Professor, Grand Doctor.Mohamed Salah Humaida

Types of action plans

1- Focus on the first audience

Facilitating the management of the company from the inside, dealing with each other team members.

2- The internal work plan for a specific project so that executives can be able to scale profits, feasibility studies, profitability and growth expectations 5-10 years in the future.

3- External plans target banks and investors to lend and invest

Funding requirements

profitability side


The competition

Executive Summary

What does your company do?

where is it now?

Where is your company heading? What are it’s plans for success and to reach its goals?

the mission

Why does your company exist?

Mission Tracking



-financial information

If the financing is via existing investors

Your future expectations

Briefly explain the company’s growth and profit expectations according to a specific numerical rate

2- Company description

Its structure, owners, management, historical summary, information on products you can win

The markets in which the company is located

Markets you plan to enter

Knows its goals, advantages and strengths

Work environment analysis

A clear and effective system for measuring the company’s performance

The internal efficiency, its structure and the methods of its systems

External: social activities – market changes – developments

3- Industry

Necessary information about the industry

Introduction to the industry and its areas of spread and a simple summary of this spread

– Reviewing the most important developments and growth patterns that occurred in the industry

The most important factors affecting the industry

for example

growth factors

-Human capital


Government support and some services related to training and safety

– political conditions

Availability of services and products

What is the company’s current position in the industry?

And how do we plan to progress by taking advantage of the advantages and factors that you have renewed in the industry

4- Analysis of the competition

Competitors section

Your current situation compared to others

– List of competitors

The name and location of each competitor and the products they’re offers

The pricing system used

The main strengths and weaknesses of each competitor

Analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses and focus on how to break free from weaknesses and increase strengths

A description of your company’s role in the market

How can you compete for a large market share based on clear information and numbers

5- Market analysis

A summary of the market you are focusing on and the most important facts and information that may help you in marketing and production methods.

A description of the target audience with accurate techniques for it and a clear file for all its classifications.

Market size and current status

Is it increasing or decreasing, expectations that it will continue or stop?

The company’s pricing system and its comparison with competitors

Features of the system that your company follows.

6- Marketing

Marketing plan

work plan

Marketing and Strategies

Technique used

Target group

Market penetration methods

Market entry plans

profitability strategies

SWAT analysis

growth strategies

By introducing products and services, a new market

– Strategy to analyze alternatives and new methods and then distribute the product and service to increase sales.

– Hiring sales staff

Or opening new stores

-How to communicate with customers

Advertising methods

– Localizing products or services, not just translating them and re-exporting them to countries of the world with a national flavor

7- Administrative Operations Plan

Job and management opportunities

Operations plan

– Roles and duties, the job hierarchy for each person in the company and the structure followed through which he knows who is responsible and his role

KPI and SMART plan application

Is the goal specific? Can it be measured? Is the goal realistically achievable? Is the goal related to the organization? What is the time required to achieve the goal?

– Good performance indicators

-The percentage of KPIs should not exceed 40% of the total work for each person

-With the need for the organization to have a performance measurement system that includes basic and subsidiary dashboards that help those in charge of linking indicators, goals and indicators to each other to help executive managers take decisions and intervene in a timely manner to correct mistakes.

-It requires a measurable strategy, main objectives divided into sub-objectives, the selection and design of meaningful metrics, the participation of employees and stakeholders to ensure implementation and continuous improvement of indicators, the use of correct data in formulating standards, and the design of reports and dashboards that help managers understand and monitor progress.

To see if the company is going in the right direction?

The main performance indicator and the effectiveness of the company to achieve its goals and the company’s general performance should be directly related to the sub-performance indicators and sub-goals on operations in the management of sales, marketing, human resources and financial departments, as well as a direct link with the activities and measurement of the total activities that achieve the goals of the organization’s strategy.

– Japanese Chart S5 Five Steps:

(Organize, simplify, clean, maintain, discipline)


(sort, simplify, brighten, standardize, enhance)

  • Organizing or sorting

Determine the frequency of use of each substance in the workplace

The effect of unused materials

– Get rid of unnecessary materials

Eliminate sources of clutter and unwanted materials

2- Simplification or arrangement

Arrange items everywhere

Work after repeated use and the formation of cards (evidence).

Put each card for each item or tool used

Everything should be easily accessible

3- Clean or shine

Continuously identifying difficult and abnormal cases

A comprehensive overview to identify recurring problems

Misplaced tools

The stock is in the wrong place

4- Maintenance or consolidation

Make information about the workplace more visible

– If all the cards are formatted in the same way, this will be easier for the reader or reading

If the procedures for retrieval and return of materials are standardized, it will be easy for anyone in the group to locate them quickly

5- Discipline or reinforcement

Self-discipline is the routine practice of all previous steps until S5 becomes habits

The main benefits of reducing the initialization and preparation time for the machines

1- Delivery on time

2- Rapid response to customer needs

3- Reducing waiting time

4- Reducing inventory

5- Reducing costs and increasing energy

6- Increase accuracy and improve quality

Finally, The Finance

You must write a business plan

Data such as income, financial liquidity, profit system

Pricing systems – What are the chances of increasing sales?

What are the expenses of the company?

– future expectations

The company’s financial conditions are supported by the necessary data and information during the previous years and the patterns followed



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