Educational, humanitarian and sports culture

Educational, humanitarian and sports culture

Professor Mohamed Salah Humaid

Educational, humanitarian and sports culture

The educational and humanitarian education for educators is paramount importance in the stages of a person’s life, for each age group has different elements and skills. Therefore, it was necessary to create programs to educate children and youth, and equip them with knowledge and science so that they can overcome obstacles, challenges and dangers, and the ability to protect themselves from any potential harm.

In the human culture, what the wise leadership in the UAE and the legacy of the father Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, give in terms of coexistence, peace and humanitarian work exceeds ambitions and is a model to be emulated globally, and from humanitarian and social projects. H.H Shikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in the presence of H.H Shikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announces the results of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global initiatives annual report, 83 million people in 82 countries benefited from ‘MBR initiatives’ AED 1.2 billion humanitarian and social projects in 2020.

Humanity is most in need, especially in these exceptional circumstances of the Corona Covid 19 epidemic, to these human relationships that depend on understanding the needs of the individuals to build societies and focus on the human elementmore than the material aspects, in an atmosphere of friendliness, understanding and mutual trust.

Among the future educational initiatives, plans and programs, and based on pre-designed studies, I addressed, evaluated and modified the model of educational plans for basic life skills on some of the ideas and experiences, and the most important challenges and scientific points to form them regularly, such as geometric shapes for soft skills to add color and beauty to the daily spaces of the young generation.

The main goal is to provide the youth with positive primary information that helps them face social risks while they are fully prepared with useful ethical, scientific and mathematical backgrounds to match the making of their designs as a purple diamond crystal placed on a velvet cloth, each age group has a set of skills in terms of religious, social, behavioral, financial aspects, physical, athletic and technical skills.

For example, this educational plan is suitable for ages from e to 6 years, respectively.

Religious skills: love of prayer, listening and reading books and stories of prophets playing with children, and love of animals.

Social skills: honesty, respect for parents, great discipline.

Behavioral skills: encouraging positive things, self-confidence, determination, decision-making. seeking permission when entering the bedroom. Cover the nakedness when changing clothes. Learning negative touch and positive touch.

Financial skills: Knowing the need for cash to buy things, supermarkets and fake restaurants, learning new crafts and techniques.

Physical skills: reflexes, change in speed, cycling, flexibility and mobility, neuromuscular and mental coordination, balance, and basic motor sickle skills (BMS).

Technical sports skills (technique):  passing the ball, run with the ball, dribble, turn the ball, shooting, dribbling, and protecting the ball.

In conclusion, I recommend that educators show patience and tolerance in raising children and discovering and developing their talents that help them build beautiful and good relationships with society.

 I hope that educational, cultural, social, sports and humanitarian initiatives and programs will benefit future generations, and that they add value and educational plans to basic life skills for emerging age groups, and encourage young people to practice them to enhance the increase of human capital; Moreover, the ability to protect themselves from any potential harm, and arm them with science and knowledge to face the most important challenges in the life stages that a person pas

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