Professor. Mohamed Salah Humaida

The integrated management systems which includes the occupational health and safety management, the environmental management, and the quality management, It combines all units of the organization’s systems with their items, standards and results into a unified smart system.

This merger allows the collection of institutions and companies to simplify the management of money and time to increase the number of details of the process of removing all elements of administrative systems.

It was approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid The ruler of Dubai may God preserve him. The experience of facial imprinting in some special services has begun from the fee for personal identification instead of submitting a lot of papers to verify official and personal data, an experiment led by the Ministry of Interior headed by His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan God bless him, and after the success of the experiment, God willing, it will be circulated  to facilitate the life of dealers.

Indeed, our society needs to facilitate individualism and compete with the forces of innovation to solve most of our society’s matters related to work, directing and uplifting the culture of the community, rules and roles through organizing work management.

The purpose of this merger is to accelerate procedures, streamlining, and continuous development to push the wheels of action, and reduce time and cost by unifying one auditor for a single management in the direction of each department’s auditor and in the location of the institution. Saving time and money at the same time, thus giving more time to middle and upper management to provide necessities and develop services and performance to ensure better quality opportunities, more efficient environment, and most improvements in healthcare services.

And in the sports field, the merger in sports clubs will contribute among quality, environment and occupational health and safety management in adding more power to focus the quality of public service, measure the modernization of the supervisory management systems to evaluate the performance and processes of the work practice and integrate them into a unified digital system.

In conclusion, we point out that the integration of the integrated administrative system with the quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management processes into a unified digital system reduces the waste of money and time as well as with advance preparation of processes and procedures will help delivering better services to the public, and make work more efficient and streamlined.

And you are safe.


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