Vitaly Petrovich Lozhkin

 Theme of a dissertation: “Development of scientific foundations and technologies for the secondary claydete-concrete modified PVC “

 Specialty code: 14.005

 Dissertation for the degree of: a Doctor of Technical Sciences

 Date of defence: 20.11.2011

 Scientific adviser: B. P. Kuznetsov

 Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, Yu. P. Chesnovich, V. V. Lukoyanov, V. I. Tyurin

 Number of pages: 327

 The purpose and objectives of the study

The purpose – creation of new types of lightweight concrete, iodified by PVC waste, and study of their basic physical and mechanical, physical and chemical and thermal properties.

The objectives of the study: 1. The study of the state of matter in light-weight concrete with different usage of polymers, polyvinyl chloride waste and its recycling;

  1. The choice of raw materials, optimization of compositions, the study of the properties of PVC and plasticizers;
  2. Development of technology for light-weight concrete, modified with a mixture of plasticized PVC;
  3. Investigation of the basic physical and mechanical, physical and chemical, hydro and thermal properties of developed concrete, including abrasion of developed concrete and corrosion resistance under the action of aggressive media. The study of the structure and surface area of ​​modified concrete by methods of X-ray diffraction and scanning microscopy;
  4. Testing a new light-weight concrete in production environment, making the relevant regulatory documents and feasibility studies.

The scientific novelty

The scientific novelty consists in:

  1. Development of a new light-weight concrete, modified by PVC-based plasticizer – dibutyl-phthalate;
  2. Development of scientific ideas about the formation of the structure of claydite concrete, modified by PVC waste, and relationship of their basic properties, distinguishing by physical and mechanical, and physical and chemical properties in the study of fundamental properties of concrete developed in livestock buildings, and new information about changing these properties, the combined action of factors of different nature;
  3. The influence of PVC on the set of properties of concrete has been developed, basing on technology and regulatory support for the practical application of the claydite-concrete, modified by secondary PVC;
  4. Constructions depending on operating conditions;
  5. The influence of the main factors determining the thermal conductivity of the claydite-concrete, modified by secondary PVC.

The practical significance

  1. The basic technology of secondary claydite-concrete, modified by polyvinyl chloride with density 1200-1500 kg / m classes in the 5 – 7.5, which includes selection of the composition, technology of preparation of concrete mix, study modes and methods of the TSS. Defined minimum flow of cement;
  2. The main regularities of changes in the basic physical and mechanical properties of modified claydite-concrete, strength, initial modulus, tensile strength, measures of creep deformation shrinkage, moisture sorption coefficient, vapor permeability, thermal conductivity, taking into account the mode of operation.

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