Press-release of the IX World Scientific Congress






of the IX World Scientific Congress


20-21 November,  2017


On November 20-21 in saint Petersburg (Russia) the IX World Scientific Congress on the topic “The New Ideas in Science and their Practical Implementation” is going to be conducted.  «Новые идеи в науке и их практическое воплощение».

 In the conditions of the systematic crisis in the modern science it is incredibly significant to have new ideas stimulating the science development. The necessity of the appearance of the new ideas is now on the agenda.  Unfortunately, there is nothing more than just empty words.

 First of all, it is necessary to determine the very level and character of the new ideas in science, what they really are and what is the level of the their practical importance. 

 It is considered that fundamental science exists for curiosity satisfaction, and applied science is the response to the challenge and the problems of the government.  When the resources are limited, it is necessary to chose one of the science.  Pragmatics tend to the second science- the applied one.  In fact, with all the resources, the both sciences are fundamental, and their aim is not curiousty satisfaction, but practical problems solutions. The choice mentioned above brings to the methodological dead-end.

 Fundamental science explains the essence of different interacting phenomena, both on the material and spiriyual level.

 Applied science explains the essence of the different local phenomena interacting on the spiritual and material level.

 Fundamental science is wider and more comprehensive than applied one, on the genetical and functional level.

 Fundamental and applied ideas differ.  The idea as thoughts and feelings interaction can be different on its level and character, have different expression and application.  Fundamental idea is consequently systematic, universal and comprehensive.  It gains the specific expression in the applied, more private and local idea.  The idea of interaction of different beginnings, material and spiritual, is trulu comprehensive and universal.

 There is different character of the practical implementation of new ideas.  Fundamentally new ideas from the very beginning are expressed by its creator (video, audio etc.) in order to make them available for its real perception of the different applied science or realized according to its own specifics.  Applied sciences offer the ideas related to the fundamental ones.  Applied ideas are realized by them in practice.  The idea becomes real power, when it gets the possession of its creator and everyone that consciously and purposely implements it.

 Practical significance is nonidentical to the applied one.  Practical significance is wider and more diverse than applied significance as some specific kind of practical significance.  Fundamental science is practically wider and more universal than applied science in the nature of specification and concretization.  Practical value of the applied science cannot be just put down to the “response to the government challenges and issues”. Moreover, the government itself as to derive in its activity form principally important practical recommendations offered by both fundamental and applied science.

 The appearance of the new fundamental ideas is not costly.  It takes from an academician a high level of scientific intellect and mind as a whole.  The appearance and implementation of the new applied ideas requires some specific and sometimes costly experimental base.  In principle, a fundamental idea is more stable and promising, both theoretically and practically.

 The appearance of the new ideas of the different level and character, and their practical implementation is a very complex and diverse process, which includes unique scientific and creative individuals.  The IX World Scientific Congress will try to make a tremendous both material and spiritual contribution to the develoment of the globally significant process.

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      In association with the International Higher Academic Council (IHAC) - St. Petersburg, Russia, International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) - St. Petersburg, Russia and Objectif Sciences International- Switzerland, The Ararat International Academy Of Sciences - France, celebrated its 30th Anniversary by organizing the 7th Scientific World Congress at the U.N.O. Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland , on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September 2016, under the theme “Science, Education & Culture for Justice & Peace.”



TRUE LOVE - Film Santhi Jayasekera


Subetto A. I., Honored scientist of Russia, Laureate of Russian Federation Government Award, President of the Noospheric public Academy of Sciences, member of the International Higher Academic Council, Grand PhD, Professor of Oxford.


The 29th of December, two days before the new – 2016 year, at the ceremonial meeting of the International Higher Academic Council and rectorate of the International University of Fundamental Studies in the House of composers in St. Petersburg, after resolving the issues on the agenda, the premiere of the short film "True love" was held. Staging, directing and the script of the film are made by one author – Shanti P. Jayasekara, a citizen of Russia (he has been living here more than 30 years and Russia became his second homeland), a native of Sri Lanka, Grand Ph. D., Full Professor (Oxford), Rector of the International University of Fundamental Studies and President of the International Higher Academic Council.

