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Modern medicine when working with stem cells uses transplantation procedure. The cells are taken from a donor or are grown artificially. The procedure is complicated, ineffective. The stems extracted and processed in the laboratory, are entered again into the diseased body and face a number of complications. Most of them are not universal. Besides, the procedure is expensive and not reliable. Rejection of tissue often occurs due to incompatibility with fatal outcome for the patient. This happens approximately as follows:

During one hour and a half up to two hours using the electric drill a femoral or iliac bone is bored, and using the needle a significant amount of bone marrow is pumped out. The resulting marrow is processed and prepared for transplantation.
With the introduction of stem cells from outside a fight  of ”transplant vs. host” get started,  the old bone marrow resists newly introduced one, a resistance is suppressed by anti-cancer drugs, survival rate is about 42%.
Instead of the foregoing, the author suggested a direct way: the patient to become its own donor, heals himself  by his own stem cells.
It is necessary to:
1.Recover electric charge in the cell of human body.
2. Provide the body’s liquid media by electrically rich electrolyte properties exactly as the electrolyte of the vehicle’s battery.
3.Recover the functions of the nervous, cardiovascular, blood, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.
4.Open the circulation channels of own stem cells to areas that require regeneration without transplantation.
History of the creation of the method started  in the 60-ies of the XX century. I had to leave sport activity as prospective weightlifter due to numerous trauma and growing weariness. Visits to doctors gave no results so I had to treat myself on my own. The basis of treatment was the Chinese technique but it yielded no results. I refused to use electric current, but I tried innovation, placing electrode instead of palm on mucous membranes of the oral cavity. I underwent and tested on myself a «trial and error method» mastered new methods and techniques of treatment.
Method operates on a constant electric current – voltage from 2,5 up to 36 V, current up to 600 mA. The author has patents:
1. Patent № 2045286 for the invention «Method of electrotherapy of  V.D.Ragel and device for its implementation», in 1991.
2. Patent № 2403072 on the invention of «Voldemar Ragel Method –  electrotherapy method for human body», 2006.
3. Patent № 81896 for utility model «Electrotherapy device by V.D. Ragel», 2008. Equipment:

Device – manually operated version.         Automatically operated device version.

Electromechanical device.                            Combined device used jointly with other one.
Method passed the clinical tests in the medical institutions of the city Leningrad in 1986-89’s,
in the clinic of cardiovascular surgery № 2, the first Acad. Pavlov Leningrad Medical institute,
in the Karl Marx hospital № 4 (now the hospital of St. George the great Martyr) of the city of Saint-Petersburg.
Treatment covered 114 people, effectiveness of treatment was from 90,5% to 92.5%, no unwanted consequences witnessed.
The medical Council of the Main Department of Health Care if  Leningrad, in March 28, 1991 stated: … to recognize the proposed «Method of electrotherapy V.D.Ragel useful for use in medical-preventive institutions, received a registered Russian patent: «Method of electrotherapy by V.D.Ragel and device for its implementation».
The role of treatment of diseases own stem cells by the method of В.Д.Рагеля?
1. There is no need to transplant stem cells from the body, processed and re-entered into the sick body.
2. There is no need to operate and amputate the limb  struck by endarteritis and atherosclerosis.
3. There is no need to replace hip, knee, elbow joints.
4. There is no need of surgery in case of intervertebral hernia.
5. There is no need to do operations in inflammatory processes of the liver, lung, pancreas, thyroid gland, etc.
6. There is no need to transplant bone marrow by cancer cases.
Some examples:
1. 1991. Appeal of Academician Natalia Petrovna Bechterev to the author of the method with the request to take on the patient B. C. C. with a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis.
Patient’s comment: I am suffering 24 years, unsuccessfully treated in the Soviet Union, Israel, and able to work 3-4 months a year. Treatment by Ragel method gave outstanding results. Academician N. P. Bekhtereva appreciated the method of treatment.
2. Cancer patient after 8 years of treatment by  V.D.Ragel method.
Came to Doctor Ragel in 2005 with the indicators of the blood of 30 – 40 units of hemoglobin and erythrocytes. Was planned the replacement of bone marrow. I had no strength. Voldemar Dominikovich gave me hope for recovery. Immediately with the first treatment sessions my forces come gradually back to me. After 15 -20 sessions I get back to work, but keep on treated by V.Ragel,  blood counts were normalized, I lost weight and become more active, vision was improved as well as condition of the cardiovascular system.

With gratitude, Galina. 27.09.2012.

  1. Reinis, 8 years old boy, diagnosed with spinal amiopathy. Complete loss of motor functions, immobilized, is being carried in hands. A month and a half of work has allowed the boy to sit independently without the support. Appeared muscle tone and reflexes, immobility was beginning to disappear, metabolism accrued.
    4. High estimation to the Method were given by the foreign specialists: doctor of medicine, Professor Ottomar Тrenc, Zurich (1999, Switzerland), doctor of medicine, Professor Chris Kretek, Melbourne (1999, Australia) confirmed that in 1999 the author of the method rescued a miner’s (Australia) leg from amputation, a former patient is currently still working in the mine.
    5. Dmitry Nikolaevich, 25 years old (1993, Germany). International class master of sports in weightlifting. In 1993 addressed with a severe injury of the knee joint. Unsuccessfully treated in Germany, in Leningrad. Recovered knee, general condition. Dmitry Nikolaevich writes: “Thanks to the treatment by the method of V.Ragel I became a member of European and World Championships, Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996). Results of treatment of wonderful softness in the joints, looseness, high performance, good health, reduced recovery time after heavy training load». Illustrations of  the method that has been what has become:



Fifty-year-old work of the author of the method Voldemar Ragel allowed to create a unique method of treatment of diseases by its own stem cells, which are considered in the world medical practice as NOT TREATABLE.

Author: Voldemar Dominikovich Ragel –
1. GRAND DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in alternative medicine and healing.
2. GRAND Ph.D. in the field of biomedical and medical technologies».
3. Full member of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences St. Petersburg.
4. Full Professor of Oxford.
5. Honorary DIPLOMA of International contest in the nomination «Modern aspects of alternative medicine and healing (UNESCO) 2013 for the creation of a unique scientific and methodological development «Method of  Voldemar Ragel – method of electrotherapy for human body».
6. Inventor. Honored master of sports of the USSR in weightlifting.
Mobile phone: +7 906 249 68 90.

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