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Vitaly Petrovich Lozhkin

 Theme of a dissertation: “Development of scientific foundations and technologies for the secondary claydete-concrete modified PVC “

 Specialty code: 14.005

 Dissertation for the degree of: a Doctor of Technical Sciences

 Date of defence: 20.11.2011

 Scientific adviser: B. P. Kuznetsov

 Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, Yu. P. Chesnovich, V. V. Lukoyanov, V. I. Tyurin

 Number of pages: 327

 The purpose and objectives of the study

The purpose – creation of new types of lightweight concrete, iodified by PVC waste, and study of their basic physical and mechanical, physical and chemical and thermal properties.

The objectives of the study: 1. The study of the state of matter in light-weight concrete with different usage of polymers, polyvinyl chloride waste and its recycling;

  1. The choice of raw materials, optimization of compositions, the study of the properties of PVC and plasticizers;
  2. Development of technology for light-weight concrete, modified with a mixture of plasticized PVC;
  3. Investigation of the basic physical and mechanical, physical and chemical, hydro and thermal properties of developed concrete, including abrasion of developed concrete and corrosion resistance under the action of aggressive media. The study of the structure and surface area of ​​modified concrete by methods of X-ray diffraction and scanning microscopy;
  4. Testing a new light-weight concrete in production environment, making the relevant regulatory documents and feasibility studies.

The scientific novelty

The scientific novelty consists in:

  1. Development of a new light-weight concrete, modified by PVC-based plasticizer – dibutyl-phthalate;
  2. Development of scientific ideas about the formation of the structure of claydite concrete, modified by PVC waste, and relationship of their basic properties, distinguishing by physical and mechanical, and physical and chemical properties in the study of fundamental properties of concrete developed in livestock buildings, and new information about changing these properties, the combined action of factors of different nature;
  3. The influence of PVC on the set of properties of concrete has been developed, basing on technology and regulatory support for the practical application of the claydite-concrete, modified by secondary PVC;
  4. Constructions depending on operating conditions;
  5. The influence of the main factors determining the thermal conductivity of the claydite-concrete, modified by secondary PVC.

The practical significance

  1. The basic technology of secondary claydite-concrete, modified by polyvinyl chloride with density 1200-1500 kg / m classes in the 5 – 7.5, which includes selection of the composition, technology of preparation of concrete mix, study modes and methods of the TSS. Defined minimum flow of cement;
  2. The main regularities of changes in the basic physical and mechanical properties of modified claydite-concrete, strength, initial modulus, tensile strength, measures of creep deformation shrinkage, moisture sorption coefficient, vapor permeability, thermal conductivity, taking into account the mode of operation.


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Victoria Dmitrievna Sokolova

 Theme of a dissertation: “The system of personnel management in the organization” holding type”

 Specialty code: 20.011, 20.019, 38.006

 Dissertation for the degree: a Doctor of Philosophy in sociology, business administration and human resource and personnel management

 Date of defense: 2011

 Scientific advisers: A. N. Koshurko, A. A. Litosh

 Opponents: Yu. I. Abramenko, A. V. Brizhko

 Number of pages: 75

 The purpose of the study

The purpose – assessment of human resource management subsystem and identification of directions and ways to improve it: in the scientific and research part the questions, regarding methods of evaluation of personnel, are examined, since the evaluation of personnel is an important factor in the development of the organization. It aims economic (to achieve high economic performance) and social (coordination and implementation of the interests of subjects and objects of evaluation) effect. The evaluation will allow: improve the alignment of frames by selecting suitable candidates for more than one direction or another vacant position, improve the usage of personnel, their service and qualification progress, identify ways to increase workers qualification.

 The relevance of research

Any business administration in personnel management system is always associated with people, who are working for the enterprise. The correct principles of organization of production, the best systems and procedures are important, but production success depends on specific people, their knowledge, competence, qualification, discipline, motivation, an ability to solve problems, susceptibility to learning.

Staff includes all employees of the organization, all employees at the company, excluding its owner, if he does not perform any business functions himself.

It is estimated, that on average the head spends on managing staff – or personnel, up to 80% of his time.

In connection with the above, the thesis is quite relevant for enterprises, especially for a “holding type”, from the point of view of improving its efficiency.



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Nikolay Evgenievich Semenov

 Theme of a dissertation: “Frostbite. Modern principles of conservative and surgical treatment”

 Specialty code: 31.056

Dissertation for the degree of: a Bachelor in Medicine

Date of defence: 28.10.2011

Scientific adviser: D. S. Kvirkvelia

Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, A. N. Iezuitov, V. V. Lukoyanov

Number of pages: 49

The relevance of the problem

The relevance of frostbites problem is the ubiquity of this pathology (cases, receiving freezing injury occur on all continents, in different climatic zones), difficulties in timely and accurate diagnosis of the depth and extent of tissue damage, and often in the absence of adequate and comprehensive care. Frostbite is a bright example of pathology, which combines local hypoxic and necrotic changes, and systemic violations of rheological properties of blood. Thus, the example of frostbite can demonstrate the importance of a balanced combination of local and general treatment of surgical pathology in general, to understand how important it is to take into account features of the microcirculation in the affected areas together with a state of homeostasis, rheological and biochemical changes in the blood.