A film can be described as a novelette about love, done in the epic style. Aside from the specifics of the "language" of cinema, this episode picture can be put on a par with such  work as the "Girl and death" by Maxim Gorky.

The movie presents the game of three young people, still inexperienced in the art – the blind Oleg Tokarev (in the film he plays a young blind pianist and composer Ruslan), Sergey Ermolayev (in the film he plays a young artist Pavel, who is deaf from the birth) and Dina Danshina (in the film she plays Anna, a friend of both young people who don't know about each other). The "classical triangle". The movie is about the first, purest love that is born in young hearts for the first time in their lives. Anna is affected to both boys. Each of them attracts her not only with the purity of their intentions in his work, and his sincerity, but, as subtext, with its otherness, what is known as individuality in the manifested creation.
The style of the executed art "technique" – attention to details, close-up, when the acting is manifested in few words (although there is enough of good, deep, philosophical and moral dialogues addressed to the audience), but in the eyes, the corners of the lips, in the play of hands, fingers, everything that lovers know. This style reminded us the novelette of the movie "Zerkalo" by Andrei Tarkovsky. In general, the style of the film echoes the style of Tarkovsky's cinema, may be associated with the style of several Italian films of the 60-ies. Each of the characters who played a role in this magnificent scenario, is good in his own way.

  The movie about the inspiring power of love, its influence on the art work, about the good itself in love as a feeling, about the delicacy of relations between girl and boy, about trust and honesty, which is so lacking in modern times, when love was replaced by sex and vulgarity. The film is about the purity of love, which, for example, is in the famous, genius Shakespeare's drama "Romeo and Juliet".
But the film, unlike other cultural works, dedicated to the first love, is about the man is manifested in love as an entire creation, as universal, holistic person, when defects in contact with the world – blindness (eyes do not see), or deafness and dumbness (people can't hear and can't speak, forced to communicate with hands), are gone. Because they, the main characters of the film, carry out the principal mission – to create, build, and the love their raises them to the height of talent, and perhaps genius in the art work whom they have devoted the life.

But there is drama in the film. The blind Oleg finds out during a first date with Pavel – and obviously the last one, in the presence of Anna, when leads hands on artistic portrait of Anna made by Pavel and says that it's "love" (i.e. in this portrait Pavel's love is shown for Anna), is that Pavel loves Anna, and Anna, as she led Pavel to Oleg, loves Pavel, he does a deed: he unites the hands of Anna and Pavek, and he leaves, tapping his stick and stumbling. And the spectator feels in this act the entire tragedy of blind Oleg's love.

In the movie there is always a creative action – here Oleg writes music (improvising), dedicating it to Anna, and there, as if in Anna's "parallel space" or "parallel life", Pavel paints a portrait of Anna and in the eyes of the viewer, this portrait is born under the artist's brush.
One main theme permeates the movie – the theme of purity of human relations in younger age, those relationships that serve as a "breeding ground" for the growth of a pure, true love. The film like teaches the viewer the simple truth – love does not tolerate hypocrisy.

I congratulate the young debutants, who have played perfectly their roles. But especially I would like to note the play of Anna: her eyes are shown close up, radiate the nascent love. There is a symbolism in the movie. For example, the scene with a white rose. White rose is the symbol of purity.
The hieromonk Roman wrote a poem, I would call it a hymn to the purity, which has this refrain:
"O Earth, what do you miss? – Purity, purity, purity...".
"Oh, Soul, what do you miss? – Purity, purity, purity...".
I congratulate Shanti P. Jayasekera with a wonderful author's debut, who claims: "There is a True Love in the wide world!", and if it exists, then there is a wonderful future for the people on Earth.

