Grand Doctor,Professor. Mohamed Salah Humaida

Perhaps advanced technology came together with farming and biodiversity, philosophy with psychology and society with industry to promote positive changes in the world to be a better place.

Here is a roundup of the work of the extraordinary people that took part, and the world’s changing projects on the path way. In initial His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, said “Today I chaired the first meeting of the Council of Ministers in the new year, and in the new fiftieth, the beginning of goodness and blessings on a blessed Friday, God willing, was our first decision to start implementing our plan to completely change the methodology of the work of the federal government during the coming period… More transformational projects..and faster..and a complete focus on creating the most active and better economy globally.”


Sheikh Mohammed added “The diversification of our economy requires the diversity and breadth of our legislation, and we are legislatively ready for a different future economic stage.”

Albert Einstein famously said that “imagination is the highest form of research.” And Malala Yousafzai said “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world”. In one simple phrase, they encompassed the idea that to make change, we have to see beyond the world we live in and look to the potential solutions when it comes to solving the world’s most societal, economical, and ecological problems.


We find that the most important tools of changes in the world are the opportunities and challenges to make the world a better place through realistic scientific and practical experiences in the foreseeable future.


We note the importance of developing a high-level pre-merger integration plan with institutional organizational changes; whether by reducing time, improving performance or increasing productivity, where are the impacts of indicators, applications and DNA of organizations such as employees, systems, organizational structures and culture to develop individuals and increase human capital in societies for better future generations.


Perhaps how to develop communication skills by simplifying the achievement of service quality standards, there is an opportunity to satisfy the public every time he communicates with a customer service employee, where one of the most important elements of rational leadership that provides an abundance of products and services, an employee who is proud of his work, and a cooperative audience.


The audience journey consists of four steps, which are before the transaction, at the beginning of the transaction, during the transaction, and at the end of the transaction.

First before dealing:

Service information should be obtained, prepared and welcomed, work desks well equipped and kept clean, orderly and tidy, and the 10-5-3 foot or steps rule applied; That is, when a person is 10 steps away should looked at, smiling and greeted, when he is 5 steps away smiling, standing and nodding near him or her, and when he or she is 3 steps away greeting with a smile and offering to help.

Secondly, at the beginning of the transaction:

Submit the service request, make a first impression within the first thirty seconds, start with peace, smile and attention.

Third during the transaction:

Communication during the course of the procedures, assessing the customer’s need and finding a solution, the expectations of the customer’s needs should be understood, easy-to-understand terms should be used, and the customer’s earning opportunities should be sought.

Finally at the end of the transaction:

Ending the transaction and completing the service, explaining the steps and asking the customer about obtaining the service he or she desires, thanking and bidding him or her farewell, following up on the customer’s issue after his or her departure and performing any tasks required to complete the process.

In conclusion, finally listen to what your heart is telling you.


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