With a pray to the Lord, humble archbishop of Saint-Petersburg аnd Great Novgorod True Orthodox Church †Ioann (Abramenko), candidate of psychological sciences, grand-doctor of medicine in psychotherapy, Grand-doctor of theology in the area of Christian divinity, professor, academician

Lately modern human civilization has started to think and talk about nature ecology and our environmental habitat. Practically at all stages of his evolution, man has been connected with his environment, actively impacting it. This is why nowadays a place on Earth, that hasn’t been touched by destructive human activity leading to violation of Earth’ global ecosystem balance, is very hard to find. Nowadays we clearly see that our planet is in danger.

Spiritual imperfection pushes people to raise of  consumption and endless chase for profit. As a result there arrive many  dirty cities, tons of pollutions produced by manufacturing companies and plants, dirty water, thin ozon layer, exhaustion of natural resources.

Climate of our planet changes towards global heating and world ocean raise risk.

Many plants and animals have either already disappeared or are on the board of disappearing, human health problems sharpen. Human health is very much affected by heating pollution, noise, vibrations, radiation and especially electromagnetic waves the level of which in cities is from 30 to 70 times higher than natural. All of that together negatively impacts brain cell activity.

Human heart and blood system, immune system, nerve system, endocrine and sexual systems get the strongest negative impact from medicine that is used during decease treatment, especially highly toxic medicine that has multiple contraindications. As a result many young people die from cancer, heart attack, strokes and other terrible and sometimes incurable deceases.

It is only the beginning of impact to future generations and their destiny. Nowadays we sadly see how evolution of civilization ruins basis of human live along with basis of animal and plant life of out Planet. Human ego is the reason of all his troubles. Modern human must understand, that negative impact to the Planet is closely connected with his own sorrow, ecological problems and  even puts at risk his own existence.

Having understood that, modern human civilization starts some kind of activity in order to change it. It forms new culture of thinking and new understanding of the world based on harmony and relationship. Humanity having come close to the line of survival and seeing all the ecological terror, has started to think about destiny of our Planet, a small place in Universe, that became home for all of us. We want our planet to have rich soil, clean air and water, green forests, with variety of flora and animals. And most of all we want our Planet to have human as responsible and careful keeper, caring and loving owner of all the treasures. Radical world-wide changes that stop increasing nature disasters must take place in order to achieve that.

Ecology (from Greek «οἶκος» – home, «logos» – study) studies interaction between human, animals and flora, our planet Earth’ atmosphere changes. Planet Earth and near space is our home and it suffers from human activity. In the XXI century area of interest of ecology went far beyond its initial biological discipline. While studying environmental pollutions scientists realized that it is only a small part of ecological problem.

This is why ecology gave many new research directions and terms: global ecology, human ecology, social ecology, engineering ecology, culture ecology, religion ecology, ecology of mind, spiritual ecology etc.

Amongst all of these ecology scientific directions the most pressed is ecology of state of human personality, i.e. spiritual ecology as one of Earth’ ecology parts. Our planet is not only our place of living, it is also a place of our spiritual evolution. It is intended for understanding of divine appearance of contemporary civilization, it is our temporary home, where all the souls pass their short – in terms of Universe – way of spiritual ascension leading us to the Lord.

It is sometimes too difficult for modern people to understand and realize the deep meaning of «spiritual ecology». Some people are frightened even by the term «spirit». Sometimes they try to connect it with religious fanaticism, psychological deceases and «being not in this world».

For modern human spiritual ecology is about realization of one’s place in this world, thinking and consideration of necessity and goals of one’s life in material world, one’s definition as a spiritual personality and one’s union with the whole world. Only such approach could bring such a human a real deep understanding of major responsibility for not only his words and actions, but also – and mostly – for his thoughts. And it is the right way for humanity. Deep understanding of this way would form a certain mindset focusing on gentle and responsible attitude to our environment, our friendly relationship with other peoples on both interpersonal and inter-country level. It would for sure lead people to spiritual search, to the thoughts about the reasons for living, unquestionable love to each of Divine creations including people, plants, animals, and as overall result – to significant improvement of spiritual climate of our civilization.

