Victoria Dmitrievna Sokolova

 Theme of a dissertation: “The system of personnel management in the organization” holding type”

 Specialty code: 20.011, 20.019, 38.006

 Dissertation for the degree: a Doctor of Philosophy in sociology, business administration and human resource and personnel management

 Date of defense: 2011

 Scientific advisers: A. N. Koshurko, A. A. Litosh

 Opponents: Yu. I. Abramenko, A. V. Brizhko

 Number of pages: 75

 The purpose of the study

The purpose – assessment of human resource management subsystem and identification of directions and ways to improve it: in the scientific and research part the questions, regarding methods of evaluation of personnel, are examined, since the evaluation of personnel is an important factor in the development of the organization. It aims economic (to achieve high economic performance) and social (coordination and implementation of the interests of subjects and objects of evaluation) effect. The evaluation will allow: improve the alignment of frames by selecting suitable candidates for more than one direction or another vacant position, improve the usage of personnel, their service and qualification progress, identify ways to increase workers qualification.

 The relevance of research

Any business administration in personnel management system is always associated with people, who are working for the enterprise. The correct principles of organization of production, the best systems and procedures are important, but production success depends on specific people, their knowledge, competence, qualification, discipline, motivation, an ability to solve problems, susceptibility to learning.

Staff includes all employees of the organization, all employees at the company, excluding its owner, if he does not perform any business functions himself.

It is estimated, that on average the head spends on managing staff – or personnel, up to 80% of his time.

In connection with the above, the thesis is quite relevant for enterprises, especially for a “holding type”, from the point of view of improving its efficiency.


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