Biology & Medicine Dissertation


Nikolay Evgenievich Semenov

 Theme of a dissertation: “Frostbite. Modern principles of conservative and surgical treatment”

 Specialty code: 31.056

Dissertation for the degree of: a Bachelor in Medicine

Date of defence: 28.10.2011

Scientific adviser: D. S. Kvirkvelia

Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, A. N. Iezuitov, V. V. Lukoyanov

Number of pages: 49

The relevance of the problem

The relevance of frostbites problem is the ubiquity of this pathology (cases, receiving freezing injury occur on all continents, in different climatic zones), difficulties in timely and accurate diagnosis of the depth and extent of tissue damage, and often in the absence of adequate and comprehensive care. Frostbite is a bright example of pathology, which combines local hypoxic and necrotic changes, and systemic violations of rheological properties of blood. Thus, the example of frostbite can demonstrate the importance of a balanced combination of local and general treatment of surgical pathology in general, to understand how important it is to take into account features of the microcirculation in the affected areas together with a state of homeostasis, rheological and biochemical changes in the blood.

The problem of frostbites deserves special attention, as in this case absolutely all the inhabitants of planet Earth are at risk, who are in contact with low temperatures. This has led doctors and scientists in most countries with a high level of medicine to a lot of research, including clinical studies on diagnosis and treatment of frostbite at various stages of the disease, and in this direction have already achieved significant results: the emergence of high-precision diagnostic techniques (eg. thermography) allowed experts determine the exact depth of the lesion and provide meaningful local impact on the affected areas, and the usage of modern technology in the manufacture of wound dressings, to optimize treatment of wounds in patients with cold injury. Unfortunately, the currently most advanced tools and methods of care are too expensive and inaccessible to most patients, so it’s worth it to continue to follow the path of further development of medicine in general, its approaches and mechanisms of action, to pay more attention to previously ignored by most doctors alternative medicine.