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Valentina  Bondarenko (Chandira)

Koktebel – Saint Petersburg – Moscow


(Department of Transpersonal Psychology and Pedagogics, International University of Fundamental Studies – IUFS)


Maximilian  Voloshin (1877—1932) is famous as a poet, artist, critic, fine art expert and a traveler  – he distinguished himself in many fields. And in each of them there were possibly more talented, more skillful and more learned people. But for some reasons it was Maximilian Voloshin who became a center attracting plenty of people up to now. Voloshin established in the Crimea, in Koktebel, a mysterious center, which has been attracting the Сream of Russian and European culture for more than 100 years. And not only of culture… Year by year the spiritual aura of that place preserved in his House and the entire Koktebel valley has becoming more discernable.  It means that there was something   in Maximilian Alexandrovich himself that became the center of attraction.

This “something” can be called ”esoterics” in its initial,  true meaning. “Eso” means inner, secret, and “terra” means land, territory. So, “esoteric” is inner territory, inner space, which in case with Max Voloshin was huge, utterly cosmic.  Any religion, any faith, any mуstic or occult community has its external (exoteric) manifestation, some visible form, something available for  those from the outside. Such forms are characterized by terminology, rituals, and practices, which are conditioned by the epoch, language, culture, founder’s or leader’s personality, etc. But what is hidden under this cover, what constitutes its inner, secret (esoteric) content is usually inaccessible for strangers. This is a territory, which can be accessed only after passing certain inner growth and development stages.  And while we see the externals with our eyes, and hear them with our ears, the internals can be only experienced and felt.

One can come in touch with another one only having the respective inner experience. We often don’t and cannot know what tools were used by a person in his inner workshop. But basing on the results of his life we can assume that such tools did exist and were used. An intense spiritual search results in a particular spiritual practice. And this can’t but impacts the entire life of the person, leaving invisible, but clear imprint. This imprint can manifest gradually, like an image on developing paper, making the contours of such a life more clear for the mankind.

Max Voloshin is one of such figures, the power and importance of which are growing with time. He lived as a true esoteric, investigating and extending his inner space and his inner territory. It is his inner light that has been lighting and consecrating his Koktebel house – the Poet’s house – for more than 100 years.

Let’s consider his manifestation as an esoteric.

At the non-verbal level it was manifested through his painting. He worked a lot as a painter, but hardly ever painted from nature. Many times, after walking around the Koktebel valley, Karadag and the adjacent mountains, he was back home and worked in his famous Workshop built as an adjacent accommodation in 1913.

He brought the images and colors of the outside world to himself, his inner world, where he filled them with light, sensations, vision, and understanding of the inner space, and then reproduced the landscapes, he had seen with his another,  stranger’s sight,  in his water-colour paintings. And he painted what originated from that inner Cosmos, the images of another, ethereal reality. His water-color paintings are actually panoramas of the Earth, imparted to the people from the Subtle World, to the insiders with subtle reality vision.

At the verbal level it is his poems. If you read them carefully, you will see that absolutely everything is described as reflection of the Subtle Reality. He developed the etiological layer manifested through the inner world of the insider. His view of History is the view of a giant living and creating in another time scale, in another space inaccessible for common people. He sees the whole, knowing and understanding the particulars of Earth and Man creation at the same time. Almost mathematical precision, some distance and algidity of perception with inmost involvement in the conscious co-creation – this is the way Max expresses himself in poetry. This is the way the sum of things can be seen, on the one hand, by a man, with a deep esoteric vision and knowledge, and on the other hand, by a truly educated man, having absorbed all the preceding culture and memory of the mankind. His poems are full of the hum of creation, overlapped, like tuning-fork sounds, by the sound of cosmic spheres, and only then visible poems images expressed by the words can be perceived.

His water-color paintings accompanied by the lines of his poems are a unique way to show the integrity and indivisibility of the processes taking place in the Subtle Spaces.

At the physical level he created the space of his House, having built it like a projection of his soul, and letting in this space those who obtained subtle nourishment for creation there. As a host he was unbelievably generous, often giving to this guests time and strength he needed himself. Max designed, built and maintained his house on his own, like a host. This house was both his cross, and his gift to the human. The inner space of the house is much bigger than its visible part that is evident from the following lines: “Here at night historians, poets, and theologists are talking to me…” It’s not poetical fancies, but esoteric’s reality, the way Voloshin expressed himself not only in poetry and art, but in life.

