Grand Ph. D. V.A.Shemchyk

Today eight nuclear powers have in total nuclear weapons in trinitrotoluol equivalent 320 thousand of megatons in store. If,  in case of war between Europe, Russia, the USA, at least 10 % of these recourses were used, after a month of the start of the war 1300 million of the world population of 1400 would die. From the rest 100 million 70 million would be seriously wounded, and 30 million slightly injured people would be obliged to solve the problems, which occurred because of the total destruction of the civilization.


The most powerful thermonuclear “Tsar of bombs” (named after some time “Kuzma’s mother”), which is equivalent to 57-64 megatons of  trotyl, was exploded on the 30th of October 1961 on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya. Shock wave passed around the Earth three times, and the first wave even lasted 36 hours 27 minutes. The explosion fireball rose on the height of 67 km, and the diameter reached 95 km.

Light radiation was so powerful, that it caused third-degree skin burns on the distance of 100 km from the place of explosion.

Seismic wave, which emerged as a result of the testing, passed around the Earth three times.

The radiation of 100 km reached 1000 X-rays, and that caused fourth-degree radiation sickness, i.e. total loss of fighting capacity of soldiers.

360 nuclear explosions with power of 550 megatons have already taken place on the Earth. Our civilization would die, if the bombs exploded simultaneously. After every explosion the following consequences were unavoidable: the damage of ozone layer causing the death of animals and the destructions of plants, climate change and the accumulation of tactonical tensions, which resulted in volcanic eruption. The scholars of the whole world confirm the higher volcanic activity i9n the recent 60 years, i.e. after the period of nuclear tests: European volcanoes have become active from the last decade. Also, the amount of earthquakes has increased. Only in the state Nevada during the year 5000 of the earthquakes took place, and in the whole world the number is incredibly higher.

In this way, nuclear explosions cause earthquakes, enormously high tidal waves, and nuclear winter. Depending on the number of exploded nuclear bombs, ecological disaster, which can be cause by nuclear explosions, will either throw our civilization back to the animal level, or destroy the life on the whole planet. Interestingly that today we constantly come across the consequences nuclear explosions.

Nuclear cataclysm, which took place on the Earth, brought to various material traces. The stones of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the bombs were dropped, can be easily turned in hands to sand, and we have many sand deserts  in Sahara, Lebanon, Kalahari, Patagonia, Kara-Kum, Kyzyl-Kum, etc.

As the tests reveal, the soil heated up to 5 thousand degree Celsius can turn to glassy mass. Such glassy mass is quite widespread on the Earth, and it is called “tektites”.  They have brown or black color. Some researches suppose that it is meteorites, although no meteorite, which consists of tektites, hasn’t yet been found. Tektites are the materialistic proof of nuclear disaster.

Fritted stones of Mahen Dzhargo,Baalback’s terrace, Cyclopean Karnac reveal powerful thermic impact, which only nuclear explosions can give.

In this way, the nuclear disaster happened on the Earth is not hypothesis or lie, but it is a real tragedy that caused nuclear winter, which is called global glacification in science.

The evidence of past nuclear disaster is abnormal amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean, which is even bigger than in the atmosphere, though in river water its content is the same as in the atmosphere. The calculations revealed that to get such amount of carbon dioxide, it is necessary to burn carbon 20.000 times more than it exists now in today’s biosphere. If all water excluded from such enormous biosphere, the Ocean Level would rise up to 70 meters. But it turned out that the same amount of water consists in icecaps in the Poles of Earth. No doubt, this astonishing coincidence reveals that this water was previously in animals’ and plants’ organisms of dead biosphere.

That is why such wide and kilometers-long channels of rivers, which are much times bigger than moderns rivers. Such big ones no longer exist.

The calculation showed that when the size of the biosphere is like that atmospheric pressure should be 8-9 atmospheres. Researches decided to measure pressure in air bubbles, which appeared in amber – petrified resin of trees. And it was similar to 8 atmospheres, and the content of oxygen in the air of that time is 28%! Now it is clear why ostriches and penguins unlearned to fly. Big birds can only fly in dense atmosphere, and when it became airfree, they had to move on the ground.

Dense air is more heat-conducting, that is why subtropical climate stretches from the Equator to the North and the South Poles, where used to be no ice armor and was warm.

Past powerfulness of the biosphere is confirmed by written ancient resources. In the Indian book “Padma Purana” is said about 2.000.000 kinds of plants, while 500.000 kinds are left and, according to the well-known biologist, Edward Wilson, 5000 kinds of plants will disappear.

