Prof. Kuzmenko Olga Petrovna – GPhD in Medicine and Psychophysiology, IUFS

Prof. Novia Anna Alexandrovna – GPhD in Medical Psychology and Psychophysiology, IUFS

Abstract: The article continues the description of the causes of resentment. The authors offer recommendations for its disposal.

Keywords: health; low and high vibrations; resentment; problems with the opposite sex; disharmony; conflict with the world; hatred; revenge; love; benevolence.

In the previous article “Resentment reduces life expectancy”, published in the magazine … number … 2021 we attempted to answer the questions: “Why do we live less than we should according to our term? What gives the rise to Spiritual ignorance and laziness? Why – the more a person takes offence, the less he lives? To continue the descriptions of the dangers of such an emotion as resentment, we propose to consider the causes of its occurrence and ways to get rid of it.

At first, children’s grievances (P / C) appear, which contribute to the appearance of colds.

Problems unresolved in childhood reappear in adolescence (P/C+MC/C).

For a girl:

– resentment towards a mother leads to problems with friends,

– resentment against a father to problems with the opposite sex.

A boy is the opposite.

– resentment towards a mother leads to problems with the opposite sex,

– resentment against a father to problems with friends.

And, as a result, someday, we end up being brokenhearted. Perhaps that is the reason why most people will inevitably experience that.

Then there is resentment against children (S/S) — at their lack of gratitude. Parents are to blame for this, for they indulge the whims of children and sacrifice their lives for them. As a result, children, growing up, do not understand and do not share the point of view of their parents. This causes resentment and reproaches towards children (C / C + TR / C). That is the cause of the “generation gap” conflict. We must live not for children, but with them, being a great role model for them.

When a person begins to blame this World and other people for his problems, he gets illnesses, for example:

– believing that “ancestors ruined life” – duodenitis (P / C + IG / C).

–  having no desire to understand the laws of this World – a disorder of the function of the digestive tract (MC / C + IG / C).

– selfishness demonstration-ileocardial syndrome (C / C + IG / C).

Dissatisfaction with one’s fate (“Evil Fate”) causes a conflict with the World – this contributes to the appearance of dysfunction of the hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland (IG/C + TR/C).

Due to the lack of self-confidence, a person does not fit into society and is in conflict with the world – he gets dysbacteriosis (IG/C + GI/C).

Reasons of human claims to the World and others:

“I received little love as a child.

– Adults “always have no time”, but they demand a lot from children. However, they themselves do not set a positive role model.

– In his youth – because of the inability to behave correctly, he receives unhappy love and psychological trauma.

– Holding a grudge against a loved one.

– Failure in society.

– Complaints about unfortunate fate.

And, as a result, self-consciousness. This leads to the emergence of fears and complexes and contributes to the dysfunction of the colon and kidneys. Premature skin changes and accelerated aging also appear.

However, sometimes, the negative situation in our life is not so terrible as our reaction to it.

All living things emit vibrational waves. The waves we radiate, the same ones are exactly attracted to us. Our low vibrations, radiated with anger, hatred, fear, etc., attract: pain, suffering, illness, poverty, etc. And high vibrations (during joy, happiness, love) attract: health and well-being into our lives.

You need to know that our so-called “Enemy” is:

— Examiner of what we think of ourselves.

— A teacher, a provocateur who points out to our imperfections.

– A helper to get rid of past sins.

If you were offended by accident, then this is due to misunderstanding or you are responsible for provoking this situation by your own stupidity.

If you were offended intentionally, then it is you who is paying off your karmic debt.

“When people are in trouble, they are badly hurt and may make a wrong choice.”

However: “… there is always a moment when you can change everything”, for example:

If a person experiences a feeling of resentment or revenge, then he gets: diabetes, diathesis (TR / C + RP / C), hepatitis (RP / C / + -2 + F / C), cancer (TR / C + RP / C +F/C)…

In this situation, he needs to understand, forgive, accept and let go of the pain of resentment. Then he will get well soon.

Also, he should be given a chance to his enemy to correct himself. For what he did is on his Conscience, and what you did is on yours!

“Hating is easier, but loving is stronger!”

We cannot be offended in what we are so strong. We are offended by our own weakness and our imperfection in something. This means that we do not trust ourselves and do not know how to do what we really need.

In such a situation, a person may be confused or angry. Instead of self-correction, harmonious actions, he wants revenge on the offender and proves to himself that he is not able to improve and develop further.

The offender is sent to us from above just to improve our destiny. The higher the Spirituality in a person, the faster he forgives an offender. And it takes him higher.

What should you do to learn to forgive?

  1. Resentment, then learn to radiate love (C / C -> C / B).
  2. Bad luck – to pay off material and spiritual debts (IG / C -> IG / A).
  3. Anger – change your character (breathe with sobbing) (F / C -> F / AB).

4.Vengeance (VB/C + TR/C) –try doing sports, physical labor, dancing, music therapy.

  1. And also:

– learn to listen and hear.

— learn from the wiser people.

– learn from the Ancestors.

– learn to create and give back.

Look for the reason in yourself!

Go forward in life. Don’t get stuck in your negative past, otherwise you will not meet the future.

“Remember what life has taught you and forget what it has taken away from you.”

However, impudence, meanness, an attack on our home, Motherland, our dear people, an attempt on their and our life and freedom can never be forgiven. For we can become accomplices in a crime. “Insolence thrives where nobility is silent.”

“Turn your other cheek when they hit one, just don’t turn your body and don’t let yourself beat.”


  1. Remember all the childhood grievances and forgive all the actions of your mother and father that offended you.

Accept them as they were at that time.

After all, for some reason you needed it.

  1. Remember everyone who we were offended by, ask them for forgiveness for having the feeling of offence towards them and thank them for the lessons.
  2. Try to refrain from starting an argument. They impair thyroid function (C/C + TR/C) and promote laryngitis (P/C/+-2 + RP/C/+-2).
  3. Before you get offended, find the reason for the action of your offender.

“And before being offended,

And get angry for many days in a row,

Let the man justify himself

Maybe he’s not so guilty after all.”


In order to have no reason to be offended, it is important:

– To be kind to all people.

– To be able to forgive one’s own and other people’s mistakes, except for arrogance, meanness and treachery.

– Radiate love and patiently benefit from the lessons that life gives us.