At the social level he entered into such relations with people, in which man is more important than ideology. For Max all people are brothers, the sons of the single Mother Earth and the single Creator. With each moment of his being he showed the unity, the relations among   human beings like those among the cells of the entire body of the mankind. That is why he managed to get on well with different people, to find a way out in most complicated social and political situations. In his famous poem “Poet’s House” he wrote: “I’ve done all I could not to let my brothers kill each other”. He shouldered the heavy burden of a peacemaker at the time when Europe first, and then Russia split in implacable enemy camps. He realized the unity where others saw only fight and split. He was one of the few who understood that this was the way of shaping a new world.

The figure of Voloshin as esoteric acquires a larger scale as the human is starting mastering and realizing the ideas evident for Max    even at that time. That is why the Poet’s House, Koktebel, and the entire space created by Voloshin and preserved by the House become the Mecca not only for the people of culture, science, art, but for esoterics of the entire Earth, which is evidenced by various international conferences and festivals of esoteric schools in Koktebel. This is the place of germination for everything Max planted as the seeds of the future Knowledge, with all this life fused with Koktebel.

And, finally, at the Spirit, the Cosmos level he inset himself to the Koktebel valley, he spread himself to the entire Cimmeria surrounding Koktebel –  the Cimmeria of Voloshin… And he stayed here as the Spirit and the Keeper of the place and the knowledge kept here by the Earth.  His interrelation with the natural spirits, with nature itself, and with the land was such that they listened to him and obeyed him. That is why his house was always protected and saved not only by people, but the invisible keepers, often  in spite of the effort of those trying to  bring both the house and its host to ruin. And that is why Maria Stepanovna Voloshina, the poet’s widow, wrote in her memoirs that she always felt Max’s presence in the situations, which seemed absolutely desperate and hopeless.

With all his life Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin expressed himself as a true esoteric, as a man whose inner world, whose inner space was not only as great as the outer world, but much bigger. And this inner world is the origin of the outer one, which is so clearly seen from his poem “Apprentice”:


«Когда же ты поймешь,

Что ты не сын Земле,

Но путник во Вселенной,

Что солнца и созвездья возникали,

И гибли внутри тебя,

Что всюду – и в тварях, и в вещах –


Томится Божественное Слово,

Их к бытию призвавшее,

Что ты освободитель божественных имен,

Пришедший изназвать всех духов, узников, увязших в веществе,


Когда поймешь ты, что человек рожден,

Чтоб выплавить из мира

Необходимости и Разума

Вселенную Свободы и Любви –

Тогда лишь ты станешь Мастером»

“When will you realize

That you aren’t son of Earth,

But wanderer in the Universe,

That sons and constellations were born,

And died inside you,

That in everything – in living creatures and in things –

The Word of God exists,

Which has exhorted them to be,

That you are a liberator of superhuman names,

The one who came to name the spirits, prisoners and those who are bogged down in thingism,

When you understand that a Man is born


To make out of the world

Of Need and Mind

The Universe of Liberty and Love –

Indeed, you’ll be a Master then”


Entering the inner reality via spiritual practices, esoterics actually find themselves in the united inner territory where any terminological disputes and disagreements make no sense. Everyone who gets to this space feels as if he is a small part of the great Whole, and feels the interrelation of everything. Only having the experience of living in this inner world, invisible for common people, a person becomes a real esoteric. And then all his outer life becomes the reflection of this true reality of the Subtle World. The figures of true esoteric often laughed at and unvalued during their lives gradually grow and become clearer for the future generations.

Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin certainly pertains to one of the highest peaks of human spirit, the scale of which is becoming apparent only now, in the begging of the ХХI century. We are just starting to use the energy of the new Epoch, the coming of which was prepared by the entire life of the great  prophet and visionist Max Voloshin. His house, which has survived all troubled years of the ХХ century, for more than a century lives as a pearl of the Koktebel valley. The House has preserved the sacrament, and the mystery M.A. Voloshin created and maintained with all his life. And as a sign of recognition of his mission, Max’s profile on the steepy slope of Karadag facing the sea is clearly seen from the window of his workshop.




