Prof. Anna Noviya, PhD, Grand PhD

Prof. Olga Kuzmenko, PhD, Grand PhD


The topic that most people on Earth are concerned with is the causes of aging of the human body.

Over the years, in the process of life, our body constantly accumulates a variety of waste products of metabolic processes. It happens more frequently to those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle (physical inactivity, unbalanced diet, stress, etc.).

In our studies of the aging processes, we used the Olga Kuzmenko System (“OK System”), part of which is the “Modular Medical, Social, Psychological and Spiritual Diagnostics”, approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 245/03 of 06/26/2003.

During the research it was found out that:

– One of the signs of aging is the appearance of such diseases as osteochondrosis, arthrosis, lithiasis (stone formation), all kinds of sclerosis and diseases of the biliary system (liver, gallbladder, pancreas).

– Then inflammatory and infectious diseases appear, resulting in intoxication of the body.

– Intoxication worsens the prognosis of all existing human diseases. There is a ” body pollution” of the body from within. There are also changes with the skin cover. And all acquired diseases are reflected on the face in the form of wrinkles.

Many try to cleanse the liver, intestines, lymphatic system, etc. by various physical means. But “pollution” reappears.

Physical exercises used to rejuvenate the body are, of course, necessary. However, this is not enough.

— The root causes that accelerate the aging of the body are the psychological and Spiritual problems of the Soul.

– Specific social and psychological problems of a person contribute to vasospasm in specific internal organs.

– Spasms of blood vessels lead to congestion, circulatory disorders and sclerosis.

– Eating disorders and full oxygen supply by the tissues of internal organs, as well as an error of the release of metabolic products by them contribute to “pollution”, and in the future, the appearance of infection and intoxication.

So, a person’s illnesses are a consequence of his psychological and Spiritual problems.

In the OK System, body pollution is shown by combinations of modules in the meridians: VB (gall bladder), R (kidneys), F (liver) and RP (spleen-pancreas).

The Gallbladder Meridian (VB) shows the condition of the gallbladder and bile ducts. In the OK System, according to the module in the VB meridian, the following is determined: the presence of Conscience and temperament associated with the motor function of the human body.

Thus, we confirmed that the more a human moves, the cleaner his body is, and found out that an unclean Conscience contributes to his “pollution”.

The kidney meridian (R) shows the state of the kidneys and hearing. According to the module in the meridian R, according to the OK System, the following is determined: creativity, temperament, quality of the work performed. In case of the absence of creativity, a person can be subject to fears, jealousy, mistrust, and engage in intrigues.

Therefore, the more a person is engaged in creative work, the slower he ages and lives longer.

The Spleen-Pancreas Meridian (RP) shows the condition of the spleen and pancreas. According to the module in the RP meridian in the OK System, the state of immune system and the Human Soul is determined. (“Psi-”, translated from Greek – “Soul”). We found out that immunity depends on the quality of a person’s Soul. And if a person has mental (psychological) problems, then his immune system is weakened.

Therefore, the speed of recovery depends on the state of mind and psychological mood of the person. And the psychological state of a person is from his Conscience.

It is known that the liver meridian is responsible for the state of the liver and vision.

In the OK System, according to the module in the meridian F – we determine the character and honesty, the presence or absence of anger and envy. That’s why:

  • the worse the Character, the faster the “contamination” of the internal organs.
  • The more often a person is exposed to Anger and Envy, the faster his body aging occurs.
  • The more often Dishonesty (lies) is manifested, the faster this process goes.

We found out that the leading role in the body pollution, and therefore its aging, is played by the gallbladder.

Given that the module in the VB meridian points us to Conscience, we understand that body pollution occurs first of all when a person has something on his Conscience.

With osteochondrosis, imposing authoritarian rules and actions when raising children and (or) working with subordinates is on the Conscience of a person. At the same time, a person himself may not meet his own requirements for others, but limits the needs of another person. And, the more fanaticism, imposition and even revenge for disobedience is manifested, the greater the degree of damage to the spine.

Arthrosis is preceded by – Fears, jealousy, distrust, revengful thoughts towards the opposite sex.

The causes of sclerosis are vengeful thoughts towards a loved one of the opposite sex. Wherein:

– cardiosclerosis is preceded by – resentment and a desire to take revenge on a loved one of the opposite sex;

– pneumosclerosis – vindictive thoughts due to hatred for an older relative of the opposite sex;

– cerebral vascular sclerosis – an emotional negative state to what is happening in the real world, the surrounding reality and people of the opposite sex.

Lithiasis (stone formation) – usually happen to people, easy-going, “bright lads”, who have stopped being active a lot for some reason. At the same time, they experience hidden vindictiveness. And no matter how much they long for revenge, they cannot, because “upbringing does not allow.” No wonder stone formation is called the “disease of intelligent people.” However, some of them may engage in sophisticated intrigues (with the combination of VB/C + R/C modules in Stanislav’s diagnosis card).

So let’s sum it up:

1) Causes of diseases:

– liver – anger, fury,

– pancreas – lust for power, despotism,

– kidneys – fears, jealousy, distrust, intrigue,

– gallbladder – vindictive thoughts.

2) We experience premature aging because we treat the World and people unkind.

3) We become decrepit faster because we are selfish towards the opposite sex. Because, instead of benevolence and the ability to forgive, we prefer to show anger, anger and revenge.

4) Despotism and lust for power, fears, jealousy and mistrust affect and destroy our brain.

5) In order to live longer and be healthy, while maintaining youth and attractiveness, you need to:

– learn to forgive

– stop being  cross and afraid,

– to love this World and the people living in it with us,

– accept everything that happens to us as lessons for our self-improvement.


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