Author: Subetto Alexander Ivanovitch (RU) Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Economics, Ph.D. in Technical Sciencess, full professor, Honoured Scientist Worker of Russian Federation, Recipient of Prize of  government of Russian Federation Grand doctor of philosophy in the field of social philosophy Full professor at Oxford.

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Director of IIIP Secretary The 22 of November, 2013.

The patent term expires the 31 of December 2034

Registration No. 007 051
1. Introduction PREDICTABILITY, ANTICIPATION as a property of living systems, especially of human intelligence and psycho, has been for a long time a subject of research in science of a man, system unit of sciences. Even a special science appeared at the turn of 60-ies and 70-ies, prognostics. In “the science of science, the logic of scientific knowledge” in science studies it is considered that every science must complete two main functions – of application (explanatory) and predictive. If in some or other science the prognostic function is not sufficiently developed, so this science is not developed enough, it does not sufficiently meets the scientism criteria.

At the turn of XX and XXI centuries the global ecological crisis, which began in the turn of 50-ies and 60-ies of XX century has entered into the first phase of Global Ecological Disaster. Its main source was the jump in the energy basis of economic impact on Biosphere and the Earth planet, as superorganisms, up to several degrees, along with the conjoined negative shift in the function of forecasting and controlling the future by part of Mind of humanity, including also science.

An Intelligent-Informational-Energetic asymmetry of the human Mind and as its reflection – Global Intellectual Black Hole has formed, when the growth rate of negative environmental aftereffects in the living matter of Biosphere, including rates of development of Global Ecological Catastrophe first phase, anticipate much the rates of its studying and the response to it by the mind of mankind. The imperative of survivance has appeared, addressed to the mankind of XXI century, which requires transition to the management of socio-natural or noospheric evolution and subordination of human Mind to the law of Noosphere-Space Harmony(in interaction of humanity with Cosmos). Human mind is a social intelligence, and as its base part – Science, should discover in itself a capacity of MEGACOSMIC PRECOGNITION – volumetric vision of the Future on the basis of modern scientific discoveries, new, noosphere paradigm of development of science and culture, new Noosphere-Space worldview.

2. Priority information The priority of the invention-the 28th of January 2012 The materials on this invention were published in the article received the 11th of September 2013.

  1. The subject matter of the invention “Precognition” is a dimensional vision of the Future, based on possibilities of long-term prediction by human and social intelligence – Mind. This property of Mind is based on “unconscious” in a man, which is the evolutionary memory of all megacosmic progressive evolution about itself and, therefore, Megacosmos memory(Universum) about itself (stored in the human mind, in his “unconscious”). The law of spiral fractal of system time representing system-cosmogonic generalization of Haeckel’s principle of “ontogeny repeats phylogeny”, in accordance with which the spiral of system of ontogeny repeats in the moment of genesis and life cycle of any system in the world spiral of system of phylogeny with reverse compression and tension, is the basis of the definition of “unconscious” in human Mind as an evolutionary memory of Megacosmos about itself.