In the eve of the New year 2016, watching this short story was a good spiritual gift, encouraging everyone who touched this story about the first, pure, true love.
Of course, obviously, the film critics, art historians will find a lot of errors in this work – technical, stylistic, and compositional.
But the main thing – the film turned out – or rather, appeared a work of cinema art, made in the best traditions of classical Russian culture, dating back to Pushkin, Turgenev, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Gorky.

In concluding this short essay, about what we saw, I want to wish Santhi P. Jayasekera new success in his chosen creative path in the "space" of such a complex, synthetic art, which is cinema, and even in the beginning of the XXI century!
The beginning has succeded!



International Program - Competition "The Fraternity Of Muses "Aphrodite"
Since 2007 as part of International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) the International Areopagus of arts "Apollo" has been existing and successfully operating as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), justifying its purpose

International Progamm "Fraternity of Muses "Aphrodite"
There is a pressing truly historical demand of creation as part of MUFA, along with the Areopagus Arts Apollo, as a limited liability company (LLC), the International Competition Program "Fraternity of  Muses "Aphrodite"
According to Greek mythology, the Muses instruct and comfort people, give them a convincing word, sing the higher laws of life, connect past, present and future, arrange the state of the world and establish a harmony in it. The muses devoid of any violence and despotism. They spiritually convince and guide, along with this they are tender and compassionate, they have a beneficial and impressive effect on people. Essentially, the activities of Muses internally and intimately are directed by Aphrodite - goddess of love.
Nowadays humanity, everything and everyone is under a powerful spiritual pressure, the permanent threat of their destruction: global and regional. In this way it is vital to have durable and mutually acceptable, affordable and universal and for all, attractive spiritual support to internally resist ill-negative.
Real support, in this case, can and should become universal and all-embracing love, as a special for all and all for everything, their environment, attitude, independent of age and gender, ethnic and social status of man; love as excluding any violence against yourself, and often occurs suddenly, internal attraction of one person to another person, irresistible internal need and a special kind of creative energy, enhanced care and constant attention, a gentle caress and a high pleasure, blissful excitement and pleasant soothing, gentle touch and a deep emotion, uncontrollable desire and silent urge, stimulation and satisfaction. There is a basis to say that a motive and a powerful symbol of all this is Aphrodite, in Greek mythology the goddess with Space and terrestrial features of powerful and permeating the whole world love, pacifying aggression and violence, strengthening the wisdom and the reasonable way of life, approving the interaction of various beginnings, and causes duropolymer, which gets a very different expression, including the sublime, ecstatic one.
Of course, the various signs of love can be manifested in reality in different ways and in different measure.
It is known that women constitute a clear majority of mankind. Their appeal to Aphrodite, as their high internal guide will help women to successfully implement its inexhaustible and diverse opportunities for the world.
Both Muses and Aphrodite are accessible for perception by modern man, for understanding what they symbolically represent and really mean. This is facilitated by various forms of art and history, as a real phenomenon and as the science in wide sense.
Muses, in its mythological origin, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne are goddesses of poetry, arts and Sciences, that is, the creation of high spiritual beginnings.
Each Muse has its own sphere of spiritual activity, directing it and filling it with a special meaning.
Each of the Muses is also in charge of a certain sphere of artwork, which organically interacts with a specific field of scientific creativity.
There are nine well-known Greek Muses, critically important for women and for men. "Flame hearts and create love," called N.Rerikh, the great thinker, humanist. He believed that the Great Female Origin leads the world to spiritual heights. True love is always beautiful.
Muse are the embodiment of this uplifting and sublimely beautiful beginning.
Euterpe  is a lyrical poetry. In science it can refer to author's subjective beginning.
Clio - history. This is both real phenomenon, and its study.
Talia - Comedy. The therapeutic role of comic psychotherapy.
Melpomene - tragedy. The study of the inherently tragic phenomena, the tragedy of unexplained scientist.
Terpsichore - dance. The study of dance as a sacred psycho-physical phenomena.
Erato - love poetry. The study of love as a special spiritual and material and the unseen-personal phenomena.
Polyhymnia - hymns. The study of sublime-civil effects in art, especially music.
Urania - astronomy. The special role of spirituality in Space and in his special study.
Calypso - epic. The study of socio-historically-scale events.
Everywhere is really happening and really focuses on his study of the interaction of different principles in the basis of their material and spiritual, with the dominance of beginning of spiritual.
Muses come in the Fraternity interacting under the auspices of Aphrodite.
International Program-Competition "Fraternity of Muses "Aphrodite" involves the implementation of various international specific programs and conducting various international competitions for certain types of art, expressing your love in a broad sense and form the love in the broadest sense of their recipients, contributing to the creation of the unseen spiritual support to people that would be practically effective in their lives.

