Microwave based cancer cell screening with no marker



Microwave based cancer cell screening with no marker


The aging of the population associated with the increase demand of higher quality of life at old age has set a significant demand for higher quality medical care with faster, more accurate and minimal invasive assays. The advancements in the early detection of specific medical conditions are further required to understand or early prevent diseases. Most of the assays used blood, urine, saliva and tissue cells to detect and screen important clues related with patient medical condition. The outcome of these assays was reflected in the medical data which further emerged in better treatments and more effective drugs. Most of the present assays require high qualified personnel to prepare, analyze and perform the interpretation of the results as well as sophisticated and expensive equipment and long period of analysis time. The emergence of new technologies such as MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) with microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) concept, bring new type of available tools with the possibility to perform efficient fast tests and assays with very little help of the human operator and at relatively low associated costs. The ultimate aim is to reproduce the same laboratory biological assays with miniaturized Bio MEMS devices to acceptable specific and sensitive results. For the last decade, several researchers investigated and used different cell detection techniques such as optical cytometry, impedance spectroscopy and electromagnetic spectroscopy with cancer cell attached to markers. The amount of literature on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) has exponentially grown over past ten years. As the possibility to separate and count CTC after cancer therapy was approved by FDA in 2005 for Veridex of Johnson and Johnson, the idea of “catching” the cells by bonding magnetic ferrofluid on the markers specific to three types of cancer. These commercially available kits are made to find and count CTC of epithelial origin from breast, colon and prostate cancers after therapy (chemotherapy). The method is based on bounding magnetic micro particles to specific over-expressed proteins (markers) in cancer cells in whole blood and counting them after attracted by magnetic field - The CellSearch®. Although the desire to identify other type of cells is extremely high, the presently used method is limited to detection of cancer cells of known origin. Finding cancer cells of unknown origin based on the bio-chemical reaction between proteins requires an omni-binding protein which at the present time is unknown.
At the present time there are more than 30 research groups that direct their interest towards cancer cell separation. The technologies used by the research groups are either filtering based on size or magnetic marking and separation in magnetic field. The technologies targeted by the research groups are mainly focusing on specific CTC separation, detection or counting. According to the last 10 years information acquisitions, the interest in cancer research is expanded towards cancer detection through single cell analysis. Any of such technologies would require an accurate cell separation system and an integrated system would be preferred when automation of detection is intended.
The proposed enabling technology research represents one of the potential key in any future single cell analysis devices based on microwave screening. Both modeling and experimental work carried out so far point towards the possibility to enhance the efficiency of the method through 3 dimensional configurations of electrodes in a microfluidic channel. The ultimate objective of this research is to develop a miniaturized system to screen cancer cells from the blood taken from the patient without the use of marker.


This research is based on the characterization of different cancer cell’s dielectric properties at low and high frequencies for cell separation from blood by Dielectrophoresis (DEP) and microwave cell screening without the use of markers. The cell screening to count, to differentiate different type of cancer cell and to identify the signature of each single cell or CTC uses microwave measurements on single CTC with no marker.




Haghighi, A.1, Zia Jahromi, N.2, Hejazi, S.H.3

1-       MSc. In Biochemistry, School of Basic Sciences, Islamic Azad University/Shahrekord Branch

2-       Assistant Professor in Biology group, School of Basic Sciences, Islamic Azad University/Shahrekord Branch

3-       Professor in the Sedigheh Tahereh Skin Diseases and Leishmaniasis Center, Parasitology and Mycology Group, School of Medicine, Esfahan University of Medical Sciences

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Introduction and objective:Colon cancer is the second reason of mortality caused by cancer in the world, after lung cancer, and it is the third prevalent gastrointestinal cancer after gastric and esophageal cancers in Iran. Environmental and genetic factors have important roles in the emergence of this cancer. One of the important factors in creation of this type of cancer is chronic inflammations of colon. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties due to its content of [6]-gingerol and, hence, it can play a role in the prevention of colon cancer. COX-2 gene expression is increased in colon cancer, causing intestinal inflammation. The effect of ginger extract on reducing COX-2 gene expression in colon cancer HT-29 cells was investigated in this study.

Methodology: In this laboratory research, HT-29 cells of colon cancer were cultured in a 75 ml flask. The cells were trypsinated at the third passage and 5000 of them were cultured in the wells of 96-well plates. Ginger extract at four concentrations (10, 20, 30, and 40 mg/mL) was added to the wells, and the plates were incubated at 37˚C for 24, 48, and 72 hours in a 5% Co2 atmosphere. To study the effects of ginger extract on the cells, the MTT test was performed and the densities of the plates were read using an ELISA instrument. Total cellular RNA was extracted and expression of the COX-2 gene was investigated using the RT-PCR method. A sample not treated with the ginger extract was used as the positive control and GAPDH as the internal control.