Ecology and climate crisis can be caused not only by nuclear war, but also by the anthropogenic activity of the humanity.

Our civilization in some way repeats its mistakes made by the previous civilization. Thus it is proper to describe in detail the mechanism of cataclysm.

Temperature rise takes place on the planet because of the following reasons:

1) The arrival of carbon dioxide of anthropogenic origin 2х1010  tons per year, which causes greenhouse effect.

2) Heat atmospheric pollution  (70% of energy consumed by humanity disperses as heat into the environment)

3) the pollution of oceans by waste of our civilization. According to the data of Elizabeth Borgaze, 20 million tons of waste is thrown annually – this reinforces the absorption of sun heat by ocean water, and facilitates its heating, which brings to carbon dioxide absorption from the ocean.

4) Temperature rise is also caused by the decline of the square of forest territories, which acquire carbon dioxide. According to Tibor Bogach, by the end of the 70th  70% of forests were destroyed, and that caused soil erosion. Annually in Europe the wind blows away 840 tons of fertile soil to the ocean, in Africa – 21 million tones, and in America and Asia things are not better.

All four reasons include two positive feedbacks. The first one, opened by Manabe and Vizerold, is caused by the fact that with a growth of absolute air humidity temperature also grows. It induces humidity growth (due to vapor), which causes temperature growth. And the second feedback: with ocean temperature growth carbon dioxide begins to evolve from it. This causes temperature growth of ocean water again.

If now 10-20% of solar power is spent on atmosphere turbulence and the remaining power is wasted on water vapor, then with ocean temperature growth, on observations of the Russian Institute of Physics of the Earth, power discharge for turbulence will increase 4-5 times. It is compared with power consumed for vapor. In this case vaporized water will be whirled away on the continents by winds, where rainstorms ruffle and where conditions for intense vaporizing are constantly preserved above oceans. Under sunbeams ocean will turn into a “steam boiler”. Storm winds and rainstorms will wash off all the soil. 400 mm of precipitations per month will be enough for it.

It is known that with precipitation fallout more than 5 meters earthquake equal to 5 grades (1 meter – 1 grade) begins. It happens for a reason that tensions occurred in the earth crust cause recrystallization and compaction of earth layers. As a result dropping of earth layers, on which water layers press, can happen.

Continental rainstorms will cause tension in earth crust and powerful earthquakes on all continents. They will rain down oceanic waves of many kilometers on Earth, destroying everything on their way. These waves will destroy not only human civilization but will also cause irretrievable damage in biosphere. Everyone who wants to hide out in subcities and underground shelters will be buried alive. In future petroleum will originate from bodies, which will dissolve oxygen-eliminating, as it happened at various times in the history of civilizations.

More than 500 nuclear stations are built nowadays. The majority of them are situated in seismic-unstable regions. Earthquake will cause nuclear explosions on all of these NPS. If all of them explode, radiation poisoning of the planet will be more than 1000 r-units. In this case not only a human being but also the majority of animals and plants will not be able to exist.

Destructions and fires on chemical factories will change atmospheric chemistry so much that not only a human being but also the majority of animals and plants will not be able to exist. Only in Russia about 50 000 tonnes of chemical agents accumulated as a result of armaments drive. In other countries this number is higher, but 2 tonnes is enough to poison every creature on the Earth.

In case of floods and earthquakes all mass of non-liquidated poison gases will enter rivers, seas, atmosphere and biosphere. It will cause mass mortality of phyto- and zoomass not only in the Ocean but also in the entire planet’s biomass. 

The only way to prevent approaching ecological and climatic disaster is to stop deforestation and begin recovery, stop environmental contamination starting with oceans and cross over to non-waste productions.

Having analyzed existing up to date forecasts in open printing on the forthcoming eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano, incompleteness of these forecasts and (above all) incomprehension of the mechanism starting up eruption of any volcano and earthquake were detected.

Eruption of volcano Krakatoa (Indonesia) in 1883 [12] was 26 times more powerful (1600 Mt) than explosion of the Tsar Bomba (64 Mt). Eruption of the old volcano Krakatoa began on 20 May 1883 and continued up to 20 February 1884. Explosions of maximal power were in October and November in 1883. Appeared shock waves circuited the Earth 7 times and created waves of 36 meters height (tsunami). One of such waves circuited the whole globe. 40000 of people died from these waves.

Final number of died people achieved 200000 people. Krakatoa funnel has a diameter only 0.8 km and its depth is 22 km. 18 km3 of lava and ash were emitted in the air during its explosion. According to different sources eruption height was from 11 km up to 70-80 km.

