SUISAI – Program for Master and Doctoral degree qualification.


Annotation. The article is devoted to a new interpretation of human nature, consciousness and subconsciousness from the position of the digital science of psychology “SUISAI”, which is a part of RajaYoga, dedicated to the study of emotional intelligence and human consciousness/worldview. Science – SUISAI is the science of Mindfulness Discipline and Soul Realisation

Founder of the program of SUISAI – Prof  Zhant Kozhamzharov

By Sergey Teplykh, (Doctor of Philosophy -PhD)

It is known that the numbers SUISAI is not only numerology SUISAI is a science of transformation of energy in the health of an individual, which is a whole set of interrelations of the known 49 chakras of the human body, providing its harmonious interaction of all 14 meridians (both 12 paired and 2 unpaired meridians – channels of control and action).

The body cell has a negative and positive charge – creating certain electrical impulses, which in the electrocardiogram

ECG – all electrical impulses of the heart are clearly read in Hertz and then the doctor already gives a conclusion about the physical condition of the human organ and its optimum working capacity, according to the electrical impulse.

The electrical impulse creates an electrical flow, which forms a magnetic field. The magnetic field of an organ can be read without an intermediary (skin), through magnetic resonance MRI, which gives a more accurate diagnosis than ECG. Biomagnetic fields are fields produced by the biological organism.

Electric flow and magnetic field – give light, that is, each organ produces a certain glow and our body is enveloped in the individual glow of our Aura, with the received

MRIs – examine internal organs and tissues all the way down to the ducts and even the vessels, translating the received pulses into graphic images.

Usually people turn to these examinations to diagnose their physical, psychological and emotional state of health, and there is a sacred and scientific essence here.

Emotions are vibrations of consciousness, created to test a person. Each emotion has its electrical impulse in Hz – so emotions directly affect the cell and as a consequence the human electromagnetic field, and thus the work of all organs and body systems.

Negative emotions disturb the electric charge of the cell, because cell = tissue, tissue = organ. Therefore, when a person experiences negative emotions (grief, depression, aggression, anger and fear) it is a minus charge and usually there is already an intoxication of the organism (destruction – diseases).

When one experiences high vibrations of positive emotions (love, joy, wonder and peace of positive stillness) – this is a positive charge and detoxification (healing) occurs.

But we have to be very careful with the emotions of joy and love – if they are too high, then a lot (+) means balance (-) will come, so a person in wild joy and blazing love feeling no limits, comes to balance through grief or disappointment. In high emotions a person already becomes gradually, as they say, a very inadequate individual.

There must be a balance of energies in everything, it is important to always maintain a state of calm and even unemotional positive stillness, so

SUISAI is really not only numbers, but it is a substantiation of the meaning and essence of numbers, in certain words of the various diverse energies flowing in each person, because

energy is prana and for harmonious realization of the triad of spirit, soul and body it is very important for each person to create a free flow of prana in his individual and unique consciousness.

It is revealed that EGO is a set of a set of current energies, in each person flows its own energy based on a set of individual numerical code – so the conflict does not exist in different relationships, but at the level of its energies, i.e. atoms, the number of plus and minus charges, aura and luminescence, electromagnetic field in each individual, which is expressed in thoughts, thoughts in emotions, emotions in actions, actions (KARMA) are manifested in language perception or physical interaction (recorded in KARMA – created energy does not disappear anywhere). Proceeding from this: with external and physical similarity, inside everyone on the level of atoms and energies we are all different not only in composition, but also in manifold manifestations of already concrete actions.

When the EGO is “suffering” – a person usually withdraws into negative emotions (-).

When the EGO is “seeking happiness” through joy, one gradually moves into a kind of “peace of positive stillness” (+).

Studying SOSAI through numbers and words, one understands the flow of energies within oneself, in others and in space, and with the knowledge of mind discipline begins to regulate them, going into service and establishing communication – this is all possible through strict mind discipline (mind discipline – lifting Kundalini energy) – then the result is a quality exchange of energies with the people around, which is true harmonious communication. Strict discipline of mind almost always contributes to full mental realization not only of the soul, but also of the physical body of a person. It has been revealed that after the ascent

Kundalini energy creates a free flow of energy and at this time begins to work, the so-called “heart fan” – opens “HEART” electromagnetic field (EMF) 50 000 fTl, you get energy flows from heart to heart, a wide heart – this is the real spirituality, that is the absence of division of people, no signs of the suffering EGO (struggles, expectations, claims, resentments). A wide heart is about service, creating opportunities for others.