Results: The measured IC50 concentration of the ginger extract was 20 mg/ml. Determination of the expression of the COX-2 gene using the RT-PCR method indicated that the ginger extract at 20 mg/ml reduced expression of the COX-2 gene compared to using Aspirin. Therefore, ginger extract could be used as an anti-inflammatory drug against the HT-29 cells of colon cancer. 




Conceptual substantiation of priority criteria of quality of life and health in assessing the effectiveness of health care, social and environmental programs


Luchkevich V.S., Shakirov  A.M., Marinicheva G.N., Samodova I.L.,

                              Russia, Saint-Petersburg


International University of Fundamental Science


International Academy of Ecology and Human and Natural Security


North-Western Public Medical I. I.  Mechnikov University


Factors of health and disease risk existing in the world civilization, problems of ecological safety and unmet subsistence needs –they are on one side, and measures of active preventive health conservation, increase in life expectancy and optimal living conditions – are on another shore.A connecting bridge, ensuring the unity and the ability to implement socially -oriented state policy priority of health and ideological activities, protection of the rights and well-being, is to optimize the quality of life of the population as the main criterion for the effectiveness of social and environmental programs .






PhD in energo-informational technologies, the correspondent participant of the Internatonal Academy  of Ecology and Life Safety -

Dr. Sergey Yurievich Tulsky (PhD).


    In 1990 the author put forward a hypothesis that all the biological forms of life in total form are some kinds of a rational substance in the form of energo-informational field. Such a hypothesis emerged on the basis of the analysis of the reasonable behavior of birds in flock, bees, ants, locusts, fish and other biological poulation.  This hypothesis corresponded to the doctrine by V.I.Vernadsky about the transition of biosphere into noosphere, that is reasonable sphere. There was the opinion that all the people living on the planet and that is 7, 5 billion people, in total, form the united energo-informational field that has reasonable characteristics.  Such field according to the author’s opinion has to exist according to the law of transition from quantity to quality and the law of conservation of energy. If we turn to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, co-author of the term “noosphere”, then his term is put down to the collective consciousness. The hypothesis now has to be approved or disapproved.  Due to the biolocation, the means of connection to the different objects on the big distances, the attempt of connection to the supposed egergoinformational field was made.  This attempt turned to be successful. The dialog with energo-informational field took place, that is, Noosphere. In the result of the dialog the information in the form of knowledge about the appearance of biological life forms on the planet was gained, also about the mechanisms of matter motion and the harmonious human development. The author called the knowledge gained in this way: “Noospheric studies” The main postulate of the noospheric studies sounds: “All the processes in the Universe, evident or latent” happen due to the information on the basis of what the matter is constructed, and it moves.





Grand Ph. D. V.A.Shemchyk

Today eight nuclear powers have in total nuclear weapons in trinitrotoluol equivalent 320 thousand of megatons in store. If,  in case of war between Europe, Russia, the USA, at least 10 % of these recourses were used, after a month of the start of the war 1300 million of the world population of 1400 would die. From the rest 100 million 70 million would be seriously wounded, and 30 million slightly injured people would be obliged to solve the problems, which occurred because of the total destruction of the civilization.




By Dr. Gamini Jayasinghe,MBBS, MSc,  PhD Reading

Introduction and classification-

Dissociation has been described in psychiatric literature as early as 1815. Before the publication of the fourth edition (DSM-IV) of diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders in 1994, the condition was known as multiple personality disorder. The name was changed to address both misconceptions regarding the nature of the disorder and the clinical transition from a rare to a more commonplace diagnosis. Pathological possession trance (PPT) was formally known as dissociative trance disorder in the DSM psychiatric manual and currently PPT is included within the dissociative identity disorder (DID) criteria in the DSM-IV. Psychiatric diagnosis of DID has been under serious scrutiny for more than 10 years. Dissociative identity disorder( DID) is the most complex of dissociative identity disorder (American psychiatric association,1994 ).

Possession and trance disorder or pathological possession trance is characterized by a transient alteration in identity and one’s normal identity is temporarily replaced or possessed by a spirit, ghost, deity, or other person. This condition is    associated with stereotype involuntary movements or amnesia. Why I interest for this disorder is one of the most common dissociative disorders in Asia. The important fact is PPT covers only the involuntary possession experience.