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Address of the President of the World Scientific Congress

Dear colleagues!, Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to welcome you at the truly globally significant event. For the first time in the history of the planet The World  Scientific Congress is to be held in the UN headquarters. It bears a significant and magnificent name: “Education, Science, Culture and Peace”. In our difficult times …

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Press Release of the Sixth World Scientific Congress (6th WSC)

Press Release of the Sixth World Scientific Congress (6th WSC), On 10th, 11th & 12th  November 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia IUFS and Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC) of IUFS carry out another 6th World Scientific Congress. The theme of the Congress: «The traditional and the new in modern science». The main problem of the Sixth …

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  The Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC) under the auspice of the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) represents the FIRST and ONLY Organization in the World structured within a permanent and qualifying Academic Institution that is multifunctional in both its aims and objectives. The IHAC has International Accreditation and deals with important International problems …