Mental distraction and its impact on sports and digital leadership and investment value

Mental distraction and its impact on sports and digital leadership and investment value

Professor Mohamed Salah Humaida

Mental distraction is known as a loss of a sense of place and time, which results in what is called internal turmoil and thus may affect sound decision-making in most matters.

Learn the distraction management technique and its impact on driving, sports, digital, and investment value. Naturally, it is considered one of the intractable equations, and the most important causes of it are the duplication of roles and the widening of the gap between the upper and lower management, with the marginalization of the role of middle management and control, with the heightened increasing uncertainty to solve problems, as well as the increasing need for the existence of cooperative compliance.

The question is whether this is something that sticks with them in many times, in this case the causes and effects must be known through scientific research and periodic reports, which is reflected in the level of strength of job performance and the value of investment because people are always looking for the safe environment, educational systems and technology, not just emotion to make their decisions.

The opposite of mental distraction is the power of focus, the equation between creating opportunities and fear of falling into common and recurring mistakes; Because risks do not always lead to excellence for sure, but the intention is faith in work and the power of focus because of their great return value to the individual and society.

Countries often rely on designing and updating strategies and principles to achieve distinct value and provide capabilities through enabling elements and technological development to make the best use of the development of individuals and institutions and to lay down the educational, cultural and social building blocks to achieve the strategy of increasing human capital. Therefore, it was necessary to pay attention to providing comprehensive development solutions so that mental distraction, failure to achieve the goals of developing individuals and institutions, and increasing uncertainty in the correct application of instructions and regulations are common mistakes in setting up the disciplinary system.

What is important is the application of inclusive and sustainable development to solve the problems that directly affect the hierarchy. Where the group is more important than the individuals and the more the love of domination increases; Which affects the athletic and economic system in general.

Perhaps the most important causes of mental distraction, for example: excessive thinking, fear of the future, critical reasons, financial crises, and the presence of weaknesses in the personality.

Therefore, we must always remember the Ten Commandments of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him.

1- Serve the people.

2- Do not worship the chair.

3- Set your plan.

4- Watch yourself.

5- Create your team.

6- Innovate or withdraw.

7- Communicate and be optimistic.

8- Do not be without competitors.

9-Create leaders.

10-Set out to build life.

Also here are the most important testimonies from the summary of the book “The Distraction Trap” by Francis Booth, and how it affects the chaos of the digital world.

1- Set yourself a lot of deadlines (break the goal into parts)

2- Reward yourself if you produce extra time

3- Identify the three most important daily tasks and make them focus and start with them immediately

4- Start with the most difficult and difficult tasks

5- Making others a source of distracted current events

6- Do not switch between tasks, rather finish each task and then move on to the next

7- Upon learning a new skill, nerve connections arise within the brain

8- Do not do multiple work at the same time

9 – Being preoccupied with many things makes your thinking superficial

10- Distraction makes learning more difficult

11- Fear of missing out on new events. It is difficult to get out of distraction

12-Willpower is the most powerful tool to resist distraction

13-Resisting the urge to use social media is more difficult than the urge to drink, smoke, or sleep

14-To recharge your soul and relax your mind, do something that provides you with energy, such as a dance or a specific sport, so that your focus is only on your body

15 – Thinking slowly leads to better health, inner calm, improved focus and the ability to think creatively

16-According to a study of the best ideas, they came out in four cases:

1- When you are alone

2- The last thing in the night / bed

3- While bathing

4- First thing in the morning

In conclusion, on a personal level, there are several ways to treat distraction and poor concentration, including sleeping for enough hours, drinking enough water to avoid dehydration and replenishing body cells, increasing blood flow to cells and exercising in the open air for easy access of oxygen to the brain.


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