B. K. Santosh,  PhD.

Director general, Brahma Kumaris Centre, St. Petersburg

There is a deep connection between my inner world of thoughts, feelings, vision and attitude with my outer physical world, starting with my body. Our thoughts and feeling affect our lifestyles. Our lifestyles affect our performance and our health. Understanding this connection will help us to conquer stress and guide us back to an overall state of health at all levels, i.e. spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

These words by Dadi Janki, a 97 years old (or better to say, 97 years young) chief of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, reflect the basic principles and approaches that the Brahma Kumaris team of “3D Health Care” project have been using for a number of years in the field of prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of premature mortality and disability in both developing and developed nations. CAD is now widely recognized as a lifestyle disease; hence its management should be lifestyle modification. The lifestyle intervention studies in small number of CAD patients have shown that dietary modifications, physical exercise and stress relaxation techniques can curtail progression of coronary blockages and decrease the frequency of angina and heart attacks. Recent investigations have provided convincing evidence that the present prevalent outer self (body, role, material) conscious approach can lead to activation of psychosocial factors like depression, anxiety, anger, hostility, isolation and chronic life stress. These factors can contribute significantly towards development and promotion of CAD by encouraging adoption of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours like smoking, cholesterol-rich diet and sedentary habits.






 Archbishop of Saint-Petersburg аnd Great Novgorod Vladika Ioann (Abramenko),

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Grand-doctor of Medicine in Psychotherapy,

Grand-doctor of Theology in Christian Divinity, professor, academician


Lately modern human civilization has started to think and talk about nature ecology and our environmental habitat. Practically at all stages of his evolution, man has been connected with his environment, actively impacting it. This is why nowadays a place on Earth, that hasn’t been touched by destructive human activity leading to violation of Earth’ global ecosystem balance, is very hard to find. Nowadays we clearly see that our planet is in danger.

Spiritual imperfection pushes people to raise of  consumption and endless chase for profit. As a result there arrive many  dirty cities, tons of pollutions produced by manufacturing companies and plants, dirty water, thin ozon layer, exhaustion of natural resources.

Climate of our planet changes towards global heating and world ocean raise risk.



Many plants and animals have either already disappeared or are on the board of disappearing, human health problems sharpen. Human health is very much affected by heating pollution, noise, vibrations, radiation and especially electromagnetic waves the level of which in cities is from 30 to 70 times higher than natural. All of that together negatively impacts brain cell activity.

Human heart and blood system, immune system, nerve system, endocrine and sexual systems get the strongest negative impact from medicine that is used during decease treatment, especially highly toxic medicine that has multiple contraindications. As a result many young people die from cancer, heart attack, strokes and other terrible and sometimes incurable deceases.

It is only the beginning of impact to future generations and their destiny. Nowadays we sadly see how evolution of civilization ruins basis of human live along with basis of animal and plant life of out Planet. Human ego is the reason of all his troubles. Modern human must understand, that negative impact to the Planet is closely connected with his own sorrow, ecological problems and  even puts at risk his own existence.




The Reality Of Miracles In A Scientific World

"Live With Joy And Gratitude And Pray By Saying Thank you"

 By Patriarch Prof. Chief Alewxander Swift Eagle , D.D, J.D., Grand PhD, Theologian


This year I will be seventy years old.  Some have said that hindsight, looking back, is 20/20 or perfect vision.


My young life during the late 1940s and 50s was spent in ignorant poverty.  We were poor but I did not know it.  Our home was in a poor section of East Los Angeles.  Three generations lived in a small house with my grandparents.


We had fifty or sixty chickens in our backyard chicken coop.  The coop was built around a large purple fig tree.  We always had fresh eggs and chicken to eat at least several times each week.  Fig preserves were available all year around.  My grandmother was a marvelous cook.  Our food was basic and poor but there was plenty of it so we never went hungry.