Once being in a distance Orthodox monastery I was happy to talk to monastic elder, monc-megaloschema great ascetic. We talked about our Planet as a result of Divine creation. He was slowly telling me about perfectness of our Earth, about it’s inhabitants, about season change, day and night, temperature and water balance maintenance, gas structure of our atmosphere, and overall perfection of this creation existing for billions of years.  All of it was created long ago, before appearance of human who has been here for a very short – in terms of universe- period of a few millions of years. Earlier human who came to Earth was weak like a child and couldn’t damage our Planet significantly and on the contrary required protection.

But modern developed humanity on current industrial times became strong and powerful along with losing its spiritual sources, and in such a state it can serious and unrecoverable damage to the ecology of the whole Planet. Earlier the impact was insignificant, and nature could recover itself, whereas every year raises intensity and capacity of that impact.

Along all humanity history different conflicts and wars based on political, religion, race, territory and inter-personal relationship reasons took place. These types of conflicts and crimes of governments against people and of people against other people have violated all moral, ethical, spiritual and as a result – Divine rules.

The monc said that God is watching all human activity with deep sorrow and is waiting for us to understand our mistakes. Then he said that He who created Earth is so powerful that He could destroy the whole humanity that has separated from His rules in one move if He got angry with us. And then the monc smiled and asked my opinion on why He does not do that.

No one had ever asked me such amazing questions before. After some time he gave the answer himself and said: «God loves us, with all our sins, very much, grieves and is waiting for a very long time for us to change and become His children, following His Commandments». And it is really so. It would be great if we loved Him back the same way.

We must care about our Planet just as He, who created this perfect place, does. Its power and endless beauty amazes people and makes them happy.  It raises best feelings even in the hearts of atheists.

Modern science brings straight connection between ecology of environment and ecology of human soul. In other words, if or planet is polluted, so is the energy of our soul.

All negative power-information radiations and vibrations of our civilization are more or less absorbed by our soil, water, atmosphere, along with plants and animals. Humanity that lives on Earth has been constantly polluting and poisoning it with their dirty thoughts, words and actions all of which are a sort of energy for millions of years. Noosphere that is protective and even Earth cogitative substance, is trying to process and neutralize all negative information, but is failing to fulfill its functions on such giant volumes of negative information flows, and therefore starts to store huge mass of negative energy and vibrations. At the same time Earth feels this negative impacts and reacts as a living being. Now evil energy produced by humanity turned out to be so strong that it broke protecting cover in some places. Modern science explaining appearance of new ozone holes says that they come from phenol. But this really isn’t true, because one can’t measure it.  New ozone holes appear as a result of spiritual trash and vibrations of evil produced by our souls. And these vibrations, that can’t be neutralized, return back, having significantly increased, quickly or after some time, as nature disasters and cataclysms. For example large-scale heavy rain and floods, or vice verca droughts, sometimes leading to big fires, volcanic eruption and heavy earthquakes, strong and powerful tornadoes, naval and ocean storms and tsunami. Considering the terrifying amount and destruction force of those disasters nowadays we can obviously see the quality of thinking of modern humanity.

Contemporary science pays more and more attention to studying forming and impact of human thoughts to environment.  If previously thinking processes were considered as only physical and chemical reactions in brain, nowadays researches and outcomes significantly change the whole understanding of this process, sometimes bringing us back to ancient understanding of it.

As a result of big amount of scientific researches and experiments performed by different institutes and labs over the world, scientists have come to conclusion that human thoughts is material, it has a form, color and dynamic energy, acting according to given goal and direction.  Scientists understood that thoughts depending on emotional condition of a person can be either weak or strong, in never disappears, can live independently like a conscious being having energy connection with the person who produced it. Human organs of perception of environment– excluding rare exceptions – are not able to understand it.

In 1947 spouses Kirlian opened new scientifically reasonable method of the gas-discharge visualization in a high-frequency electro-magnetic field, that enables to identify also human thoughts on a photo-sensitive material. Due to significant progress of this technics nowadays it is not a problem to identify and picture somebody’s thoughts that are quite far from the one who produced them.

