Time turns the pages of historical calendar. Soon   in 2015 all the progressive humanity will celebrate the 70-th anniversary of victory in Great War II. No doubt, the victory was based on patriotism of soviet people during the hard war years. It s always been when Motherland is in danger.

Great War II was the example of greatest growth of the patriotism in the newest history. This war wasn’t for life but for death. Only the nation having the great patriotism and endurance could resist the enemy occupied all the Europe.

What happened to the term «patriotism» in post-Soviet period of time?

As a result of so-called democratization of Mass Media, everyone was certified that the newest history is only blood , mistakes and stupidities.

According to the Program of Patriotic education of Russian people   «the society has lost the traditional Russian patriotic consciousness…Patriotism has become reborn in nationalism. »


Why? What has happened? The answer is quite simple. For many years younger generation has been conceived that “patriotism” is absolutely dirty word and means something bad. Another abusive content was invested into this concept. In the mass media the genesis of it (i.e. change in the development) was changed as national-patriotism, or Red-Browns. It is clear that not a young man would agree to be classified as a as a Red-Brown. The fair is the question: “What kind of a phenomenon we are dealing with? Why this sacred concept acquires the opposite meaning. All of the aforesaid acquires special significance after the 2000-ies when the government realized the threat of the situation and began to pay due regard to such holy for every Russian notions as “Patriotism and Motherland”.

The main thing today is to imbue the minds of youth with patriotism “working” with young people at school, in the army in institutes and etc.

 When speaking about education of the youth it is necessary to say that patriotic upbringing of young people just continues at universities. The question is when it begins. It is clear that it begins not even at school, but in the family and in the kinder garden.

In former times there was a song:

“What’s a beginning of the Motherland?

It begins with a picture in your ABC-book;

With your good and true friends,

Living in a neighboring yard.

Or maybe it begins

With those songs that the mother sang to us;

With those thing, that in any test

No one can take away from us”

Nowadays a group "Combination" sings:

“American boy I’ll go with you,

 Moscow – Goodbye!”

And Pasha Stepanov , seven years old soloist of a children group sings on TV:

“After school I’ll leave for America forever …”

Of course it's not him but adults inspire millions of young men and women the idea that there is nothing to do in Russia and it is worth living abroad only. Then there is a question: “Who will protect our Motherland?”

We have to agree with the idea of the classic-author of the Russian literature that “great is the ignorance of Russia in the middle of Russia”. We also have to admit that many of our fellow citizens, especially a large number of young people, are sick with a very dangerous disease - “historical mankurtism ” - that is, the loss of historical memory.

But if in the novel written by Aitmatov "Snowstorm station" a human became a “mankurt” in the result of the terrible targeted torture (to make people forget their past his head pulled raw skin and  it then dried and a human lost memory and he forgot who his ancestors were, and who he was himself) in our case, this memory dipped purposefully through the media, school and University textbooks. Each of us knows well that the nation without historical memory is  doomed to degradation.

On January 27, 2012, a day on which we celebrated the Break of the Siege of Leningrad, at the Central TV a presenter Roman Gerasimov asked me the question, "What can you, Vrezh Mikhailovich, say about the Patriotic upbringing of the youth?"I showed the history textbook for high schools written by the scientists from Moscow state University, which is used  practically by the whole country  and asked:"What do you think how much space is given to the siege of Leningrad in this tutorial?"...You need`t guess, together with prepositions and dates 27 words in three different pages...I think everything is already clear... What patriotism can be discussed after such textbooks?

     If you believe a great number of publications, television and radio ,  the country did not have any achievements  after October 1917. In the life of the people there was nothing positive, even in the history of the great Patriotic War there are not only the obvious mistakes but even direct falsification of the history of the Russian Federation. To stop this bacchanalia it was decided to create a special commission to counter the falsification of history" under the direction of head of the Presidential administration and this commission did nothing too.
Obviously it is time to understand, no matter how we picked our history and not doused her with mud no one will give us  a good history. By the way our history is not only worse, and in many aspects better vaunted Western history. Today it is fashionable to refer to the Western experience, we`ll refer too. It is well known that the French revolution was one of the bloodiest in the world`s history. But no Frenchman will name his revolution otherwise, as the Great French revolution.

Bastille Day is a national holiday of France and as before Marseillaise is the national anthem of France. A great number of such examples can be given. And what about us?

One of achievements of the Soviet period of our history was level, quality, and equal education. The book “What Ivan knows, Johnny doesn’t” was a best - seller at the end of 1950s. One of the authors of this book was Admiral Rickover. It was Rickover, who created the U.S. nuclear-powered Navy. While visiting the Soviet Union, Admiral Rickover became anxious greatly. Soviet education impressed him.   Admiral believed reasonably that both high school and higher school of the Soviet Union had left behind those of the USA and were the best in the world. John Kennedy, 35th President of the US, got farther to say that outcome of the “cold war” between the Soviet Union and the USA would not be at the battle field but be made at the classrooms of the countries.

Americans began to reorganize their education system. The share of the national income apportioned for education was increased from 4% up to 12%. We had reorganized too….  The share of the national income apportioned for education was dropped from 12% up to 5% (now it must be considerably lower).

Prince A.M. Gorchakov, outstanding Russian diplomat, emphasized that the history of the world had not known examples when a strong Army couldexist with a weak school. That is true. A man joined the Army right after finishing school, as if he had been promoted to the next class. And then, in the Army, he was taught new lessons of being courageous, volitional, valorous, and patriotic. And the Officer continued the Teacher’s work as concerned with patriotic education that is education of the citizen ready to defend the Motherland. Yes, today is an attempt to remedy the situation. But it's easier to pull down than to build. Try to restore, create it! That is the question! It will take us years and years!

There is no doubt that patriotic consciousness is specific historical concept. It  differed in content depending on historical period and outlook of the society and the individual. But historical practice and life itself proves, no matter what ideological coloration, the patriotic conception in the mind of every Russian citizen and, primarily, in the mind of a military man, is associated with necessity of strong, flourish and democratic Russian state.

I would like to say that people of all levels of the Government are looking for a national idea today. And just as all ingenious – patriotism, that is love to the Native land, love for the Fatherland, should be the national idea aimed to bring together all kinds of the Russian society. What can be more important and noble? It seems to us that, there is no and there will never be another idea, which is able to reconcile and unite the citizens of a great country, except the idea of salvation of the Fatherland, its greatness and integrity! From immemorial times the Patriotic idea was to create and strengthen Russian statehood, army structuring, soldiers and citizens training. So it was, and so it will be.

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