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V. G. Bondarenko (Chandira)
Grand Doctor of Philosophy,
IUFS Professor,

Trahkternberg G. , professor, Grand PhD

Metahistory as part of a scientific paradigm of the New Age

Global challenges encountered by the humanity in the beginning of the third millennium, require a revision of prevailing in the recent past, but clearly outdated views on the causes and driving forces of human history. In response to these challenges is born a new scientific paradigm, new approaches and new directions are created in science, for example, transpersonal psychology . One of these new directions is metahistory.
Metahistory is the doctrine of the course and meaning of the historical process , its driving forces and future outcomes and represents «…the principle of understanding of the things and phenomena in their historical development in organic connection with the conditions by which they are generated.. Metahistory suggests an approach to the research, when we take into account not only the visible prerequisites for the circumstances , but also their esoteric underlying reason».( http://www.waylove.ru/a3933). The term introduced by analogy with the word ‘metaphysics’ (from the Greek meta – outside , afterwards) . Metaphysics is a philosophical doctrine of the super-sensible , ie, inaccessible to the physical experienc , the principles of life.
The scientific paradigm – (from Greek  παράδειγμα, «example, model») is a set of fundamental scientific facilities , representations and terms that are accepted and shared by the scientific community and uniting the majority of its members. (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/). According to the American historian and philosopher Kuhn (1922 – 1996) , the development of science is an abrupt revolutionary process , the essence of which is also reflected in a paradigm shift (see “ Structure of Scientific Revolutions “ in 1962 .).
Change of scientific concepts is one of the most pressing issues of modern science , and the change the whole paradigm of development is an urgent need not only to the scientific community of a country , but also to humanity as a whole . The history of mankind – is the story of a regular paradigm shift.
In the twentieth century the paradigm of human development was viewed from the perspective of the concepts of the omnipotence of science, technological progress, exclusiveness and superiority of force. The aim of the development was declared as the satisfaction of the ever-increasing human needs. Modern science caused the scientific and technological revolution and became in the XIX-XX centuries a productive force that started an analytic dismembering of a coherent picture of the world. This carries the risk of distorting the real picture of the world, departing from the view of nature as a whole, since in a separate study, the fragment is not fully taken into account with its relationship with the environment.
In the XXI century humanity has entered the global crisis throughout the planetary system. This systemic crisis affects all aspects of human activity and all countries . In the past, a way out of these crises was in finding a new understanding of the world order , in the formation of a new scientific paradigm on tha basis of which we could create new technologies and new social relations that enable humanity not only to overcome the crisis , but also to rise to a new stage of evolutionary development .
The new scientific paradigm of the twenty-first century based on the idea of synthesis, on the idea of a transition from duality to unity , when the principle of “ either – or “ is replaced by the principle of “ both – and” , allowing to solve , seemingly irreconcilable contradictions . This paradigm shift concerns all aspects of the life of humanity on the planet Earth. This transition to a new paradigm will allow the consciousness free itself from the shackles of good lessons errors , see the World for what it Really is, and realize the unity of the World .
At present, science has faced a number of challenges, that it can not explore and explain on the basis of the currently existing scientific paradigms.. The most advanced representatives of the academic community are beginning to understand the need to combine the methods of academic knowledge (science experiment, observation) with the possibilities of non-scientific methods of research. Non-scientific knowledge is a kind of scientific activity, during which the researchers uses not only methods and means permitted by the current at the moment the scientific paradigm, but also its prohibited features to obtain new information. http://evolution21.ru/scientific_paradigm. Non-scientific knowledge tends to explore the world in all accessible to the humanity ways.
Today, the scientific picture of the world is changing rapidly. Interdisciplinary synthesis of sciences achieves the greatest efficacy in studies. The integration of different approaches and methods in research work extends the possibility of obtaining new knowledge. Throughout the world, a greater interest(including scientific interrest) is shown to the universal knowledge of the Science of the Ageless Wisdom, transmitted to mankind by the great minds for thousands of years of history. This knowledge forms the basis of all true religions, philosophies and ethics.
The change of the scientific paradigm that is happening now is due to the change of cosmic eras, during which happen the stronomical events that trigger dramatic energy and environmental changes on our planet. We live in the the time foretold by great prophets when end the agreed together several cycles of development: universal, galactic, solar, earthly, human. This short period of time, which is currently experiencing our planet is called in the literature the Great Shift and is marked by events of great magnitude and importance.
The basis of the existence of humanity and the universe is the Cosmic law of cyclic manifestation, which is expressed in terms of the occurrence of specific cosmoplanet Ages . The most famous of them is the one influencing people’s consciousness – the Great Cosmic Cycle , or Precession of Axis , that is performed approximately every 26,000 years . Derived from it are 12 recurrent Ages , each lasting a little more than 2000 terrestrial years and accompanied by one of the seven rays ( rays of seven – the seven great cosmic Energy qualities ) . Each ray embodies the idea . Rays form the model or type of the world , which are the planetary forms and thus confer evolutionary processes of internal capacity .
At the present time there is a change of the Piscean age ( 6 th ray ) for the Aquarian Age (7th ray) .
« The influence of the sixth ray served to attract people’s minds to the ideal , for example , sacrifice or service. … The seventh ray will carry out things foreseen and the ideals of the previous cycle of the sixth ray activity. One ray prepares the way to another …» And further «…the whole history is a series of consequences of those impacts that energy or radiation (in other words , the rays ) exerted on the humanity in its diverse stages of evolutionary development. They englobe all the stages of development from primitive humanity to our modern civilization ; everything that occurs is the result of cyclical effects of energy on the environment and the part of it which we call the human kingdom» (А.А.Bayley, 3. 4).
The metaphysical or otherwise transphysical (trans – through, for) structure of our planet was for the first time described by the Russian poet and visionary Daniel Andreev (1906-1959) in the main work of his life – the book “Rose of the World.” Using meta-historical method of understanding and creating metahistorical terminology, which is now being developed by those who continue to study meta-history of our planet, Daniel Andreev described elsemesurable and elsematerial reality that is inextricably linked with the flesh of earth’s history and its meaning. His metahistory is the study of the course and meaning of the historical process, its driving forces and its future results.
The research of metahistorical process is, on the one hand, subjective, as it implies not only the knowledge of the ordinary hisstory, but also the use of transpersonal methods of learning and depends on the qualities of the researcher. On the other hand, the process is objective, as based on the known cosmic laws, cycles and rhythms that do not depend on the subjective interpretations and understandings. These two ways of cognition do not argue, but complement each other, giving a much more complete and accurate picture of the historical process than when using only one of them.
Thus the subject of metahistory combines two ways of acquiring knowledge: the analytical rational (academic scientific methods) and synthetic intuitive (transpersonal techniques), as well as two kinds of knowledge: knowledge of modern academic research and space Knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom. Therefore, metahistory is a part of a new scientific paradigm that allows to include in the scientific sphere the knowledge and techniques that were not yet adopted by a materialist science. As a result, it becomes possible to shift to a more holistic view of the history of our planet and to expand the range of possibilities of its study and reflection.