With the help of those pictures we can clearly see positive, constructive and clean mind of a person, creating kind, beautiful, positive thoughts that work for the improvement of the environment. We can also see pictures of negative thoughts of a person, raising evil, suffering from hate, with his disgusting and ugly dark creatures taking strong negative energy not only to environment, but also to near space. Let’s remember how easily people say rude words with strong negative emotions. Every rude word and every fight feed negative energy flow and strengthen negative power. There is a saying: «Cutting knife is not at the belt, but at the edge of the tongue».

Dirty thoughts of humanity get attracted together, forming clots and whole clouds of negative energy damaging everything on its way.

Modern information technologies although often used to manipulate people play significant role in impact on people. Role and volumes of information consumed by people increase rapidly from year to year. Human brain can hardly handle this flow of information from internet, TV, radio and news-papers. It would be good if that information had good quality, was positive and had to impact to health. Computer and TV addiction appears, even on unconscious level. On the screens of TVs and computers there is flow of violence, seх, lies, cheating, forming our consciousness and defining a moral norm. This is why we can see many unhealthy people in the metro, sometimes witness nerve breakdown and hysterical attacks, and more often – discussions that are far from common sense. Maybe the time has come, that was predicted by one wise-man who said: all the world will go crazy, and rare normal people will be considered insane.

Nowadays many strange and unexplainable facts take place. Earthquakes have started to happen in places of war conflicts that were never considered to be seismodangerous. It is the way for our Planet to reply on modern crisis in all areas of human lives, defined by transition from spiritual values to material ones.

This really is very serious. That is why – while there still is time for changes- human return to the correct understanding of spirit should become one of the primary tasks of human ecology. It can only be achieved through deep cultural changes, especially in educational and educational process, focusing on spiritual change and evolution of personality based on spiritual traditions of our ancestors. This change requires deep personal spiritual motivation, based on caring, loving attitude to good will, and confident formation of both spiritually mature personality and humanity. And this is only possible with participation of highly-mature spiritual teachers and mentors, who clearly recognize approach of new spiritual era in evolution of human and humanity.

For this we need variety of the most up to date scientific achievements in different areas that not only don’t contradict the texts of scripture but add and broaden them, providing opportunity to consider historical events of our Planet evolution, analyzing reasons of change of civilizations. It is a whole area of metahistory of civilizations and religions, based on purely scientific and theological analysis, and it lets human see the same events under different points of view. This approach opens and broadens one’s mind and clarifies the whole picture of the world. Thinking about all of that human himself becomes broad-minded, harmonic spiritual personality leading other people with his knowledge. Nowadays spiritual ecology is a vital necessity of current times, forming spiritual evolution of future human with brand new understanding of the world and confident look to eternity.

That is why nowadays when humanity realizes that future of our Planet and survival of humanity is under significant risk, it is vitally important to seriously consider spiritual ecology and briefly remind everyone of main thesis of ancient world-famous philosophy:

– our planet has been existing for over 4 billions of years, whereas human has been living for only 3 millions years, and within just one century he brought Earth to dangerous condition;

– two thirds of our Planet are covered by seas and oceans, our body for 75% consists of water, and we can’t exist without it;

– forests – are lungs of Earth, producing oxygen that  we use for breathing, and without them there would be no atmosphere and no life;

– animals have been living on our Planet for millions of years, before appearance of human, and human survival depends on them, and besides we should remember that they are reasonable and have feelings;

– existence of our Planet is not a result of mistake or coincidence, it is a part of plan created fulfilled by God

– Earth is not only a place where we can live, it is also a place where souls can come and experience their spiritual evolution;

– Our Planet is a true masterpiece of Creation, and even if it is not the only one in universe, it still is rare, and living on it is a privilege for humanity;

– Earth doesn’t belong to us, it is at our disposal just for the period of our lives, it is the most precious gift that we can leave to future generations;

– we don’t have any rights on Earth, only duties: to respect it, keep and protect it… in one word – love it.

We have to remember all of it and remind it to our children.


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