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Dr. Podshibihin S.P., PhD
An innovative synthesis of applied combat sports and a unique means of man’s harmonious development and interpersonal communication in modern society

Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen, participants of the World Scientific Congress!
I present to you a new combat sport created by me, “Fights On The Line”, and suggest you watching a short video.
(Video demonstration.)
Dear colleagues,
We are living in the time of intense geopolitical events taking place on our planet, in the age of rapid development of informational technologies. We physically feel that with every new year, time accelerates its pace, and in this swift flow, the simple human communication, so much needed for us, is imperceptibly vanishing. With computer technologies and robotics penetrating in all spheres of our life, the man’s need for physical culture and sports is sharply decreasing.
My idea of “Fights On The Line” is as follows:
firstly, to unite people of various age, sex, social status, nationality, and religion through an innovative sport;
secondly, to form in them a necessity for the systematic practice of physical culture and sports in order to preserve their health;
thirdly, to attract as many people of different generations as possible to common competitive activity on any level, in order to develop a wide communicative field between them;
fourthly, to help teachers of any systems and levels cultivate in students a positive, emotional attitude towards physical culture and sports through a new kind of safe combat sport, to form in them a stable wish to make the real volitional effort for their physical improvement.

This combat sport meets several important requirements:
– any person interested, of both sexes, can take part in the competition, including those who do not have any previous training in other combat sports;
– during “contact fights”, the possibility of even insignificant injuries is minimized;
– the rules of refereeing are simple and clear for all participants and the spectators;
– the referee training is simple and accessible.

The essence of “Fights On The Line” is the following: the sportsman stands on one line with the opponent at the distance of a bent arm, trying to make him lose his balance and go off the line or touch the competition field by any third part of his body. The fight lasts for one minute. The winner is the one who gets more points. During the fight, the opponents impact each other’s body and limbs (from the shoulder line down to the ankles) with their hands by pushing and pressing.
With my many years’ experience in applied martial arts, I have changed the conditions of performing combative exercises and introduced my own original rules:
– now the opponents stand on one straight line without moving along it;
– punching, kicking, holding, and grasping are prohibited.
These changes allowed to transfer “Fights On The Line” from specific-applied combat training to the category of generally accessible and competitive sports.
I have made an application to register an international patent for this invention.

The experience of holding competitions among students of an institute in St. Petersburg has shown that the new sport is accessible and interesting. From their own practice, all participants of the competitions make sure that anyone can be the winner here, irrespective of their physical condition and experience in any other sport, and this always raises the participants’ level of self-esteem.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this innovative sport gives representatives of various styles and schools of combat sports a unique possibility to meet and to check, during fights between each other, their combative skills without any harm for themselves and their opponents.
The positive emotions the sportsmen and the spectators get, make them feel an urge to take part in the competition over and over again. An evidence for this is the fact that during three years of holding the “Fights On The Line” competitions, the number of participants has increased more than four times.
If we consider “Fights On The Line” from the viewpoint of developing special qualities required in various sports (not only those associated with combat), this kind of training contributes to effective, accelerated and complex development of such qualities as psychological firmness in stress situations, momentary concentration and orientation in an extreme situation, rapidity of reaction to the opponent’s actions, quick-wittedness, explosive speed, agility, balance etc.
I would like to say in conclusion that this innovative sport is able to give an extra impulse to development of communicative connection between people of different countries, to contribute to their joining and mutual understanding, give them access to a healthy lifestyle, afford them the joy of communication, good mood, and just to charge them with the energy of youth for many years.
Thank you for your attention.