The problem of frostbites deserves special attention, as in this case absolutely all the inhabitants of planet Earth are at risk, who are in contact with low temperatures. This has led doctors and scientists in most countries with a high level of medicine to a lot of research, including clinical studies on diagnosis and treatment of frostbite at various stages of the disease, and in this direction have already achieved significant results: the emergence of high-precision diagnostic techniques (eg. thermography) allowed experts determine the exact depth of the lesion and provide meaningful local impact on the affected areas, and the usage of modern technology in the manufacture of wound dressings, to optimize treatment of wounds in patients with cold injury. Unfortunately, the currently most advanced tools and methods of care are too expensive and inaccessible to most patients, so it’s worth it to continue to follow the path of further development of medicine in general, its approaches and mechanisms of action, to pay more attention to previously ignored by most doctors alternative medicine.


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Ivan Lal Vidanarachchi

 Theme of a dissertation: “Capability of the introduction of value added tax to eliminate cascading effect of price level on goods and services in Sri-Lanka”

 Specialty code:

 Dissertation for the degree of: a Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Business Administration

 Date of defence: 2011

 Scientific adviser: V. I. Tyurin

 Opponents: V. V. Lukoyanov, A. N. Iezuitov

 Number of pages:


This research study investigates the Goods and services Tax (GST) and Value added Tax (VAT) effects of price levels on Goods and services, using the data of Colombo consumer’s price index (CCPI) in the period from 1996:1 to 2003:4.  It focuses on exploring the magnitude of the tax effect and duration of such effects to the price levels of goods and services after introduction of new tax system of goods and services tax 1st April, 1998 and Value Added Tax on 1st August, 2002.

In addition to above, the study investigates general price level changes in other consumer price indexes and whole sale price indexes during the past 8 year periods including the years 1998 and 2002.

This study uses the 32 (thirty two) quarters of Colombo consumer’s price index including the quarters of 1998:2 and 2002:3 in order to measure the magnitude and the duration of the effects.  Further percentage changes of indirect tax revenue of the past twelve year’s analysis to prove the hypothesis, that introduction GST/VAT reduces the revenue on the periods, on which the taxes are introduced.  The null hypothesis, which states that introduction of Value Added Tax mechanism, has not been enable to avoid the cascading effect resulting reduction in general price levels is rejected at -1.3%, -0.4% and -0.5% level of significance only in the food, clothing and miscellaneous group respectively.  But all items and fuel and light category indicates 2.2% and 1.2% respectively contradicting to  the hypothesis in the quarter, in which GST was introduced.  However, null hypothesis was rejected at -0.55% level of significance in all items group in CCPI on the quarter, in which VAT was introduced.

This study results indicate that the introduction VAT on 1st August 2002, mitigates the cascading effect on price level of goods and services in all items, clothing, food and miscellaneous groups, except fuel and light group. Study results are food -1.5% clothing -0.08% and miscellaneous -0.6%.  But fuel and light indicate plus value of 0.2% and it is not line with theory, that VAT mechanism mitigates cascading effect.

The main objective of this study is to measure the magnitude of the effect and measure the duration of effect.  This study results further indicates that duration of effect limits to the periods/quarters in which taxes are introduced. These results are consistent with other empirical studies results of Valadkhani (2005) and Valadkahni and Layton (2004) on same type of investigation on price level of Australia.

The data of 32 quarters of CCPI is analyzed using the ARIMA intervention model and percentage of other indexes compare with previous periods.  Finally it can be concluded that VAT mechanism mitigates the cascading effect on price level of goods and services and suggests VAT mechanism capable to eliminate cascading effect after introduction on GST and VAT.



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Konstantin Petrovich Sheremet’ev

Theme of a dissertation: “Elements of intelligence functioning theory”

 Specialty code: 37.028, 43.018

 Dissertation for the degree of: a Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

 Date of defence: 28.10.2011

 Scientific adviser: V. V. Lukoyanov, B. P. Kuznetsov

 Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, G. V. Shiryaev, O. N. Sorokin, A. N. Jesuitov

 Number of pages: 167

The purpose and objectives of the study

Purpose – analysis of the basic principles of intelligence functioning and the ways of their usage for development of intellectual systems.

Objectives – 1) to study the basic principles of natural intelligence and give a rigorous definition of intelligence

2) to examine the evolution of reflection systems of wildlife and to identify the key factors, which contributed to the emergence of intelligence

3) to determine the criteria of intelligence systems and identify ways to develop an intellectual system

4) to develop research tools, which provides an effective description of intellectual processes.

The object of study – cognitive processes of information processing in a human and principles of analysis and information processing in human-machine systems.

Purpose of the study – the intellectual process of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of incoming information and making decisions, based on it.

The scientific novelty of the research

The main results of research and innovation are reduced to the following provisions:

  • A constructive definition of “intelligence”, applicable for the analysis of cognitive processes both in a human, and in the information systems, is given for the first time.
  • Practically important criteria of analysis of intellectual activity, which allows psychologists to analyze better a human mind, is given for the first time
  • Scientific tools for the analysis of intellectual processes are developed, and new research categories to describe the mental activity are suggested.
  • An analysis of principles of individual intellect functioning is given for the first time and interconnection between the individual consciousness and the level of self-image is revealed.

The practical significance of the research

Approaches to the analysis of intelligence, proposed in the dissertation, can be used in many fields of applied activity. First of all, this study provides a theoretical basis for effective work of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Also, the results of the study are of practical importance for the construction of artificial intelligence systems. Also, the results of research can be used for the diagnosis and development of human intelligence. Scientific tools of the study allow us to describe the mechanisms of brain activity in terms of intellectual processes. This allows us to diagnose diseases and disorders of thinking. The proposed criteria of intellectuality allow to accurately assess the level of intellectual development, which can be used for pedagogical activity.