Grand Doctor,Professor.Mohamed Salah Humaida

The whole world is witnessing, the UAE does not despair, and Dubai does not sleep..

Sometimes when you lose all your hopes, on the contrary, it means that you are being tested, and when you have overcome all challenges and witness to the world that you want this thing above all, then fate must respond and all your dreams come true.

Going forward, the UAE continues its journey of space exploration as promised, connecting minds and the global economy through Dubai Expo 2020 to bring the world’s views closer and develop individuals and societies.

Indeed, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, announced the launch of a new mission in the space field among the 50 projects.

His Highness said, “The UAE launched today, among the 50 projects, a new mission in the field of space… a mission to explore the planet Venus and 7 other asteroids in the solar system… and the implementation of the first Arab landing on an asteroid at the end of the journey, which will cover 3.6 billion km, 7 times the journey of the Hope probe to Mars.”

His Highness added: “Our space journey is still in its infancy, and our flights are continuing. We have projects of astronauts, astronauts, and spacecraft. A third of the stars in the sky had Arabic names, because the Arabs were pioneers of astronomy. Our mission. The resumption of our Arab civilization… and if we do not act today, when?”

In addition, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said: “The UAE’s launch of a new project to explore the planet Venus and the asteroid belt is a new step in its contribution to space sciences. ”

We find that science and success are one goal and a basic pillar for the progress of the countries of the world, and it is a starting point that is determined according to the data and capabilities that exist in individuals and countries that seek to achieve clear strategic goals to overcome challenges and create opportunities through continuous investment in comprehensive and sustainable development.

The strategy of the United Arab Emirates is based on enhancing the spirit of innovation and creativity, flexibility of performance, and proactive capabilities in developing ideas.

From this point of view, it is necessary to refer to the matrix of economic growth that the world is witnessing during the Corona epidemic, as the growth rate and market value are declining. .

Let’s talk about the stages of economic analysis that pass through a specific strategic business unit, as it is based on two basic concepts, namely, basic competence and competitive strategy.

The analysis can be divided into five methodological stages,

First: Evaluating the external environment, which is to identify external opportunities and threats, and the main success factors such as demographic growth, which is considered an opportunity, and the continuous rapid change in consumer tastes is considered a threat.

Second: Internal evaluation, which is to identify strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors. Distinguished skills such as innovative capacity for job opportunities are strengths, high labor turnover and poor control over technology are weaknesses.

Third: Develop possible action plans

Fourth: Determining the values ​​of social responsibility and leadership traits that officials should possess.

Fifth: Implementing strategic options that are compatible with the available resources.

We find that one type of power is control, as most of the wasted people are often the cause of organization failure rather than employees, where systems are not properly implemented and the right person is put in the wrong place and in a position of responsibility, which leads to the growing need for convergent compliance where it is high Uncertainty in solving the problem is also high as in, for example, sports institutions.

Sports inevitably promotes the third item of the Sustainable Development Goals, which is to create a healthy society, a healthy body in a healthy mind, protect young people from dangers and addictions, and fill their spare time with useful things; Therefore, we need to provide radical solutions and implement a comprehensive and sustainable development strategy.

So what needs to be changed and how to close the sustainability gap by revamping the global economy, summarizing the most common mistakes and classifications of the problems of each organization, how to talk to employees or athletes with a sustainable strategy and clear goals, the functioning of the management system as an integrated management system consisting of financial management and personnel analysis, The performance system, the training system, the seven tables of institutions, the career planning, the staffing system, and the organizational structure.

How you talk to employees and athletes, how you assign work to management, how you motivate and train them, how you manage their payroll, how you hire and maintain top performance, for example if they don’t know what to do; So there is a lack of goals. and if they had no idea what to do; So there is a lack of plans. and if they are not smooth in performing the tasks; So there is a shortage of operations. if they do not improve their abilities; So there is a lack of training. If their return is not commensurate with their effort; Therefore the classification is missing. And if it is the same when it is right and wrong; So there is a lack of rewards and actions.

So we must know with whom and how to deal. We are well aware that most of the employees and athletes in our world today come from the bourgeoisie, the middle class between the working class and the nobility, that is, merchants or a mixture of them.

It is essential to know how to maintain them with proper upscale handling. Sports require intelligence, acumen, cunning, and shrewdness, and it aims at suspense, excitement and positivity to deliver its lofty message to get out of predicaments, elevate peoples and increase human capital in our world so that young people can be role models for future generations. .

In conclusion, the UAE was able to connect the global economy through the Dubai Expo by effectively linking and overcoming challenges, creating opportunities and a constructive investment environment, huge economic and social support, innovations and actual sustainable plans for the countries of the world and generations to come.

The success of the UAE’s experience in space exploration and the Dubai Expo is a message to the world and the youth that they do not despair of life. Think about what you really like to do in life and keep pursuing your goals; It will definitely happen, God willing.



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