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Ivan Katkov, postgraduate student, RANEPA (Vernadsky Prospect 82, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119571)

Summary: the article outlines the issue of social-spiritual activities of young civil servants. The author proposes to consider the youth subculture as a significant element of society's culture and as an indicator of its condition and renewal mechanism. The results of the research can be applied to the process of organizational culture design of the civil service.

The author specifies such concepts as socialization, gradual socialization and subculture. The functions of the youth subculture are characterized which provides ground for further functional analysis of this phenomenon.

Keywords: culture, subculture, youth subculture, social institutions

Socio-scientific investigation of youth subcultures started in the mid-60s of the XX century in England (Center of contemporary cultural researches) and in the USA (Sociological University of Chicago) on the stream of studying youth deviation, place and role of youth subcultures in contemporary society culture. Later the scientists began to take youth cultures with a broader meaning differentiating them in accordance with the social activity spheres and social strata. Modern conceptions of scientific cognition more often take them as an important element of society culture.

     With all the richness of its forms and types of culture acts as a regulator of social processes not only in society but also in social institutions, the basis of their stable functioning. One of the types  of current interest is organizational culture. It regulates relations within the organization on the basis of stable norms, rules, principles, positive and negative behavior patterns. Carriers of the organizational culture of public service are the employees themselves, whose moral qualities determine its status and the vector of further development.  





of the Round Table “Noospheric paradigm of the global development of the human society” held by the Moscow Economical Forum on the 20-21st of March of 2013

By A.I.Subetto, Grand PhD, PhD; V.N.Bobkov  , PhD



 “There is no alternative to the noospheric paradigm of the sustainable society development”

1. Necessity to have new vision of the problem of sustainable development of human society

On the 12th of March of 2013 we have marked 150 years since Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, the greatest genius of the XX century, the world-renowned thinker, scholar-encyclopedist was born. The closing exploit of his scientific and philosophical creative life turned to be a teaching of Noosphere.

This date together with our address to the scientific ancestry of V.I.Vernadsky, in particular to his Noosphere teaching as well as problem of contemporary development of Vernadsky’s ideas in the 21st century remind us his prophetic thought: “we are experiencing not just a crisis disturbing weak souls, but the greatest break-over of the human thought, happening only once in a millennium”.   This understanding defines objective necessity and urgent need to develop new vision of the problem of sustainable development of mankind.