While as the funnel of the Yellowstone super-volcano has sizes, which are thousand times more: 72 km х 55 km х 640 km = 1.5 mln km3, it is 80000 more than a power of Krakatoa eruption.

Its explosion will cause orbital change of the Earth.

Information about the Yellowstone became known thanks to efforts of American scientist and journalist Howard Huxley, who studies problems of the Yellowstone volcano till 80-x years.

In first hours of eruption in the Yellowstone the whole territory of the United States, Canada and Mexico will be in a disaster zone. On this territory glowing lava, which will pounce on the suburbs in a form of a huge avalanche burning everything on its way, will ruffle. Lava will rise up highly in the sky on thousands of kilometers. Overheated magma entering into the Pacific Ocean will cause momentary water evaporation, and it will evoke a wave with two kilometers in length. This wave will go round the whole territory of the USA and approximately in 15 hours it will achieve Europe shores.

Practically all European and North-African countries will be washed off and flooded. This forecast is in a greater degree approximate to authentic disaster scenario than forecasts of western scientists.

Animals from the Yellowstone National park have already started to leave. Recently buffalos have left and deer did it earlier. Is it possible to prevent an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano?

First of all it is necessary to understand what determines earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Before any earthquake rumbling appears. Its frequency is 7 Hz. The same frequency 7 Hz appears when a human feels fear or melancholy. This low-frequency sound field, despite its weak amplitude, appeared with all people with negative emotions.

It is known that sound waves having the same frequency and comparable amplitude are able to create circle waves (solitons) in case of crossing with each other. In contrast with usual waves they do not die out and can exist for decades. They accumulate in earth crust and increase amplitude of oscillation. They force earth crust to oscillate and it leads to earthquakes.

On meeting with each other in horizontal plane the same solitons are assimilated in one soliton. Such meetings of solitons lead to gradual changing of millimeter solitons into multimeter solitons because of assimilation. At the same time solitons with the same diameters during meeting with each other in parallel planes do not assimilate but form a column of solitons inside of which in consequence of its turning appears vacuum inhausting air masses. If such a garland made of solitons achieves stratosphere, two approach flows are formed. In the centre of solitons’ column air moves from troposphere to stratosphere, and from the external part – from stratosphere to troposphere. Stratosphere cold air masses almost momentary cool the Earth up to minus 60 degrees.

Earth uprising in Yellowstone, which was noticed by seismologists in 1927, in a remarkable manner coincides with a beginning of the Great Depression in the USA, which also proves the connection between disasters and people emotions, in other words with seven-Herz fear frequency.

Cold winters of 2013-2014 in the USA showed that appearing vertical winds in a matter of minutes decreased environmental temperature up to minus 60°C.

It is worth mentioning that vertical stratosphere winds were only on the territory of the USA. It can be explained only by the fact that the campaign against Russia was begun these years in the USA. All Americans were concussed by it. They, besides different fears caused by the lack of possibility to pay for credits, began to have fear of Russia, which supposedly “threatens to destroy them with its nuclear weapon”. Fear of nuclear war has a bigger seven-Herz constituent than unpaid credits.

Frequencies radiated by bothering Americans accumulated (and still accumulate) by earth crust to the explosion. It prepared the Yellowstone volcano to explosion. It had to explode long ago but seemingly heavens give one more chance for humankind.

Only termination of propaganda against Russia by the government of the USA and closure of the programme of its destruction can save America.



1.  Nuclear explosions cause earthquakes, volcanic activity and vertical stratosphere winds, which decrease environmental temperature up to minus 60°C in a matter of minutes.

2. Nuclear war leads to flood and nuclear winter, and there are no winners in it.

3. With achieving critical amount of contamination the ocean will turn into a “steam boiler”, which will deliver continuing rainstorms on continents. It will lead to flood, earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions with the following glacierization (ecological and climatic crisis), intoxication of environment with chemical pesticides and radioactive poisoning of the planet. It will lead to elimination of life on the Earth.

4. Fear frequencies radiated by people are not less dangerous than a nuclear war and also can cause typhoons, whirlwinds, vertical stratosphere winds and also earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions. As a result it will lead to destruction of the Earth biosphere.



   The following measures will help to save the Humankind, USA and other countries:

1. Alliance of Russia, USA and all rational forces of the Earth in question of prevention of global disaster and survival of the Humankind.

2. Termination of any nuclear weapons tests.

3. Refusal of technologies contaminating environment and passing to non-waste production, such as biotechnologies.

4. Recovery of multilayer forests of the planet.

5. Recovery of soil and disappeared kinds of cultural plants.