Opening address by the Presient IUHAC and copresedent of the Congress Mahatma, Prof. Santhi Jayasekera.Paris

Opening address by the Presient IUHAC and copresedent of the Congress Mahatma, Prof. Santhi Jayasekera.Paris

Dear Colleagues!

The theme of our  World Scientific Congress, Science for Peace –


the discovery of everything new in reality is the goal and purpose of science. At the same time, this process is very difficult and ambiguous.

Discovery is the interaction between the statement of everything really new and its fundamentally new explanation. It is the interaction as complementation, mutual enrichment, mutual clarification and partial mutual transition of one real phenomenon into another that is the goal of scientific research. Purpose is always intended to solve some problem. And the purpose is always purposeful in a problematic respect. Conclusion without a fundamental explanation is a kind of half-discovery and is a kind of a breeding ground for pseudo-discovery.

The discovery of anything truly new presupposes the ability to think deeply and to reflect intensely and purposefully on the subject matter of the scientist’s research. This skill can be taught, although it is not an easy process. It is also necessary to purposeful and persistent spiritual self-education of a person entering science.

It should be noted that in itself and often given out the call of youth in science and the orientation of science exclusively on youth does not lead to the rapid and automatic emergence of various discoveries. Science is renewed by new ideas, not by the age of scientists. Scientists of different generations and ages are capable of making discoveries. Many discoveries require a long accumulation of various facts and diverse and long-term activities. Genuine discoveries can and often are made by scientists of mature and even old age.

A discovery, in order to become a real property of a certain science and science in general, all those interested in it, must be “promoted” and receive a kind of advertising. This is not always the case, and some discoveries are plunged into obscurity. Certain advantages are received, as a rule, shouting and a priori promising discoveries without any special grounds for it. So-called discoverers promise various and very fast profits on their behalf. All this attracts various investors to them, who most often turn out to be deceived. Fundamental discoveries do not immediately become famous. It is believed that they can become “profitable” very soon. Meanwhile, many fundamental discoveries can become practically useful and very profitable almost immediately after their emergence (radio, television, X-rays, microbiology, laser). Nowadays, fundamental discoveries are known to a relatively narrow circle of scientific community, even those that save many human lives (aviation safety, its prevention, tsunamis, killer waves, etc.).

It should be kept in mind that scientific discoveries have different times of their theoretical and practical impact. In genuine discoveries there is a need of time, which is grasped by scientists and becomes their own internal need.

Discoveries have a different orientation. Fundamentally humane and only to a certain extent inhuman.

No fundamental discovery can happen by force and coercion. Violence in this case is useless and meaningless.

Fundamental discoveries, as a rule, are not initially and deliberately made with a clear-cut purpose of violence, much less the purposeful and mass murder of people. Fundamental discoveries are used for violence and murder only by certain people in power and communities engaged for this purpose.

Different discoveries are perceived differently by people, depending on their nature, orientation and ability to evoke different feelings in people, including fear and anxiety from military discoveries.

Dear colleagues, I think it is necessary once again to announce the preamble necessary to define and make clear the fundamental views of the authors of the future report, which are theoretically and practically applied by them to all scientific problems, no matter what they are called. We are talking, first of all, about what spirituality is.

So, spirituality is an internal attitude (predisposition, readiness) inherent in all reality as an interaction of material and spiritual principles at all levels and in all its manifestations, directly and mediately perceived and oriented to its material direct-sensual expression.

Material and spiritual beginnings are sovereign. At the same time, they do not exist outside and independent of each other. The spiritual beginning is materially expressed, the material, in one way or another, is spiritually significant. The spiritual beginning in principle has no spatial, temporal, speed and penetrating limitations. At the same time, it is not directly and quantitatively measurable. It can have an indirect measurement by its material-real result of perception and impact.

Nowadays it has become virtually a truism to speak and write about the “energetic influence” of one person on another and about the same principal influence of various rooms, objects, etc. on a person.

“Interaction philosophy” explains this real phenomenon in this way. In essence we are dealing with energy as an interaction of material and spiritual beginnings, with a very effective influence on man of the spiritual beginning, inherent in all real phenomena and receiving in them its material expression. It is the spiritual beginning of energy that is what is called “energy influence”, which receives its real-material expression and is directly and sensually felt by man.

One should constantly take into account that pseudo-openings dangerous for human life appear. They should be taken under the strictest and worldwide scientific and public control. In a word, scientific problems of “discoveries” and “pseudo-discoveries” require the closest attention of the world and scientific community. This is clearly evidenced by the holding of our 17 WNC.

I would like to emphasize that all our World Scientific Congresses – there have been 16, of course, including our seventeenth World Scientific Congress today – are aimed at promoting world peace. Science is by nature peaceful. It develops most successfully in conditions of peace and actually contributes to world peace itself. This is particularly important to note in our turbulent times.

Thank you all for your attention.