Arts & Culture


Borislav Mikhalevich

Philosophy Doctor


The access to the Aesthetic Field of the new Substantial Aesthetics requires mastering the higher spiritual harmony, which is one of the main substantial properties of the all-essence. This allowed to discover, for the first time in the world, the spiritual substance of the Absolute, and to further specify the substance of its properties. For the first time in the aesthetics of the world civilization, we managed to provide an answer to the following questions “What an AESTHETIC FIELD is?”, “What an AESTHETIC QUALITY is?”, “What a WORK OF ART is?” (For example, a Work of Art is an Aesthetic Quality expressed is an art form), “What STYLE is?”, as well as define the concepts of “Worthiness”, “Value” and “Price” of a Work of Art.

Alexander Baumgarten fundamentally defined aesthetics as a gnoseological and a sensory state, thus limiting the Beautiful to the perception of the person. For Baumgarten, the Beautiful is a stage in the cognition of the sensory. For Hegel, it is a qualitative, spiritual compensation of the materiality. The deep understanding of the spiritual essence and the recognition of the aesthetic quality as the substantial property of the all-essence allowed to define the structural features of the Beauty and its substance within Harmony, Higher Spiritual Harmony, and also approximate to the substantial spiritual qualities of the Absolute.

I have explored the subject since 2006, and my first article was entitled “The Black Square in the Aesthetic Field”. It was followed by a series of articles that were presented at International Congresses and published as parts of their Collected Articles, as well as the Collected Articles of the Philosophical Faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University and the Saint-Petersburg Philosophical Society. Departing from these ideas, I have invented a new style of graphic art called Substantialism based on the idea of gradual discovery in tie of the figurative and spiritual substance of the all-essence, on the affirmation and expression of the Light as the source and the refuge of the Present, the Past and the Future, on quantum-bearing, figurative and logical, soliton-holographic form. I have created the artistic symbol of the XXI century. It was presented to the public at the Anniversary Conference on the occasion of 100 years of Kazimir Malevich, the author of “The Black Square” that took place in Saint-Petersburg. My symbol has the name of the “White Quantum”. So they have met, the two symbols of the XX and the XXI century respectively, the “Black Square” and the “White Quantum”. I would like to offer this new symbol, the “White Quantum” to the Civilization, to the XXI century, to my city of Kamenets-Podolsk which has the Sun for its coats-of-arms and wherein the rays of Light the artistic images were first unveiled for me.

July 20, 2016