Prof. MaikovV.Р., Prof. Maikova N.I,, Prof. Potemkina LV,


The problem of human health is nowadays one of the most actual problems of the society. The catastrophic shortening of the lifetime, reduction of human immunity, rise of new diseases, intense spread of existing diseases. The whole this burden lays upon the society. Naturally, it is the society itself who formed the circumstances where the development of all known diseases has found a favorable soil. The ecological pollution, when the air, the water, the meal and soil used for cultivate agricultural products are filled with poisonous matters, elevated radioactive background, powerful electromagnetic fields of artificial nature affect the human immune system. Moreover, various energo-informative deteriorations within the society form ugly informative programs of development of a human being. As consequence, human diseases are transformed into diseases of the society and vice versa, diseases of the society are transformed quite directly into human diseases.



The medicine with its standard approach to the human organism proved itself unable to face this problem. The number of ill people is still growing; new diseases are revealed. The fact that the average age subjected to the above diseases is being reduced, is troublesome. It calls worry for the future of the country.

The modern orthodox medicine is curing the deceases while a disease is consequence. Further on the diseases transform into a chronic form because their cause remains. But one may treat the consequence endlessly. Currently but a few attention is paid to the prophylaxis of the human health.

Thus the new period of research in medicine came, the research of new structures, the informative ones, which define the development of an organism according to its informative program.

In collaboration with the representatives of the official medicine, we had carried out the large research that has shown the high efficiency and safety of our method [1], [8], [14].

Purpose of the research:

1. Study of the effect of energy-informative (in conjunction with massage) methods of treatment that were developed and applied by the authors, upon patients with various diagnoses.

2. Proof of the effect of these methods in clinical conditions.

3. Development of a method of sanitation of individuals and carrying out of practical self-regulation courses.

The method is authors' know-how and includes the normalization of the function of the nervous system and creation of a health program in the patients' mind, as well as the work for normalization of the frequencies of vibration of organs and systems of the organism, the correction of the energy-informative program of health.

The method of massage is authors' know-how and includes the work through reflex areas of the emotional and volitional sphere.

The sessions of application of authors' methods are individual. We exercise influence upon the human regulative mechanism. The regulative mechanism includes all levels: inter-cell level, intro-cell level, humeral mechanism. The basic principle of our method is the normalization of the information matrix of an individual without application of any drugs.

Resulting from the application of our method reasons of deceases are eliminated, the energetic potential of cells is restored, and normalization of the homeostasis takes place and the immune defense level of the organism is growing. The improvement of not just the physical condition of a human but also of his moral, mental and spiritual condition takes place.

Since 1994 we have fixed our attention to the development of the method of treatment and rehabilitation of the children who suffer from the infantile cerebral palsy (ICP) and impairment of the central nervous system (CNS).

The term "infantile cerebral palsy" is common for different, in their etiology and pathogenesis, disturbances of the brain that develop either at the intrauterine period, either at childbirth, or during the initial months of life. Most often they manifest themselves by disturbances of movements, etc.

In 1994 we were proposed to join the study of healers within the work item '"Evaluation of Healers' Efficiency (Joint Russian-American Research)" that the independent expert, chief of laboratory for comparative research of physiology of sensor systems at the LML Sechenov Institute of Evolutional Physiology, doctor of biology LA. Vartanyan tookpartin. Both our candidatures were proposed, by the director of the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (MISAHA) according to the recommendation of Research Center at the Novosibirsk branch of the Academy of Science. We gave our agreement.

The expert evaluation of 57 patients (children or adults of various ages, from 7 months to 75 years old) who passed the treatment courses with us was carried out. Clinical improvements were revealed with all patients (see the Reports of Dr. Vartanyan [4],[6]).

Within the work item "'Evaluation of Healers' Efficiency" we decided to concentrate upon such diseases of children diagnosed as ICP and diseases of the CNS. This disease is incurable by means of orthodox medicine (not. known from publications).

The children were taken for treatment, who have been subjected for many years (since the diagnose was fixed) to the intense treatment and twice a year to rehabilitation courses in medical institutions (centers) of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The joint work was carried out at the department of rehabilitation therapy of the Municipal Hospital for Children No, 4 in collaboration with doctors of the Department and its chief Dr. Mrs. L.B. Bessonova. The work was carried out upon the background of the regular drug treatment in inpatient conditions.

