Konstantin Petrovich Sheremet’ev

Theme of a dissertation: “Elements of intelligence functioning theory”

 Specialty code: 37.028, 43.018

 Dissertation for the degree of: a Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

 Date of defence: 28.10.2011

 Scientific adviser: V. V. Lukoyanov, B. P. Kuznetsov

 Opponents: Shanti P. Jayasekara, G. V. Shiryaev, O. N. Sorokin, A. N. Jesuitov

 Number of pages: 167

The purpose and objectives of the study

Purpose – analysis of the basic principles of intelligence functioning and the ways of their usage for development of intellectual systems.

Objectives – 1) to study the basic principles of natural intelligence and give a rigorous definition of intelligence

2) to examine the evolution of reflection systems of wildlife and to identify the key factors, which contributed to the emergence of intelligence

3) to determine the criteria of intelligence systems and identify ways to develop an intellectual system

4) to develop research tools, which provides an effective description of intellectual processes.

The object of study – cognitive processes of information processing in a human and principles of analysis and information processing in human-machine systems.

Purpose of the study – the intellectual process of analysis, synthesis and evaluation of incoming information and making decisions, based on it.

The scientific novelty of the research

The main results of research and innovation are reduced to the following provisions:

  • A constructive definition of “intelligence”, applicable for the analysis of cognitive processes both in a human, and in the information systems, is given for the first time.
  • Practically important criteria of analysis of intellectual activity, which allows psychologists to analyze better a human mind, is given for the first time
  • Scientific tools for the analysis of intellectual processes are developed, and new research categories to describe the mental activity are suggested.
  • An analysis of principles of individual intellect functioning is given for the first time and interconnection between the individual consciousness and the level of self-image is revealed.

The practical significance of the research

Approaches to the analysis of intelligence, proposed in the dissertation, can be used in many fields of applied activity. First of all, this study provides a theoretical basis for effective work of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Also, the results of the study are of practical importance for the construction of artificial intelligence systems. Also, the results of research can be used for the diagnosis and development of human intelligence. Scientific tools of the study allow us to describe the mechanisms of brain activity in terms of intellectual processes. This allows us to diagnose diseases and disorders of thinking. The proposed criteria of intellectuality allow to accurately assess the level of intellectual development, which can be used for pedagogical activity.

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