The winners will be awarded with a special medal "Fraternity of the Muses "Aphrodite" with the presentation of a special certificate. The winners will be selected by a competent jury.
For the successful practical implementation of the international Competition Program "Fraternity of  Muses "Aphrodite"" we create a limited liability company (LLC) "Fraternity of Muses "Aphrodite"", headed by its founders: Professor Shanti P. Jayasekara, President of the company, Rector of IUFS, Professor A.N.Iyesuitov, Vice-President, Pro-rector of IUFS,.

To form the management board of LLC "Fraternity of Muses "Aphrodite" consisting of: Shanti P. of Jayasekara (President), A. N. Iyesuitov(Vice-President), B. C. Lukoyanov (Executive Secretary), N. P. Kovalenko,
The management board can be updated and amended.
The rector of IUFS Mahatma Shanti P. Jayasekara



Programme International - Concours "Fraternité Des Muses "Aphrodite""
Depuis 2007, au sein de l'Université Internationale des Etudes Fondamentales (UIEF) "Aréopage International de l'art "Apollo"" existe et fonctionne avec succès en tant que Société de Responsabilité Limitée (SRL),justifiant sa mission

       On voit naitre le besoin urgent et historique de la création de Programme International-Concours "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite"" dans la composition de UIEF, ainsi que l'Aréopage  des Arts "Apollo", en tant que société de responsabilité limitée (SARL).
Selon la mythologie grecque, les Muses guident et consolent les gens, leur donnent un mot apodictique, chantent les lois supérieures de l'être, lient le passé, le présent et l'avenir, règlent l'état du monde et placent en lui l'harmonie. Les muses sont purs de toute violence et de toute volonté. Ils persuadent spirituellement et orientent, lors de cela, elles sont cordialement sensibles et compatissantes, salutairement- impressionnant affectent les hommes. Essentiellement, les activités des Muses sont diriges intérieurement et secretement par Aphrodite, déesse de l'amour.
       De nos jours, l'humanité, tout le monde est sous le puissant pression spirituel, menace permanente de sa disparition:a l'échelle mondiale et régionale. Il est vital, à cet  égard,d'avoir un support spirituel stable, disponible partout et pour tous,en même temps attirante universellement pour tous pour résister à ce mauvais négatif.
Dans ce cas, l'amour globale et universelle peut et doit devenir un veritable appui, comme une attitude particulière de tous à tout et de tous à tout, de leur environnement, de l'attitude indépendante de l'âge et sexe, l'origine ethnique et sociale de l'homme; l'amour exceptant toute violence sur soi-même, et souvent, apparaissant soudain, l'attraction intérieure d'un homme à un autre,une nécessité insurmontable en lui et une énergie constructive d'un genre particulier , renforcée de soin et une attention constante, tendre affection et plaisir supérieur, excitation bienfaisante et calme agréable, contact sensible et agitation profonde, irrépressible attirance et appel silencieux, stimulation et satisfaction. Il y a une raison de dire que le symbole motivant eficace de tout cela dans la mythologie grecque, la déesse, Aphrodite, ayant des fonctions Spatiales et terrestres de l'amour puissante et perçante tout le monde,apaisant l'agression et la violence, renforçant la sagesse et l'ordre raisonnable de la vie, approuvant l'interaction entre les principes différents, provoquant la reprise de l'esprit, qui reçoit les plus divers expressions, y compris la sublime - extatique.
Bien sûr, les différents traits de l'amour peuvent se manifester dans la réalité, dans la mesure ou sous une forme différente.
On sait que les femmes représentent la grande majorité de l'humanité. Leur appel à Aphrodite, comme à son point de repère interne, aidera les femmes à réaliser avec succès ses possibilités inépuisables et les innombrables pour le bien du monde.
Soit les muses, soit Aphrodite sont habituellement disponibles pour la perception de l'homme moderne, ce qu'elles représentent symboliquement et réellement. Ceci est facilité par diverses formes d'art et de l'histoire, comme des phénomènes réels et scientifiques au sens large.
Les muses, à son origine mythologique, filles de Zeus et de  Mnemosyne - déesse de la poésie, des arts et des sciences, c'est l'engendrement des spiritualités supérieurs.
Chacune des Muses a son propre domaine d'activité spirituelle, d'orienter et de remplir de signification particulière.
Chacune des Muses connaît également une certaine sphère de la création artistique, ce qui est organiquement lié avec une certaine sphère de la création scientifique.
On connait neuf Muses grecs, fondamentalement importants pour les femmes et pour les hommes. «Flambez les coeurs et creez par l'amour», - appelait N.Rerikh, grand penseur et humaniste.