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Dr. Podshibihin S.P., PhD
An innovative synthesis of applied combat sports and a unique means of man’s harmonious development and interpersonal communication in modern society

Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen, participants of the World Scientific Congress!
I present to you a new combat sport created by me, “Fights On The Line”, and suggest you watching a short video.
(Video demonstration.)
Dear colleagues,
We are living in the time of intense geopolitical events taking place on our planet, in the age of rapid development of informational technologies. We physically feel that with every new year, time accelerates its pace, and in this swift flow, the simple human communication, so much needed for us, is imperceptibly vanishing. With computer technologies and robotics penetrating in all spheres of our life, the man’s need for physical culture and sports is sharply decreasing.
My idea of “Fights On The Line” is as follows:
firstly, to unite people of various age, sex, social status, nationality, and religion through an innovative sport;
secondly, to form in them a necessity for the systematic practice of physical culture and sports in order to preserve their health;
thirdly, to attract as many people of different generations as possible to common competitive activity on any level, in order to develop a wide communicative field between them;
fourthly, to help teachers of any systems and levels cultivate in students a positive, emotional attitude towards physical culture and sports through a new kind of safe combat sport, to form in them a stable wish to make the real volitional effort for their physical improvement.

This combat sport meets several important requirements:
– any person interested, of both sexes, can take part in the competition, including those who do not have any previous training in other combat sports;
– during “contact fights”, the possibility of even insignificant injuries is minimized;
– the rules of refereeing are simple and clear for all participants and the spectators;
– the referee training is simple and accessible.

