Prof. Izueitov A.

In recent years “Alzheimer’s disease” (autism, dementia) has acquired truly catastrophic proportions. It affects more than 35 million people on the planet, and the number of patients is growing steadily. The fact is that not all people, especially older people, are able to withstand the enormous and diverse spiritual burden falling to their lot. This leads these people to “Alzheimer’s disease”, stimulating untimely death, distressful to themselves and others around them.

In April 2013 the U.S. President Barack Obama officially announced the start of a U.S. special mega-project BRAIN (Research through advancing innovative neurotechnologies). The U.S. government has already allocated the first advance – $ 100 million for this mega-project, designed for 15 years.

Of course, any new technologies, including new neurotechnologies, in order to be truly successful and effective, can and should be based on the new philosophical and ideological concept, really revealing and explaining the nature of various phenomena, including the brain, as a special phenomenon, and the causes of the disease, connected with the failure of the normal activity of the brain. It is “Alzheimer’s disease”, still having no fundamentally new explanations, and therefore not receiving complex and effective treatment.

In fact, the generally accepted point of view on “Alzheimer’s disease”, which is given from the materialist points of view, in its essence, one-sidedly constrained.

When “Alzheimer’s disease” occurs, nerve cells (neurons) in brain tissue atrophy. In the intervals between them (“fissures”) “plaques” of beta amyloid protein are formed. These “plaques” gradually “stick together” into insoluble clumps and block the passage through neurons, pressing them in from different sides, and thereby breaking the structure of neurons, impulses, coming from the brain, regulating the activity of the human mind and ensuring its normal state and development. In fact, it is just a statement of the phenomenon, moreover, one-sided, but not its real explanation. Currently, “Alzheimer’s disease” is considered incurable. Medical and natural remedies can only slightly weaken it and slow down its development.

There are known the symptoms of “Alzheimer’s disease” as follows: sustainable forgetfulness, short memory weakening, sudden irritability, unmotivated aggression, hallucinations. As we can see, they all have a spiritual nature. They are based on violation of the “spiritual norm” for human consciousness and behavior.

It has been observed that people as follows are more often exposed to “Alzheimer’s disease” – “introverts”, in their essence, individualists and egotists, internally oriented in its material and spiritual activities exclusively on themselves, essentially their own interests and needs, both material and spiritual. People – “extroverts”, social activists, internally focused on their very different interaction, material and spiritual, with other people, much less to some extent are exposed to “Alzheimer’s disease”.

“The philosophy of interaction” (“bialism”), a fundamentally new philosophy of the 21st century, created by A.N. Iezuitov in 1992 and received international recognition, puts forward and justifies its own explanation of “Alzheimer’s disease”, corresponding to its special nature, and offers its own recipes for treatment.

“The philosophy of interaction” (“PI”) comes from the fact that the whole reality, existing beyond and independently of its perception, represents the interaction at a very different level and in different events (living and non-living) of various principles, ultimately the material and spiritual, as their complementarity, mutual enrichment and partial mutual transition of one principle to another under certain conditions. Only one of the principles may also dominate in the interaction. Material beginning is perceived directly-sensually and directly-measurably. The spiritual sense is perceived by internal feeling and is directly-immeasurable. It is measurable by its real result. Being in principle in by its nature sovereign, material and spiritual principles, in reality do not exist one without and beyond another. Thus a measure of the presence of one principle in another may be very different. A spiritual principle by its nature has no space-time and speed limit, it is pervasive. At the same time, the spiritual principle is always in a certain degree materially “burdened”, which affects its real manifestation. Spirituality represents the internal purpose (predisposition, readiness), peculiar to all real events (living and non-living) and focused on its financial expression.

Any internal disease means disturbance in an organism by various reasons and at different levels of interaction peculiar to the organism material and spiritual principles. Cure of an organism is restoration in it of disturbed interaction of material and spiritual principles. In the structure of a brain (macro and micro) as interaction of the material and spiritual principles the spiritual principle is dominating, at all levels and in all structures. In order to understand and explain the nature of “Alzheimer’s disease”, a living brain absolutely does not need to be opened and examined directly, especially at the cell (neuron level). Such a dissection still will not work really. A dominant one in the brain is the spiritual principle, which is not directly observable and measurable. We will see only the actual material structure of the brain and will not comprehend its spiritual and meaningful essence at any micro level.

