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Iurii F. Saveliev – Winner of the UNESCO Award for Health Improvement; Grand Doctor of Psychology; PhD in Pedagogical Psychology, Full Professor at International University of Fundamental  Studies and at Oxford; Best World Scientist of the year 2015;  Professor at the BPA, Member of the Presidium of the Professional Medical Association of Popular Medicine; “Unified Russian Register of Healers” in the area of popular medicine; Director General of Health Centre “IRBIS-STUDIO”; expert of breathing psychotechnics; Biosensologist, Artist, Traveller.



The traumatizing psychological influence of the various adverse factors on the human mental activity results in stress and mental pressure. That is why the skill of neutralizing this negative influence and of adjusting one’s mental state deliberately, when one wants it, has become particularly valuable.

A group of researchers from Saint-Petersburg lead by V. V. Tonkov have spent for 15 years applying the method of observation of the psychophysiological processes predominantly in the state of extended consciousness to discover the patterns related to the functioning of the human body and psyche.

On the scale of the level of agitation, all material (including human body) and thin-matter media are in two states: either of increased informativity, or of increased concentration of energy, depending on their proportion.

The more the person knows and the more information they keep in their memory, the less energy they have in proportion to the total concentration of energy. The more formalized and specific methods we use in the psychological and psychotherapeutic practice, the less efficient and the more dangerous they are, both for the patient and the psychotherapist or counsellor.

Transbiosensorial psychotechnology, based on biosensorial psychology, is the science of the subtle perception of the environment by the human being, of the ways to develop this type of perception and of the influence that humans exercise over the environment through their natural capacities. The main principle of transbiosensorial psychotechnology is the stimulation of the creative activity and the natural investigatory approach to the understanding of the psychic and physiological phenomena through extended consciousness.

The main objective of transbiosensorial psychotechnology is the restoration of the integrity of the human body and psyche and, consequently, finding the solution to a range of physiological problems and recovery of the body functions.


The aim of this paper is to show the potential of biosensorial psychology based on the stimulation of artistic activity whose main aim is to provide everyone with the additional tools for self-knowledge, self-discovery and, consequently, for recovery of the psychic, physical and mental health.

The skill of managing one’s mind and one’s relations with other people enables a pointed positive influence on the viability of the body and its protection from mental stresses.