The essence of “Fights On The Line” is the following: the sportsman stands on one line with the opponent at the distance of a bent arm, trying to make him lose his balance and go off the line or touch the competition field by any third part of his body. The fight lasts for one minute. The winner is the one who gets more points. During the fight, the opponents impact each other’s body and limbs (from the shoulder line down to the ankles) with their hands by pushing and pressing.
With my many years’ experience in applied martial arts, I have changed the conditions of performing combative exercises and introduced my own original rules:
– now the opponents stand on one straight line without moving along it;
– punching, kicking, holding, and grasping are prohibited.
These changes allowed to transfer “Fights On The Line” from specific-applied combat training to the category of generally accessible and competitive sports.
I have made an application to register an international patent for this invention.

The experience of holding competitions among students of an institute in St. Petersburg has shown that the new sport is accessible and interesting. From their own practice, all participants of the competitions make sure that anyone can be the winner here, irrespective of their physical condition and experience in any other sport, and this always raises the participants’ level of self-esteem.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this innovative sport gives representatives of various styles and schools of combat sports a unique possibility to meet and to check, during fights between each other, their combative skills without any harm for themselves and their opponents.
The positive emotions the sportsmen and the spectators get, make them feel an urge to take part in the competition over and over again. An evidence for this is the fact that during three years of holding the “Fights On The Line” competitions, the number of participants has increased more than four times.
If we consider “Fights On The Line” from the viewpoint of developing special qualities required in various sports (not only those associated with combat), this kind of training contributes to effective, accelerated and complex development of such qualities as psychological firmness in stress situations, momentary concentration and orientation in an extreme situation, rapidity of reaction to the opponent’s actions, quick-wittedness, explosive speed, agility, balance etc.
I would like to say in conclusion that this innovative sport is able to give an extra impulse to development of communicative connection between people of different countries, to contribute to their joining and mutual understanding, give them access to a healthy lifestyle, afford them the joy of communication, good mood, and just to charge them with the energy of youth for many years.
Thank you for your attention.


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Prof. Tatiana Bresso, Professor of “philosophy and psychology” of the Moscow State Engineering University

The report focuses on the transformation of negative emotions that affect the body destructively in a positive resource using techniques of psychotherapy. Using resource psychotherapy we get a real opportunity to retain and quickly change the negative emotions which suppress the human psyche for a long time and affect human health and to give the opportunity to change them to the positive. The benefits of psychotherapy techniques resource can be identified when working with different categories of people with disorders of emotional sphere.