More specifically, in “Alzheimer’s disease” in the brain happens a real violation of natural “binary interaction” between the material and the spiritual principles, inherent in each neuron, when it conducts a nerve impulse as the interaction of the material and the spiritual principles. The material principle becomes weaker of a neuron, too, and beta amyloid protein by its material principle in the “plaque”, overcoming the resistance of the material principle of the neuron, as the interaction of the material and spiritual principles, “sticks together” with the material principle of another “plaque”, appearing in the “fissure”, materially blocking the neuron. This happens from different sides of the neuron. It is compressed, thereby breaking the interaction between the material and spiritual principles in the neuron.

Furthermore, neurons may themselves by their individual nature be “introverts” and “extraverts”, which really affects the nature of the interaction between them.

It is also reasonable that with age (aging of the organism) the interaction in the brain between neurons and in neurons decreases, and a real opportunity for the emergence of “Alzheimer’s disease” in a man increases.

In order for neuron to become again a “conductor” it is necessary to stir up the spiritual principle of the neuron, which, partly turned in its material principle, will materially strengthen the neuron and it will create a material and real barrier for “plaques sticking”, which by their material principle from different sides materially influence through the “fissures” on the neuron, extending the “fissure” and materially affecting the neighboring neurons, disrupting their structure and material and spiritual interaction between the neurons and within the neurons.

The spiritual principle of the neuron really succumbs itself to strengthening under the influence on it (inside and outside), which restores the disturbed “binary interaction” in the neuron and between the neurons and ultimately – in the whole brain system controlling consciousness (from micro – to macro).

A man is capable by his spiritual and volitional action to strengthen the spiritual principle in his own organism, including the neuron, and thus result in a natural interaction the spiritual principle of the neuron with its substantive principle, significantly strengthening the neuron in a material respect. The spiritual principle of the neuron at the same time turns in the material principle, in its turn, complementing and reinforcing it.

A person can and should first of all by himself and with outer help spiritually overcome “Alzheimer’s disease” and spiritually resist it. Strengthening and development of human spiritual strength and increasing his spiritual positive can be done in various ways and means: spiritual self-empowerment, spiritual makeup from communicating with spiritually-resonance-saturated people, with rising-up-spirit art and spiritually saturated and spirited nature by the man himself – all this actually contributes to strengthening of the spiritual principle in a man at all levels, and thus may actually prevent the emergence and development in a person “Alzheimer’s disease”, contribute to real getting over it.

The inner purpose in a human is not self-isolation, but the most diverse spiritual interaction with everything, that is quite real, is effective prevention of the occurrence in a human of “Alzheimer’s disease” and of its effective treatment.

It is possible to experimentally, by its real result, set measure of a spiritual effect on neurons, which really restores the impaired actual material and spiritual interaction between neurons and in neurons, and thus, identify a real and specific measure of curing a person from “Alzheimer’s disease” or, in any case, it is significant and vitally important attenuation.

These are the principal recommendations, which are offered by the “PI” for the prevention and treatment of “Alzheimer’s disease”. They are organically included in the “spiritual therapy” (including the “velvet-therapy”), proposed and developed by the “PI”. There are reasons to say that velvet really belongs to a particular role in prevention and treatment of “Alzheimer’s disease”. Elderly people, regularly wearing headgear on the head of black (dark) velvet, as a rule, have not suffer and do not suffer from autism and dementia. This is very significant. There is a real confirmation of the effectiveness of the “velvet-therapy” in the treatment of dementia.

If the proposed by the “PI” ways and means of prevention and treatment of “Alzheimer’s disease” are not absolutely guaranteed and the only effective, then they are applied completely voluntary for a patient, and, no doubt, in any way will not harm the organism in its complex treatment.

In case of acceptance of the U.S. leadership, the “Philosophy of Interaction” under IHAC could join to the implementation of the mega project BRAIN.



Grand-Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, academician, A.N. Iezuitov (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, IUFS). – Founder of the program.

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