PhD in energo-informational technologies, the correspondent participant of the Internatonal Academy  of Ecology and Life Safety -

Dr. Sergey Yurievich Tulsky (PhD).


    In 1990 the author put forward a hypothesis that all the biological forms of life in total form are some kinds of a rational substance in the form of energo-informational field. Such a hypothesis emerged on the basis of the analysis of the reasonable behavior of birds in flock, bees, ants, locusts, fish and other biological poulation.  This hypothesis corresponded to the doctrine by V.I.Vernadsky about the transition of biosphere into noosphere, that is reasonable sphere. There was the opinion that all the people living on the planet and that is 7, 5 billion people, in total, form the united energo-informational field that has reasonable characteristics.  Such field according to the author’s opinion has to exist according to the law of transition from quantity to quality and the law of conservation of energy. If we turn to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, co-author of the term “noosphere”, then his term is put down to the collective consciousness. The hypothesis now has to be approved or disapproved.  Due to the biolocation, the means of connection to the different objects on the big distances, the attempt of connection to the supposed egergoinformational field was made.  This attempt turned to be successful. The dialog with energo-informational field took place, that is, Noosphere. In the result of the dialog the information in the form of knowledge about the appearance of biological life forms on the planet was gained, also about the mechanisms of matter motion and the harmonious human development. The author called the knowledge gained in this way: “Noospheric studies” The main postulate of the noospheric studies sounds: “All the processes in the Universe, evident or latent” happen due to the information on the basis of what the matter is constructed, and it moves.



The issue about the acquiring of the knowledge in the energo-informational space fields is not new.  In the different epochs there were some personalities that possessed such capabilities.

  The famous brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla from the enerfo-informational space fields gained knowledge about the electricity laws and the creation of electricity equipment. That’s the way he described his knowledge source: “Some core exists in the space, and we gain knowledge, power and inspiration from it”. “I haven’t perceived the mystery of this core, but I know that it exists”.

  It was topical for the author to gain the information not about the electro-technical equipment, but about the cause of different diseases and health recover.  It was highly important to solve the issue of deseases. In other words, to create the conditions of health preservation. The emphasis of the knowledge from Noosphere is made on the elaboration of the technologies concerning the recover of the human organ system and the way it operates.
   Due to the perceived knowledge energo-informational technologies were created, which were called Noospheric technologies. Such name of technologies originated from the fact, that noosphere according to the human’s request is capable of creating energo-informational programmes on the human organ system  recovery. As it turned out to be later, Noosphere, as the reasonable matter , is capable of “seeing”, controlling information on the functioning of biological forms and recovering its life functions due to the  information transformation.

  Human intelligence, its consciousness, is capable of functioning  only due to the information, or, in other words, experience. The more experience, the better the consciousness  operates, and it is capable of solving of the different tasks. This is some kind of “conscious mind”. Human body with all its organs and tissues behave quite reasonable.  Analogically to the “conscious mind”, there is a “physical body mind”, which is responsible for the reasonable management of all the organs without any exception. But this is called “the intellect of the physical body mind” Body intellects vary depending on a person, and, as a result, the health level also varies. The people with high intelligence level have high level of health. If the body intellect is not developed, then a human has a tendency to different diseases.  The activity of any intelligence is put down to the task solution, but no task is not solved without informational providence.

   Noosphere as reasonalbe substance is capable of conrolling the informational condition of any biological objects and evolutionary transform the information that the biosphere uses for its existence.

 The essence of Noospheric technologies is in the opportunities of deleting, recording and presenting  of the information, that is, the information for the body intelligence operation, that will deal with the problems on the recovery of the diseased organ on the basis of his/her knowledge. But, the main aim of the noospheric technologies is not the treatment of diseased organs, but the creation of the new informational conditions of its persistent operation.  In this way, the aim to preserve the health is achieved.

   Noospheric technologies allow to program different objects for the adding to it some “reasonable features” for the recovery and health support, to produce informational clearance of any objects on the planet. This is very topical, as “informational pollution” has already taken its toll. First of all, diseases of any biological forms are connected with the “informational pollution”. It can be presented as information hindrance. Body intelligence that uses the information, or this so-called “informational pollution”, can’t help but take it into consideration. As a result, organ failure takes place, and that leads to some concrete disease. Research and rich practice only proves it to be true.

“Health saving Noospheric technologies” are not possible without the participation of a human. At the present time the specialist training on the Noospheric technologies is of high importance.  Specially trained personnel can hadnle the tasks like the  ones listed below:

 - The revelation of the different diseases on the early stages;

 - The  identification of the diseases reasons;

 - The cleansing of the organism of the informational and physical waste;

 - Energo-informational recovery programs on the organ functioning

 - The program record on the strong immune system against many existing infectious, virus and parastic form of life;

   The Noospheric technology called:  “The work with my “Me”, allows the every specially trained person to solve his/her own problems of health and to preserve the health of the relatives.

   To sum up, Noospheric technologies have wide field of application not only for societal health preservation, but for the different technological directios in the science and education.

  It is only important to organize the specialist traing on the Noospheric technologies aimed to solve the problems of health and ecology in the different regions of the world, to create the conditions of the society development and improvement.