Prof. Dr. Deric N. Bircham, MBA, Ph.D, Ph.D, D.Sc, LL.D, G.JD, FRSA, Doctorates Honoris 

An Aspect of Complimentary Medicine

Background in Complimentary Medicine:

 I Studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture under the late Lord Pundit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya, at the South Colombo Hospital and University for Complementary Medicine in Sri Lanka where I received from the International Open University for Complimentary Medicine (Medicina Alternative) Doctor of Science Degree (Honoris Causa)(D.Sc. hc) and after attending several International Seminars in Australia hosted by the Royal Australian General Practitioners Association, I received the Certificate of “Excellence in The Healing Arts”, in Pain Management and Sports Medicine and also received the Laureate of Honor with the appointment of “Royal Physician”. In 1997 the Albert Schweitzer Foundation USA conferred me with the 1997 Albert Schweitzer Prize for Medicine (Complimentary Medicine) and the Indian Council of Natural Medicine and Research in Mumbai conferred upon me the high status for Life of a Pundit (Lord of Learning) for Services to Medical Science, and in 2000 I graduated from The Open International University for Complimentary Medicine with a Doctor of Science (in Complimentary Medicine) (D.Sc.) (Thesis being – Nerve Stimulation). Many Honors and Awards have since followed in Complimentary Medicine from Spain, India, USA and the Institute of Bio-Sensory Psychology in Russia.

Complimentary Medicine/Therapy/Healing is not meant to be a substitute for Western trained Medical Doctors and attention. It is only to be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment given to you by your Medical Doctor, or Practitioner of your choice.

Always seek a Doctor’s advice before trying any form of Complimentary Medicine Treatment. If you feel that you are suffering from severe pain or a severe illness please see your Medical Doctor immediately. There is nothing new in Complimentary Medicine but some things unfortunately become lost in time, so if this dissertation can foster further writings on this topic from others then the benefit goes to those people who do suffer from the various illness and complaints that are mentioned.

In my efforts to help others by using the knowledge and skills gained over the years I use the following “tools of trade” which is the basis for my books on “Nerve Stimulation” and “Nerve Stimulation Therapeutics”.

 As mentioned I trained in Sri Lanka as an Acupuncturist, although I no longer use Needles but instead Non-Invasive Electro-Acupuncture / TENS. (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) along with other means of gaining a satisfactory end result for the people I try and help, such as Acupressure and Reiki as such I am considered to be a Health Therapist.

For almost thirty years now it has been known that by using a specific range of ultra-low frequency bursts of energy such as low voltage and very low current micro pulses of electrical stimulation, the natural pain reducing chemicals in the body are released into the system and this reduces the sensation of pain, sometimes only on a temporary basis but it does induce an energy balance effect. This can give a person a feeling of well being, and at the same time help with the reduction of perhaps inflamed tissue, and possibly may also improve the healing of soft tissue injuries as well.

Several noted Scientists believe that the electronic impulses that are activated by this method do override the pain signal that travel along the nerve pathways to the brain. The brain cells perceive pain, and if that pain signal does not reach the brain, then the pain simply cannot be felt.

Another concept is that of Acupuncture. When Acupuncture Needles are inserted into the body at places known as “curing points”, a rapid rise in the rate of blood flows from those points to the brain occurs. The brain reaction is that of naturally causing two very potent pain-relieving hormones called Endorphins and Encephalon’s that act like the drug morphine that are released within the body, these hormones prevent the senses from feeling pain. The relief is all but instantaneous. The same points used apply to Acupressure which can be practiced anywhere at any time and only requires a persons fingers on the meridian points. With the utilization of Nerve Stimulation in place of Needles the same points are located and then stimulated by this method. This is in my opinion a preferable way, as Electrodes are used instead of Needles. No needles, therefore, there is no acute pain felt at any time, although a good Clinician can most times ensure that no pain is felt when using needles, but by using Electronic Nerve Stimulation the elimination of the general mental fear to needles piercing the skin or fear of needles breaking and other fears are totally overcome.

With Nerve Stimulation the circulation of blood within the body improves and there is also an increase in the oxygenation of the blood. Another plus is that there is an improvement in the whole of the metabolism that increases the removal of wastes.

Nerve Stimulation can also be used to relieve migraine, backaches, tension headaches, menstrual pain, rheumatism, and can also be used for many other pain relief treatments. It can be used on the face for toning up facial muscles and to a certain extent for the relief of strain on eyes and so on.

Some clinical studies over recent years indicate that Nerve Stimulation is effective in reducing pain in 20% to 40% of patients treated for chronic pain conditions that is constant pain occurring for long periods. This is considered to be an excellent rate since most chronic pain sufferers have already tried a variety of narcotic drugs and even surgery, but with little to moderate success.

In the treatment of acute pain lasting a relatively short time the success rate of Nerve Stimulation usage is in the range of 80% to 90%. This is attributed to the fact that most patients have no drug history and therefore have not built up immunity to pain relieving mechanisms within their own body.

Nerve Stimulation does not require Medication of any form, it is also extremely safe, and above all there are No Side Effects.  Knowing this a person being treated can relax completely which also assists in their problem being rectified or at the very least improved upon.

The second method that I sometimes use is that after the Nerve Stimulation treatment; just soothe the problem area, such as a back problem, with very gentle massage using Avocado Oil and other such natural oils that also in my opinion help in the recovery process.

Pure Avocado Oil is rich in 11 Vitamins and 14 Minerals (especially the skin vitamins A, C & E). These vitamins help repair body tissue and maintain the health of the skin. In the Avocado, these vitamins exist in an unusual water-soluble form allowing easy absorption into the skin and do not leave any greasy residue that is symbolic of synthetic oils.

Essential fatty acids are so important for healthy skin that they are sometimes classified as the special skin vitamin (or Vitamin F), because pure Avocado Oil is very rich in these essential fatty acids and vitamins, it is therefore the ideal daily cocktail for your skin. Avocado Oil contains an antibacterial agent that makes it effective in combating certain infections and skin disorders. It is beneficial for dermatitis, eczema, nappy rash and the like. Avocado oil is one of the very few Oils in the world that is richly endowed with anti-oxidants. This is the one important reason why Avocado Oil can assist to help prevent premature aging of the skin.

The third form of treatment I use is that after the above treatments and of course depending on the area being treated, if applicable I would then use either a Heat Pack or a Cold Pack depending on what the problem is that I am trying to ease.

If it is a Heat Pack, always use it with a Quilted Cover over the Pack. Heat Therapy is often used for complaints such as -: Muscle Soreness, Minor Aches and Pains, Sinus Pain and Congestion, Arthritic Pain, Cramps, Lower Back Pain.

If it is a Cold Pack that is to be used, always remove the Cold Pack from the quilted cover over the Pack. Cold Therapy is often used for complaints such as -: Scrapes, Sprains, Strains, Cuts (helps stop bleeding), Minor burns / scalds, Muscle spasms, Headaches, Sports related injuries, Insect bites, Bruises, Toothache, Sore eyes, etc.

For additional information refer to my two books, “Nerve Stimulation” and “Nerve Stimulation Therapy” available from Amazon Books USA.


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