Il estimait que c'est une Grande Origine Féminine mène le monde à des hauteurs spirituelles. Un vraie amour est toujours parfait.

Les muses sont la personnification de cette sublime origine magnifique.
Euterpa - poésie lyrique. Dans la science elle peut désigner l'origine subjective d'auteur.
Clio - histoire. C'est un phénomène reel, ainsi que son étude.
Talia- comédie. Le rôle thérapeutique de la psychothérapie comique.
Melpomène - tragédie. Recherche des phénomènes tragiques, la tragédie de pas pouvoir comprendre le savant.
Terpsychore - danse. L'étude de la danse comme un fait sacré psycho-corporel.
Erato - poésie romantique. Recherche de l'amour comme un phénomène spirituel-physique et intime.
Polygemnie- hymnes. L'étude des phénomènes sublimes-civils dans l'art, surtout dans la musique.
Oranie- astronomie. Le rôle spécifique de la spiritualité dans l'Espace et dans son étude spéciale.
Calypso- poésie épique. L'étude socio-historique d'envergure des phénomènes.

Partout les choses se passent et réellement se concentrent sur l'étude de l'interaction entre les différentes origines à la base du physique et spirituel, avec la dominance de l'origine spirituel.
La muse entrent dans la fraternité comme l'interaction sous l'égide d'Aphrodite.

Programme International-Concours "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite"" implique la mise en œuvre des divers instruments internationaux des programmes spécifiques et l'organisation de plusieurs concours internationaux pour les différents types d'art, exprimant l'amour dans le sens le plus large et en formant l'amour dans le sens le plus large aupres de ses bénéficiaires, en aidant à créer des   supports spirituelles chez l'homme, c'est pratiquement efficace pour leur vie.
Les vainqueurs seront récompensés par la médaille de "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite" avec remise du certificat spécial. Les vainqueurs seront elu par les membres du jury.

Afin de réussir la mise en pratique d'un Programme international, un Concours de "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite"" on crée une société de responsabilité limitée (SARL) "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite", dirigée par ses fondateurs:Professeur Shanti P.Jeyasekara, le Président de SARL, Président de UIEF , le professeur A.N. Iyesuitov, vice-président, le prorecteur de UIEF.

Former le conseil d'administration de SARL "Fraternité des Muses "Aphrodite"" dans le cadre: Shanti P. Jeyasekara (président), A. N.Iyesuitov (vice-président), S. S. Lukoyanov (secrétaire exécutifLa composition du conseil d'administration peut être précisée et complétée.
 Mahatma Shanti Jayasekara, président de UIEF.





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