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International University of Fundamental Studies

International Parliament for Safety and Peace 


FOR INVENTION  № 065/33.001


The invention refers to the  Pharmacological Product «VITAMEDIN-M»    

Patenter and Author : Prof. Galtsev Yuri Viktorovich (RU), 

Grand Doctor of Medical Science, Grand PhD, Academician

 Application  № 065/33.001

Invention Priority on July 14,  1997 

 in the International Institute of Intellectual Property under IUFS 

and the International Parliament for Safety and Peace

21 July 2014.

Validity of the International Patent expires on December 31, 2033

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Honey is known to be a wonderful gift of nature. It is born by the sun, flowers and bees. By transforming flower nectar, bees bring biological activity to honey.  The curative power of honey was discovered long time ago and it was recommended for treatment against all the diseases. Centuries-old experience of the use of honey showed the main fields of its therapeutic and preventive effect in traditional medicine. Honey has restorative, tonic, calming and hypnotic effect. It was successfully used for healing wounds, burns, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of liver, biliary tracts, joints and gastrointestinal tract.

People are treated by honey even nowadays. The curative power of honey is now under profound research and the accumulated data, without any exaggeration, allows to add honey to the row of the most effective traditional ways of treatment.

Until now honey didn’t belong to the officially approved remedies, according to Pharmacological Committee. It can be put down to its biological diversity, instability of chemical composition and possible penetration of some hazardous for human organism substances into honey. Because of the evident environmental degradation, today one can hardly find pure natural honey with its unique components.  As a result of a high level of environmental pollution caused by harmful emissions released to the atmosphere from industrial plants and an uncontrolled use of chemicals in agriculture, a lot of toxic elements get into honey made by bees. It considerably reduces its quality, and sometimes even threatens human health.

With the help of scientists from Saint Petersburg it has become possible to develop a technology, which allows to extract only the most biologically active components from honey.  The technology of receipt of this unique biocomplex includes strict control of flower honey obtained from environmentally friendly bee-gardens. The control is conducted not only according to GOST, but also the absence of salts of heavy metals and radionuclides is checked. Honey purification is conducted by the original and patented in Russia way with the use of slow recrystallization with the following incubation, filtering, and sterilization.

For the first time in world practice a pharmacological product «BITAMEDIN-M» has been developed. This is light yellow liquid with a typical smell of honey.

The formula contains only natural components of honey, no preservatives and synthetic additives. First of all, it is easily acquired by organism monosaccharides – glucose and sucrose in biologically active form. The remedy contains biologically active acids: ant, malic, citric, acetic, gluconic, glucuronic and the other vitamins and micro-and-macro-elements, which natural honey consists of. The technology allows to make the remedy free of impurities causing allergic reactions. First of all, it is proteins, ambrosia and polysaccharides. That’s why the testing of the remedy showed the virtual absence of allergens.

Clinical trials of VITAMEDIN-M were carried out in the number of leading research institutes and medical centers in Saint Petersburg by qualified professionals according to all the necessary requirements to safety assessment of pharmacological remedies. The testing didn’t reveal any toxic impact of the remedy on organism and didn’t find any side effects. This fact reveals that this remedy is almost totally safe.

The dosage form of VITAMEDIN-M is developed for intranasal introduction (nasal drops). In this method all the curative effects of honey fully remain, while in oral method under the influence of acid and enzymes of gastric juices they get lost.

The results of testing of VITAMEDIN-M clearly indicate that the remedy has comprehensive therapeutic and preventive effect. It turned out to be that the remedy has antiviral, hepatoprotechtive, restorative, lipid-lowering and antioxidant effect. In other words, VITAMEDIN-M increases body’s resistance to unfavorable factors of environment, including infectious agents.  Such a spectrum of therapeutic effect confidently allows to relate this remedy to adaptogens of natural origin, such as FIBS, aloe, ginseng, elutherococcus, pantocrine. Perhaps, for the first time we managed to develop the remedy with such unusual combination of curative properties.

Of course, VITAMEDITIN-M is not panacea. Such a broad spectrum of therapeutic and preventive effect may seem incredible, but not in vain honey, which has been used for many centuries, is called the elixir of life. The harmlessness of the remedy and virtual absence of contraindications and side effects allow to recommend it both sick and healthy person. Only individual intolerance to the remedy, which may happen, is the cause of rejecting it. 10-15 days of preventive BITAMEDIN-M treatment during spring and autumn gives an opportunity to prepare an organism to fight the infection causing cold-related diseases (flu, ARI, ect.), and to pass it through if you are ill. It is also possible to combine it with any other remedies prescribed by a physician.

The inclusion of VITAMEDIN-M into comprehensive therapy of infectious diseases of different etiologies leads to the raising effectiveness of the treatment because of the reduced duration of disease, gravity of its clinical symptoms, and it also helps to avoid complications. Besides, the use of VITAMEDIN-M significantly reduces side-effects of chemical preparations (antibiotics, sulfanilamides, ect.) on liver. This has been confirmed with data of VITAMEDIN-M’s clinical trial, particularly when it is used for comprehensive treatment of tuberculosis and the remedy’s effectiveness increased by 1, 5%.

The experience of the use of VITAMEDIN-M in ophthalmological practice revealed that the remedy is effective for the treatment of herpetic simplex keratitis, corneal dystrophy, and postsurgical keratopathy. The inclusion of VITAMEDIN-M into comprehensive therapy has clear therapeutic effect, which results in the acceleration of regenerative processes in cornea, circularization, dropsy decrease, reduction of pain syndrome.

Strong anti-herpes effect of VITAMEDIN-M is confirmed experimentally and clinically. We have collected enough clinical material about the successful use of VITAMEDIN-M and crèmes developed on its base (VITELLA, FLEUR ANZIM VITAMEDINonvy) in comprehensive therapy of skin damage and blennosis in case of sexually transmitted diseases (herpes viruses, chlamydial, etc.). Highly qualified specialists of the department of contagious diseases with the courses of laboratory AIDS diagnostics from St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education developed effective scheme of treatment of immunodeficient conditions with the application of the comprehensive therapy VITAMEDIN-M and medical cosmetic crème based on it.

The ability of VITAMEDIN-M to recover the function of liver, reduce lipid content in blood and liver gives an opportunity to recommend this remedy in case of hepatitis and atherosclerosis.

In this way, the use of VITAMEDIN-M opens new perspectives of the usage of honey in its original biologically active drug form not only in folk medicine, but in traditional medicine.

The clinical trials of the perspective remedy are now successfully completed and VITAMEDIN-M is permitted by Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to use in medical practice. The way of its development is protected by patent of the Russian Federation. Medical cosmetic products have necessary certificates of quality.