The Gratitude..

The Gratitude..

The introduction:

I do not know how and where to begin and whether words are able to help me, for words diminish and phrases become smaller when they appear before you, but I will try as much as possible, so that imagination does not lead us to the deepest meanings. Let us take the words in terms of the middle; If the words have intermediate meanings, I wish success, God willing.

I dedicate this book to you for the benefit of youth and societies from my humble experiences in the world of sports, health, economics, statistics, emotional and artificial intelligence, diplomacy, sustainable social humanity, and dedication to the most important global figures.

Perhaps the application of global initiatives and overcoming the most important challenges and turmoil in rapid changes by developing research strategies and harnessing innovative and continuous scientific and practical solutions for the benefit of all humankind.

In this book, I will talk about global sports, health, culture, space, social, economic, climatic and humanitarian issues, integrated management system, digital and comprehensive and sustainable development to enhance innovation, reduce risks, improve performance and quality, achieve the desired goals of the strategy of developed countries and introduce advanced technology and natural resources for the best use. To increase the human capital of the universe.

Finally, I hope that God will help us all for the good of all humanity.

Professor Mohamed Salah Humaida

PhD, Grand Doctor


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