Dr. Jan Alam, PhD

Today one of the most topical issues for the academicians all over the world is shorter human life expectancy and worse health conditions. According to the opinion of Dr. Jan Alam, minerals are able to cure all the diseases.

Dr. Jan Alam studied in the Medical – Technical Science Academy of the Russian Federation, where he obtained the honorary degree of an academician. In 1990 he decided to stay in Russia and became a Russian citizen.

Dr. Jan is deeply convinced that human health depends on our inner microworld, on the presence of minerals, vitamins and amino acids in our organisms. In the July issue of the magazine «Russian Business Guide» the first article about the influence of the registered in Russia mineral complex by Dr. Jan Alam was published. The basics of all the 12 kinds of the medicine is carbon, oxygen, potassium and calcium. Significantly that Dr. Jan managed to include into the mineral composition with the size of the particles 0,2 microns oxygen, which doesn’t evaporate. It is a conductor of the minerals into the cell. Depending on the prescription in the different proportions Dr. Jan creates the microelements: sulphur, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, chorine, silicon, aluminium, iron, zinc, silver, titanium, manganese, boron and chromium.

 “Today I am the only academician in the world, the creator of such a unique pharmaceutical composition for the stabilization of the micro elemental hemostasia and the reduction of the pathological processes in the organism” – Dr. Jan Alam shares his own opinion.

The medicine is made of the hard minerals, precious stones such as gold, rubies, emeralds etc. In Russia in 2004 he obtained a patent №2274453 on the 12 kinds of the medicine. Apart from that, in 2017 8 kinds of medicine against different diseases including cancer were released, with 4 from them in the form of the injections. The site of the Patent Organization contains a detailed composition description. The basics of all are carbon, oxygen, potassium and calcium.

 “It is important that I managed to include into the mineral composition with the particles size 0,2 microns oxygen, which doesn’t evaporate. He conducts the minerals into the cell. Depending on the prescriptions the following elements are added:  sulphur, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, silicon, aluminium, iron, zinc, silver, titanium, manganese, boron and chromium” – Dr. Jan Alam informs.

Minerals are the complex medicines that cure infectious, viral, cardio-vascular, thyroid gland and musculo-skeletal system diseases, cancer, diabetes and bronchial asthma.

 “At this moment together with the Russian Academy of Medicine and Technology we carry out an experiment on the shorter cure time period till 6 months. We want to create a new system and cure all the diseases in the shorter period of time” – Dr. Jan Alam is convinced. 

The brand new medicine allows to diminish the amount of the traditional medicine. Pharmaceutical composition was examined in the process of the clinical and animal test. There are a lot of examples of the successful impact of the medicine.

The patients of Dr. Jan Alam share their positive experience about the minerals.

Oksana Fyodorova

In 2009 I had to come across hormonal dysregulations and weak immune system. After a half a year of the cure with minerals everything was fine. I am very grateful to Dr. Jan for all these changes that happened to me”.

Vera Polosminnikova

“In 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought that this was the end of my life. I was scared that I will die from chemotherapy very soon. My relatives supported me and told Dr. Jan about my disease. I had an appointment with him, and he inspired me for the recovery. His prescription was minerals, and I immediately started to receive them. In four months the overall health condition began to improve, I became strong and vivacious again. And in a year numerous myomas disappeared. I continue my treatment with minerals under Dr. Jan’s supervision till now”.

General – mayor Alexander Veldyaev

I suffered from heart disease, thyroid gland and pain in the leg: I took anesthetic as I couldn’t walk. My colleague recommended advising with Dr. Jan, as he was coming through the treatment. Dr. Jan persuaded me against the operation and appointed the medicine, which consists of minerals. I began to take this medicine. In a month there was no liquid in the knee joint, and cartilages recovered. I had two hernias in the spine, which in the end disappeared”.

Galina Maluga

Just after the operation in 2014 I went to Israel to the hospital check-up in TrustMed. The new formation wasn’t found, but I was recommended to have chemotherapy. I refused to accept this kind of treatment and chose another way: the cure with minerals. In a year I visited the Israel hospital once again. The check-up showed that there were no numerous myomas any more. I couldn’t tell the best oncologist in Israel that I replaced hormone treatment with minerals. Just thought he wouldn’t believe me!

General-mayor Viktor Kisilyov

My diagnosis was the eye herpes. My red inflamed eye could see only 10% of what happened around.  Nobody really could help me. To give some medical help they were ready, but not to give complex treatment. Just in time I turned to Dr. Jan, fulfilled all his recommendations and overcame the disease. The result of the cure with minerals was my eyesight recovery. The child of our friends was diagnosed with brain disease that could in the end bring to epilepsy. The boy was about one year, when Dr. Jan appointed his treatment to him. Now he is ten, he is an A-student and learning English and at the musical school.


I had a cancer at its 4th stage. I had my check-up in the 40th Hospital and there I was offered a kidney removal and they said that I had only 3 months to live. I had been taking the minerals for 1, 5 months. Six years have passed, and I lead a normal lifestyle.

Abdyagany Shakirov

I suffered from hay fever that turned into allergic bronchitis and even asthma. I consulted with a great number of doctors, including the treatment in salt mines. I had been taking minerals for 9 months, and for the period of these 2 years I haven’t have any allergy and asthma at all, which had been my nightmare for 19 years.


My child had a cyst in the right kidney. We went through many check-ups, and an operation was appointed. But at the last moment the head of the surgery department offered to wait. So we turned to Dr. Jan Alam. We had been taking minerals for 6 months, making ultrasound and saw the cyst diminishing rapidly.  In two years the examination showed a total absence of the cyst.

 Elena Jan

As a result of the radiation influence my thyroid gland was increased up to the 2nd stage as the doctors said. I had minerals treatment, and thyroid gland came to the norm. The doctors were surprised and even thought that their diagnosis was wrong.

Andrey Kholodilov

I had the problems with gallbladder, and I needed an urgent operation. But thank to the minerals by Dr. Jan I fully recovered.

Dr. Jan Alam, PhD (Oxford – IUFS),  academician of the Medical -Technical Science Academy of the Russian Federation

The owner of the Patent №2274453 on the 20 kinds of the medicine


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