We all experience emotions. They accompany us in different situations. The accelerated pace of life demand much to a person, the massive amounts of information, natural disasters, changes in the age-old foundations of family life provokes increasing stressors.
Modern psychology is actively developing in the direction to minimize the impact of stress on the human psyche. In response to an inquiry of the society a new direction such as resource psychology and psychotherapy are produced. Along with the different areas of psychotherapy, psychotherapy resources as carefully as possible influences on the human psyche transforming negative emotions into positive and allowing more broadly holistic, multi-faceted look at human nature. The deterioration of the environment (the envirnmental degradation), a high concentration of people in metropolitan areas are not conducive to harmonious human existence and generates a need for the identification and development of its resources.
The urgency of the resource method of therapy is that it fully replies for the social inquiry need to find ways to preserve the integrity, human health, to increase resistance to stress, adaptive capacity, mechanisms condominium with pathogenic emotions.
The author of the method and the idea of using internal human resources (instinct) in the psychotherapeutic process is a Doctor of Psychology, Professor Kovalenko NP
At present, the idea of psychotherapy is developed as a resource independent method with the original diagnostic methods, correction and rehabilitation, as a tool in dealing with crisis situations working with pregnant women and adolescents. Using the methods and techniques of resource psychotherapy can transform the psychosomatic complex of negative emotions into positive emotions in a short time.
Securing the experience gained from the use of methods of resource psychotherapy leads to the accumulation of emotions of joy, which in turn leads to a more harmonious existence in a state of tranquility, working capacity and health. This direction of therapeutic activity has been successfully used in clinical and private practice by the followers of the method (doctors, psychologists, social workers), but in order to increase efficiency the method probably requires further clarification of its principles, more detailed study of methods to be used in work with different contingent (not only pregnant women). This method is recommended for using in children’s and educational institutions with the child and clinical psychologists.
The person experiences negative emotions – it is a natural reaction to stimuli that are perceived negatively by this person. However, human life is impossible without them, in low doses they form experience resistance to stress, mobilize, increase defenses (for example, aggression) as well as pouring of cold water is a hardening of the body, eating food in acceptable doses is food for the organism. But what will happen if these doses are multiplied?
Anger, rage, indignation, envy in small amounts are natural and valid for the human psyche, but in large quantities, these feelings inhibit the nervous system, the person feels bad, not only emotionally but the physiology is being suffered too. We’re talking about psychosomatics gained traumatic experience, causing overvoltage, functional failure, dysfunction. In scientific literature it is defined as clamps, blocks voltage.
Resource approach proposes to consider the situation associated with trauma to the psyche, from a slightly different angle. It is known that in nature sticks with only one end never exist. If we try to projected this statement on the task, it can be assumed that at the other end of the destructive emotions there is something positive with the same amount of energy and experience emotions.
Any emotion is a manifestation of the internal energy of the body, which has no polarity. Our world is dual (that means the top and the the bottom, day and night, man and womann). Perhaps the assumption that the power of negative emotions experienced by a person is the power of the other emotions that a person could experience in the application of techniques of psychotherapy resource, which aims at transforming the emotions. For example, if a person is experiencing anger then it is likely that the power of anger can be taken in the polar emotions (happiness, acceptance). Resource psychotherapy allows very well to translate destructive emotion into creative one, transform anger into its opposite emotion.
Carroll Izard states in his work”Human Emotions” — “it is harmful and pointless to be angry … if there is a long accumulation of anger and irritation, while the dam collapses the effect is devastating,” [1].
Resource approach helps a person to feel the balance in the experience of certain emotions, helps to track the precise point at which negative emotion begins to oppress and lead to the destruction of not only the mind but also the human physiology. There may be an example which can show the impact of the resource of art therapy which very gently helps to translate negative into positive by using existing human capacity for creative expression. When using the technique of the art therapy a person represents that what he is concerned about,without appreciating his creative abilities. This makes it possible to use this technique when working with any contingent.
Keeping track of negative emotion, its brightness, physiological manifestations in the body filled with energy the resource psychotherapy techniques allow us to study this emotion and translate it into the opposite sound with almost the same intensity. This way the balance of psychic life is restored, the law of harmony which is essential for a person is approved. (2)
The human brain represents its own personality through the program of action sequences (the lower area premotor cortex), physical perceptions (lower parietal area of the cortex) and emotional sensations (anterior cingulate and amygdala) . While translating negative emotions into positive ones we activate the brain areas that are responsible for the feeling of pleasure, security, creativity we allow the mind to recover.
Based on the theory of Maslow, the concept of instincts of VI Garbuzov, the theory of psychic dominants of AA Ukhtomskii the resource approach assumes special vision begining mechanisms of adaptation, motivation and behavior of human activity takes instinctive sphere as a resource subconscious zone unlike other theoretical models.
Instinct in this case is a dynamic force of the deep consciousness that runs all kinds of psychosomatic life. This dynamic force is a basic resource that can be developed for each person in a special way, depending on the genetic patterns of the subconscious memory (superseded in the early stages of development), education and training strategies. This instinctive dynamic force we sometimes call human life force, which manifests itself as spiritual power, immunity, intelligence, creativity, and leadership. [5].
Resources are instincts given to us at birth, ie, potential abilities. It depends on a person if he can and wants to use them. Methods of resource psychotherapy enable people to understand and use their inner potential in life. (3)
Thus, to sum up, we can say that the identification of the dominant or passive instinct (resource) as innate ability or inability is an urgent task facing the resource psychotherapy. Initially instinct as a resource, as the innate ability to survive and adapt as the human species is laid in man, but it is activated differently in different people and sometimes it is even in a latent state. Any person can activate and maximally use it if the person is attentive to this area of his life with the help of a resource trainer, psychologist, psychotherapist as well as independently having mastered the art of psychotherapy resource.
Resource psychology reveals the unconscious abilities of a man most correctly touches the client’s painful topics, optimally quickly transforms negative emotions into positive which makes features such as:
1. SAVE EXIT from crisis situations;
2. The successful development of the personality;
3. The development of creative possibilities of pearson;
4. Social activity with preservation of mental resistance to stress;
5. Identify leadership qualities and using them maximaly.

