Address of the President of the World Scientific Congress

Address of the President of the World Scientific Congress

Dear colleagues!, Ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to welcome you at the truly globally significant event.

For the first time in the history of the planet The World  Scientific Congress is to be held in the UN headquarters. It bears a significant and magnificent name: “Education, Science, Culture and Peace”.

In our difficult times all the humanity is permanently searching for the inner support for the world saving.

It is education, science and culture that are the inner and spiritual support that can fight the violence and declare the collaboration between the people and countries as a norm of life, and that can fasten the peace and provides safety in the human’s life.

It is especially pleasant to inform that IHAC and IUFS, that are internationally accepted, have now unique opportunity to conduct the congress in the UN headquarters.

We hope to justify your high trust.

From the name of IHAC and IUFS I want to wish good luck to all the participants of the 7th World  Scientific Congress “Science, Education, Culture and Peace“.

Thank you for your attention.

Congress close:

Dear colleagues!

Our 7th World  Scientific Congress “Education, Science, Culture and Peace” has come to an end. We put much hope upon it.

And I dare say that these hopes were justified.

Our Congress was a real elite meeting, where fundamental, significant ideas that can solve the issues of education and science were told. The interaction of education, science and culture create the foundation for the peace in the world.

Our Congress revealed that the very interaction between the scientists can direct creative people’s power to the one common goal: the peace on our planet.

Our Congress graphically demonstrated that the interaction between the scientists is the basis of the discoveries for the sake of humanity.

The very interaction of the scientists from different countries allows creative people to develop their talents and direct their aims towards the strengthening of the peace on our planet.

We could make a conclusion that our Congress justified its high mission if the people after the reading of the materials of the Congress, feel more confident and see that science cares about their material and spiritual values.

From the name of IHAC and IUFS I want to invite all the participants to the 8th World Scientific Congress, which is going to take place in Saint Petersburg in Nov 2016.

I hope that the topic of the Congress “The New in the modern Science: Discovered and undiscovered” will be interesting the scientists.  We think that with the help of the interaction of the different phenomena and beginnings this explanation could be found. In any case, we will do our best to do it.

Hospitable Saint Petersburg is waiting for you, my dear colleagues. Welcome and see you!

Thank you for your attention!

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