To give you an example, the EMF of the Brain is 10 ftl 5000 times less than the heart – so you must always do everything in harmony as they say, feel “WITH THE HEART”.

Communication is not just about talking, it’s about exchanging energy! And when a person is in the program of “Mind” and his EGO (I know, I can, I control, I understand, I am honest, I am correct, I am a star, etc.), he wants only himself and his energy is directed to himself, this stagnation inside turns already definitely into a swamp!

When a person begins to perform a task from the Creator, through a change of vector, then the EGO comes to the way of service (step back)- energy begins to flow and communication is formed (step forward), creation of opportunities (+3 in mission) occurs, at this point there is a full release (Moksha) – that is, energy flows large-scale, as from a nuclear power plant illuminating the hearts of people with light. And the more one serves, the more energy flows through oneself, and this opens to man the opportunities from the Creator in the material world and man becomes demanded – this is the Wealth! By passing energy through ourselves, we grow systemically and emergent quantum!

The primary goal of a person is development of his consciousness, through realization of various energy flows – when a person has understood who he is and what he consists of and where his personal energy flows are, then he can already boldly proceed to harmonious mastery (knowledge, skills, abilities) of the four social goals without the cultivation of the EGO!

The social goals of personality manifestation in the material World:

  1. Moral karmic duty – we serve (-1)
  2. Spiritual – we establish communication +1 (money comes at this level, but not the amount). Money is not a measure of success – it’s often a test of time that hasn’t come yet, and wealth is a complex opportunity from the Creator – demandb! Fulfilling these two goals – 3 and 4 goals are closed at the same time:
  3. material goals and 4. Full Release (MOCSA) – are closed at the level of energies automatically – this is the +3 opportunities in the Mission, opportunities = wealth, when the spiritual turns into material and there is already a free flow of energies.

Get rid of resentment, anger, aggression and other negative vibrations, move into the peace of positive stillness, exclude division of people, study knowledge, which will then pass into wisdom and harmony will surely come into your life, as well as new knowledge and POSSIBILITY!

Exclude from the illusion of Mind – through knowledge!

I heartily thank my Teacher Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, Full Professor of Oxford Zhanat Kozhamzharov – for the true wisdom of knowledge and mutual understanding.

Every word in the posters of the science of numbers SUISAI – is already reflected in the results of scientific-research works, dissertations and scientifically well reported at various conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Baltic countries, in the areas of health psychology, numerology, alternative (complementary) medicine and healing, as well as reports on the results of research in the field of health-saving technologies were reported at the XII World Scientific Congress (WSC) in 2019. in the cultural capital of the world St. Petersburg within the framework of the World Project “Health of Mankind” under the auspices of the International Higher Academic Council (IUHAC – President Mahatma Shanti) at the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) and the Oxford Educational Network. The topic of the report is “Digital psychology SOSAI: The flow of energies within a person’s consciousness based on psychological peculiarities of the influence of the digital code of his date of birth.

Indeed our EGO when agreeing, enjoying or suffering and disagreeing – by means of strong thoughts causes different emotions.

Emotions are vibrations of consciousness created to test a person! The higher the vibrations of emotion – the lower the energy! Money is the material embodiment of energy. Hence the pattern, the more energy, the more money. Since money comes through opportunities, and opportunities through communication between people, again on the energy of the person.

Since everyone’s ego wants different things, and accordingly emits different energies, the problems exist not in people’s relationships, but in their consciousness – consciousness will change – relationships will change!

Relationships between people are based on energies, not feelings and emotions. Emotions are an illusion, if we remove emotions from the problem, we immediately – find the situation, and if there is a situation, there is always the right solution!

SUISAI – gives the answer, what energy flows in someone, and how to communicate and develop consciousness through the realization of their energies!