The problem is that people sometimes do not even know their capabilities, do not use their personal, psychological resources in dealing with life’s challenges. Often a person is accustomed to the idea of the impossibility of living without stress, nervousness, inability to live in a healthy body and it is impossible to solve the problem himself. Productive use of its resources leads to a harmonious existence in society and with himself.

1. K. Izard Emotions cheloveka.- M .; Direct Media, 2008. – 954 p.
2. Kovalenko – Madzhuga NP Perinatal Psychology: medical and social problems. Psychoprophylaxis psycho-correction and women during pregnancy. – SPb .; Publishing house “Petropolis”, 2010. – 316 p.
3. Kovalenko NP Resource Training. – JV .; Petropolis, 2014. – 20 s.


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SpinFly – «Spin» – in translation from English – means whirling/rotation, «Fly» – flight. SpinFly – is a complex educational technology and a comprehensive practice for women which includes the training in vocal and dancing SpinFly yoga (the art of a sacred dance and chakra singing while spinning), SpinFly practices of healing and rejuvenation, aromatherapy, SpinFly-cooking (the art of sacred cooking with certain intentions), energy-stylistics and energy-coloristics, the art of control of the home space energy flow, methods to realize one’s purpose and to create one’s Life-Work, creation of the Star pair union.

The basis of the SpinFly practice is spinning. The secret of spinning, to be more exact of stability while spinning, is extremely simple: energy (or our attention) should be concentrated in the centre of the stomach and in the legs. The SpinFly core idea can be expressed by the following formula: we firmly stand on the ground, open our heart, let energy flows into our heart, dance and sing together with them and let energy back into the Universe…

The Effectiveness of the Method: according to the results of the social research about 90% of the modern women follow the male pattern. The contemporary society and the system of upbringing from the early years implant in the girl the will to success, self-fulfillment, bring her up to be strong, ambitious, to earn money on her own, to reach goals and face hardships. However this system lacks one more important thing: knowledge of the women’s nature which is lost due to a number of reasons (including because of a number of wars in the XX and XXI centuries when the majority of the male population were exterminated and women had to take male functions upon themselves). But generally speaking the woman won’t be satisfied till she fulfills her women’s nature of the domestic goddess; her talents, capabilities, knowledge. When women not simply reach great and significant results but do it with pleasure and in accordance with their nature, they come to the state of happiness and harmony with themselves and the environment. In the state of a stream of love and harmony the woman gives this energy to her family and people around, harmonizing and saturating the energy of all around. The Aim of the SpinFly Method:

1.To teach women to restore their mental unity and energetic potential with the dominating energy of love.

  1. To teach women the technology to reveal their women’s nature and achieve their goal in life, to control events and results in real life.

The main goal: to reveal the state of the Women’s Multifacetedness and to learn to manage life events.

The Novelty of the Method.

The method is based on the integration of ancient knowledge (the traditions of the Sufi spinning, yoga and dance with the use of sacred geometry) with the modern achievements in the field of information and energy processes, including with the energy of home space (cooking, aromatherapy) as well as with the coaching technologies and transformation techniques of personal and spiritual growth.

For the first time the women’s practice is introduced which encompasses chakra singing, sacred dancing during the continuous spinning on the one hand and a step by step system of changing of the quality of life in terms of health, beauty, self-fulfillment, the favorite activity, loving relationships, home space management on the other. For the first time the system of the seven Goddesses of Women’s Perfection is introduced during cooking, energetic image creation, energetic home space, aromatherapy, healing practices, chakra singing, sacred dancing, spinning, creation of the favorite activity and Star pair relations.

For the first time the method initiates the universal instrument of the SpinFly Matrix that helps realize how energetic processes in the women’s body are connected with the changes in life.

The SpinFly method is an instrument for women’s spiritual and personal development and for their professional education. After finishing the program and certification passing the participant can become a coach of the SpinFly practice.

The Description of the Method.

According to the references of the people practicing SpinFly the process of the gradual spinning anticlockwise (and further clockwise), multilevel breath, drawing with hands sacred geometrical figures and singing sacred sounds through each chakra in the beforehand aromatized room (special fragrances and aromatic oils create a special supporting medium for practicing) – gradually reveal and harmonize the flows of energy of each chakra. Male and female energies get harmonized. Level by level (at first: from bottom to top and then from top to bottom) the spiral of human’s energetic structure is lined up. The chakras at first one by one and then together transform into the brightly shining flow of energy and are capable to create the space of the purest light and love vibrations inside the woman and as a result – around her.