We have carried out courses of treatment (under the observation of physicians) of 9 children who had most severe clinical course of ICP [2]. The patents of these children gave their agreement upon the treatment by means of non-traditional methods, 6 children had spastic forms of ICP. One child had trauma alter road accident, one child had organic damage of CNS. Another one had brain dysfunction and retardation of psychic development. The children were aged from 6 months to 4 years old.

The task included the elimination of reasons of the disease, massage in accordance with reflex areas and normalization of the Child's energetic potential.

Among the results of the course of treatment that was carried out the improvement of psycho-emotional state of children, their speech and language development, visual and audile concentration, normalization of the sleep, improvements from the side of vegetative and visceral alterations were noted [2],

No negative responses have been observed.

We have carried out a considerable work in the medical center of rehabilitation and sanitation of children "Vozvrashchenie" (“Return”).

The examination was carried on the basis of assessment, of the clinical efficiency in accordance with the modified Bortfeld-Warmaitn scale, and neuron-physiological data such as electroencephalogram, echo-encephalogram, rheoencefalography and electro puncture diagnostics in accordance with R. Voll.

The examination involved 6 children, whose parents gave their agreement for the treatment by means of non-traditional methods, at the age of 7 to 10 years old. These were 4 boys and 2 girls suffering from average movement disorders (4 children) and from heavy movement disorders (2 children). Three children had the diagnosis ICP, spastic diplegia; one child's diagnosis was ICP, hyperkinetic form, spastic tetra paresis; one child's diagnosis was organic impairment of CNS, paraencefalitic cyst left-side hemi paresis; each child had associated diseases [3].

The children have been subjected to neurologist’s examination prior the treatment, during the treatment and after the course were finished. One course lasts from 1 to 1.5 months, 9 to 13 procedures twice a week.

Our course of treatment resulted in considerably positive clinical electrophysiological and bioenergetics dynamics in all children, confirmed by the assessment according to the modified mark scale of Borfield-Wahrmann, and by neurophysiologic data, such as electroencephalogram echo encephalogram rheoencephalography, electroaeupunctural diagnosis according to R. Voll.

All children have manifested the disappearance of cerebellum disorder: all children have revealed the disappearance of asymmetry of echo signals at their echo encephalograms: all children have manifested the spread of alpha rhythm at their echo encephalograms, that became more regular and in some cases dominant (one girl has recovered alpha rhythm that did not exist at all). By acupunctural diagnosis according to R. Voll, all children have acquired a stable high general energy that did not drop in the course of treatment (about, one hour), contrary to similar patients who were obtaining other kinds of medical treatment in the Center, but the energy was growing constantly, exceeding the instrument scale range. AH children have acquired a uniform energy along the meridians that the dispersion did not exceed two units (to compare with the previous dispersion 10 to 12 units). All children manifested the expand of dexterity. A girl who could neither walk at all nor stand by herself is able now to stand/sit or walk without assistance.

The comparative data revealed a stable tendency to transition from hypo function to hyper function or disappearance of the pathology detected earlier in parts of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system as well as in parts of organs.

The method that we are using enables to remove a cause of decease and to raise the hidden reserves of the organism. The treatment results in launching the process of physical sanitation of children, improvement of all motional functions and considerable improvement of the blood circulation in the brain. The psycho-emotional state of children, their speech and language development, visual and audio concentration improve, the sleep normalizes, vegetative and visceral alterations are reduced, and their intellect is growing. The children reveal motivations for development of their aptitude.

The results attained during the course of treatment are stable, plus a positive dynamics goes on for another 6 months or more, which is confirmed by instrumental examinations.

The method of treatment, of the cerebral palsy of children and central nervous system diseases that we have developed is know-how and has no analogy in the practice of the world alternative medicine as for its efficiency, stability of results and absence of negative side effects (unknown from publications).

The results of our works that had been carried out in the frames of the program "Evaluation of psi healers' efficiency'4 was published by the Monterrey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (California. USA) in “MISAHA Newsletter(3855 Via Nona Marie. Ste., 102-C, Carmel, С A 93923. USA)

These publications highly appreciate the efficiency of our results in treatment of children suffering of cerebral palsy. For instance, "MISAHA Newsletters" No, 16-17 informs that “We are now concentrating' our efforts on arranging a program for the Maykovs. The significant results they produced on five children in St Petersburg in our opinion justify further study of their efficacy. It is unlikely that we will find a better medical record for any healer in the world.”

