Professor Mohamed Salah Humaida, PhD, Grand PhD reading

The steps of preparing and structuring the document of digital strategic plans for business and promoting innovation by achieving distinctive visions and values, as countries work on designing the foundations and principles for the futuregenerations, laying the basic building blocks of education, human and material capabilities with high competencies to achieve their strategic goals and increase human capital.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, directed a comprehensive assessment of digital and smart services provided to the public across all federal government institutions and ministries, next September 4, 2021, God willing, we will announce the best and worst five government agencies.

The aim of the evaluation is to provide an ideal experience for the public in obtaining government services through digital channels, and to provide the best government services in the world at the top of the priorities and focus of the UAE government.

The evaluation focuses on the outputs that reflect the level of performance excellence in tasks and areas of work, where the customer is considered the first and his involvement in providing services is the employment of future technology and diversification of service delivery channels according to the state’s strategy, by evaluating capabilities, results, proactiveness, flexibility, innovation and their impact on the individual and society.

Perhaps the most important areas of digital transformation are customers, competition, data, innovation, and value. Therefore, we must reveal how the digital transformation is not related to existing technologies, but rather to strategies and new ways of thinking and dealing with rapid changes, networks and the path of customers and the depth of the public’s understanding of the path of the service from its beginning to its end, and add to that the identification of the channels they use and understanding their digital behavior such as access, connection, Personalization, communication, collaboration, and mastering of network effects force models. Where the lack of digital skills to this day is the biggest obstacle in the face of digital transformation, which is the reason behind the disappearance of half of the companies listed on the global list since the year 2000 until now.

The world today is facing the challenges of learning digital strategies for business and focusing programs on the ability of managers to devise new strategies and business models in order to enable their organizations to thrive in this digital age and the extent to which entrepreneurs and traditional companies adapt to the virtual world, and the most important government standards such as achievement, impact, learning and development, innovation Positive citizenship, leadership spirit.

The strategic plan document often consists of the word of the administrative body, the introduction, the background of the institution, the main projects presented by the institution during the previous years, the methodology for preparing the strategic plan, the strategic analysis, the general environment, the special environment, the internal environment, the general analysis of the management of the institution, the strategic framework of the institution Corporate vision, corporate mission, corporate values, strategic issues,

The implementation plan matrix, and the detailed work plan for the first year of the plan’s life.

In conclusion, be your audience’s first choice by applying the imperative community values ​​model.




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