surprisingly, it will be available and free of charge to the scientific community around the world.

The purpose of the mission is to explore Mars and provide the entire world with tremendous value of recent and unprecedented scientific data. Where the spacecraft was designed and manufactured to reach and orbit around Mars, and to study the dynamics of the red planet’s atmosphere on a global scale, during the different periods of the day and throughout the Martian year, which equates to about two years of Earth.

To gain a deeper understanding of climate changes on the surface of Mars and draw a map that shows the nature of its current weather, and using three devices on board the probe, the Emirates Mars Exploration Project will combine a set of basic measurements that help form a deeper understanding of how the atmosphere rotates and the nature of the weather in its lower and middle layers. The team then combines these measurements with the results of observing the upper atmosphere, to reveal the reasons behind the energy loss and the escape of atmospheric particles from the gravitational pull of Mars. All the best for the work team, God willing.

The Emirates, the Arabs, and the world  were in dire need of this distinguished and unique victory, and to convey the sublime message that every thing can be possible if there is a will; there’s away. and to prove to itself and the world as one team, to be at the forefront of the global scientific renaissance, and to confirm its ability. To help, contribute, participate and control the management and leadership of solving obstacles, rethinking consumption rates and transforming societies into self-sufficiency through research and scientific studies, and achieving the goals of a more developed, stable and prosperous world for future generations.

In conclusion, to affirm that the industry of young talent and the future generation begins with correct planning, the method of choosing teams, systems, structures and institutional cultures, vision, mission, goals and strategies, and how to implement and implement them and transform them into initiatives, programs and projects that correspond to the reasons for which sustainable humanity was established.

Perhaps one of the characteristics of a successful leader is his choice of team members to be a good listener, a good speaker, decision-making, clarity of vision, flexibility, confidence in others, role models from the leader, harmony and compatibility.







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