The California Pacific Health Center and the Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts gave their agreement for "pilot research of healing by means of fine energy of children with spastic diplegia and quadriplegia" with our participation in the USA "with part of the Russian healers from Saint .Petersburg").

In hospitals of Saint Petersburg we have carried out the large research on treatment of cardiovascular deceases, hypertension, post infarction and post insult states

On an outpatient basis of the medical center a team-work with Professor A.4, Kirsanov, head of sob-faculty of internal deceases of the stomatological faculty of I.P Pavlov Saint Petersburg Medical Institute (nowadays it is LP Pavlov Saint Petersburg Medical University), was carried out.

Six patients who gave their agreement for treatment by means of non-traditional methods without use of any medical products, physiotherapeutic and other methods of treatment applied by the official medicine, were accepted for treatment.

The assessment of patients5 condition, laboratory and instrumental data was carried out by Professor A.L Kirsanov during the weekly examination. The sessions of patients5 treatment were carried out twice a week.

On termination of courses of treatment (5 weeks) distinct, clinical improvements of conditions of all patients were fixed, painful sensations were stopped, capacity for work improved, various asthenia and vegetative manifestations disappeared (for instance, sleep came to normal hyperhidrosis, cardialgia. biliary and intestine dyskinesia decreased, etc.).

The blood pressure of 4 patients who had an initial arterial hypertension, came to normal. With two patients who had a stress background due to traffic accidents, a fast reduction of vegetovascular and neurasthenic manifestations was observed [9],[10],[11],[12].

Every patient who sought our help had been, undergone medical treatment in clinics for a long time (several years), AH of them have, along with the principal decease. many concomitant syndromes, such as chronic gastritis, biliary dyskinesia, marked asthenoneuratgie syndrome, stenocardia, chronic cholecystitis and certainly lumbosacral radiculitis or cervical osteochondrosis.

Due to the fact that during our treatment we remove the cause of the decease and the positive effect influences upon the whole organism, many concomitant deceases, such as sensation ofconstant fear prior to a physical stress, uneasy sleep, go away. The blood pressure, heat exchange process and other indices come to normal.

The effect of treatment is very stable. Prof. Kirsanov has carried out a selective examination of the most complicated patients after I year and 3 years. 'They ceased to take their drugs; the life quality raised with all patients: some of them engaged in yoga practice, others interested themselves in painting — their spirituality raised [11],[12].

No negative reactions on the background of treatment were observed.

We have done a great job, working with young children (from newborn to 2 years old) according to the developed methods by using special gymnastics and exercises in the water with elements of diving and swimming. Being in the water reduces stress from the atmosphere pressure, allowing the newborn to make more movements than in the air. Breath holding stimulates the development of all systems of the brain that helps to eliminate many pathological symptoms. Changing the temperature conditions while swimming and effusion increases nonspecific resistance of the child's body.

Many neurological diseases are easier to treat at an early age, and addition of special exercises in the water to the process of treatment prevents complications.

During many years we carry out the practical self-control courses where we teach our former patients how to control the energy flow and remove negative intrusions by means of their consciousness concentration, it enables them to keep their health at high level by themselves in the future.

The specially developed program of the courses enables people to train and strengthen their immune system, to learn how to systematize the electric activity of brain cortex, cells, to regulate the functions of the vegetative nervous system. All this plays an important role in recovery of the internal prophylaxis of deceases and prolongation of the life.


1.       The author’s methods of treatment are not invasive.

2.       The cause of decease is removed, enabling the activation of regulatory mechanisms (neurological, immune, hormone, etc).

3.       Results of treatment are stable; the positive dynamics continues up to 6 months after treatment (confirmed by instrumental tests) and the resultretains (confirmed by medical investigations).

4.       The intelligence and spirituality are raised; the personal qualities are restored,

5.       The authors' methods of treatment do not cause any negative side reactions.

6.       Practical self-control courses are powerful factor of health prophylaxis and keeping of physical and psychological condition at a high level.

7.       The authors' methods of treatment are socially meaningful


From the editor: The authors have presented positive official conclusions of the scientists from: I.P. Pavlov 1stLeningrad Medical Institute, Laboratory for comparative physiology of sensor systems of L.M.Sechenov Institute, Health Ministry of the Leningrad Region of the Russian federation, Center for Children's Rehabilitation and Sanitation from Saint Petersburg City Administration, official reports on American-Russian International Project.