The spirals of light and love of all the levels and flows get synchronized increasing the movement of energy mani-fold. In this stream the soul and heart of the people who practice and those near them open. Namely that is why the cases are common when people watching the practice cry and even get healed (and can’t explain it in a rational way).

The unique feature of the method is the simultaneous doing within a time unit of several various activities: spinning, singing, arm dancing, working with subjects (fans, shawls, wings), multilevel breath, movement in the space along the sacred figures. Moreover, cooperation with a partner or a group is of special importance. The sacred sounds and mantras are used during chakra singing. Their singing harmonizes the chakras and heals the body and soul. A color combination of seven chakras is used in the choice of energetic clothes, food, decorations, and fragrances. The following things support the practice: long top-shaped skirts/dresses, constant drinking of water with lemon during the practice and during the day, the right nutrition regime in congruence with the SpinFly-cooking, energetic clothes and hair style, energetic decorations, balanced space of home energy of the practice doer.

The Instruments of the method.


  1. Spiral structure.
  2. Seven woman archetypes (Woman the Strength of Nature, Woman the Pleasure, Woman the Star, Woman the Love, Woman the Muse, Woman the Priestess, Woman the Goddess).
  3. Two types of energetic vibrations which the author characterizes as follows:
  4. – female energy pole (the female principle, the stream of female).
  5. – male energy pole (the male principle, the stream of female).
  6. Specific breath types.
  7. Spinning clockwise and anticlockwise.
  8. Sacred sounds and the texts of ancient mantras.
  9. Work with fourteen energy flows: flows of energy of the main Elements, directions of the World, ethers, flow of intuition and knowledge, the space of the unconscious, the flow of the mission, the flow of high vibrations and cosmic energies.
  • The author texts for co-balance.


Essential oils, aromatic sticks, perfume – for the opening of the 7 chakras as well as products of seven color providing energy.

The core idea of the SpinFly Method.

The core of the method is to master the seven female archetypes (to teach to work with the Goddesses of the Female Perfection) and to transform life in accordance with the principle of the Three circles of reality.


In the inner world of each woman there exist as minimum seven Goddesses of the female perfection. They are the states after getting into which the woman may receive energetic and information volume about her nature and essence. The work with the states of the Goddesses gives the woman tremendous experience of self-research and that of her nature from different sides. At a certain moment the woman may get into the state of one of them and transmit energy through this state – then in her real life certain regular events take place. Each of the Goddesses influences a definite range of results in the main fields represented in the SpinFly matrix: inner state, health and youth, beauty, loving relationships, work, home space, food. On the other hand it’s possible to ask the Goddesses for help, advice and support, like guardian-angels.

The Results of the SpinFly methods application

The empirical observation showed that in the process of the practical training women:

– improve their physical health:

  • improve their psychological state

– enhance the level of consciousness

  • improve their material and financial well-being
  • learn to cook energetically useful and tasteful dishes, what brings about family unity
  • improve relations with close and dear people

– get confidence in their own strength I can do a lot

– get an opportunity to hear themselves better, realize their way and true purpose in life, to accept important strategic decisions

– become more beautiful

  • transfer to healthy nutrition, become more active

–  become prize winners of the international dancing competitions

– take an active part in the social life of the city and the country

– if they like, get the profession of the coach of the SpinFly dancing-practice


In the conclusion it’s necessary to admit that the SpinFly author’s method and educational technology has a diverse influence on the physical, personal and spiritual development of women. As the experience shows this method is of interest to women of different age groups, nationalities, social positions. It’s simple for understanding and recognition. The majority of the women practicing the SpinFly method use the acquired knowledge in the upbringing of their daughters. Little girls perfectly understand this educational method through play. Thus it’s possible to apply this method generally to revive the traditions of the female upbringing.

The program is healing, rejuvenescent, taking care of health, developing, educational for women of any age. It can be used both for the upbringing of girls from the age of 5 and for the support in the personal and spiritual development of teenage girls, young girls, women and the elderly. The method can be recommended as a rehabilitation technology for orphans, women with various illnesses, wayward teenagers, women in stressful situations and continuous depression.


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